Snow Prince

Thank you for your replies and comments on my previous post, guys. They really help. 😛

A friend of mine invited me for an internship for a certain company. I would have loved to try and apply there, but if I get accepted and start my training this semester would make me crazy. I mean, literally crazy. I already have lots of schoolwork to do, plus I joined the PhilNits review and the exam would be on April, which means I have an extra stuff to study so I can be prepared. I doubt though if I’d take this exam seriously since I was just joining because my classmates were coaxing me. LOL. I thought it would be fun to experience it too. But yeah, it’s another load on my plate and adding one more would be the end of me.

I finished watching Boys Over Flowers last year, and ABS-CBN has it up again, along with their not-so-funny-but-it-seems-so-to-me dubbing and my grandmother is watching it. Bwahahaha. And everytime I go to her room, she’d rant about it and keep saying how bad she feels for Ji Hoo, who loves the female lead. He won’t get the girl but he’s done all he can for her. Anyway, I still love Ji Hoo. 😛 Well, if only he is real and knows that I exist… ^_^ *faints* x3

I’ve downloaded lots of movies last week and haven’t watched them yet. I will definitely watch them this week. AJA! My priority though is Lovely Bones and Dorian Gray. Watch them guys, if you haven’t.

Our Networking teacher just informed us of our grades. Oh, well… I passed! Haha. Thank goodness! XD We had this 10-point essay and I sort of just rambling there, only writing three lines. I barely understood what I wrote and depended on my luck, but I got a 10. Haha. 🙂 My friends were complaining since they wrote long ones and got a 3 instead. LOL. XD I am still very worried of my Computer Organization subject. Darn, I’m so bad at it! T_T Hope I pass. But I feel like Hope is deserting me. D:

Wish me luck!

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  1. Awe, busy bee you will be this semester indeed!!! But am sure it will all pay off and all be worth it!!!! Don’t fret!!! And congratz on passing!!! And am sure you will pass all your classes with flying colors!!!

    I needa download some movies myself but haven’t had the funds nor the time to do so…but will do so soon *smilez brightly*

    Doing an internship with a friends sounds like fun though!!! Even though it will be another load – at least you will be doing it with a friend! Sounds like fun!

    Have a good one huN!

  2. Wow. Senyth! You sound uber busy haha. Best of luck with all the extra stuff. I know how you feel, every corner you turn there’s stress. I know it sounds depressing but tbh it’s true haha.

    I -erm said nothing. I am pretty, I am!!

    Yeah, Boms solo single You And I, it’s awesome. The music video is just love. The whole 4:00mintues, I loved it. I cried every single time, I watch it cause I’m werid like that. Bwhaha.

    Boys over flowers..? All my friends in the Philippines watch it, WTF is it??? Haha. My frond here in England said it’s Korean.. But why would they show it on ABS CBN?? Haha. Don’t mind me, I’m confused like that.

    My crush seems to act differently now. I can’t really explain it. He’s like, trying to be a ‘bad boy’ I hate it. It’s like you don’t have to be a bad boy for me to like you y’know? I’m really confused when he acts like that. I really hate it too. You see, my ‘past’ is that I’m kinda a bad girl.. But that was wayy back… If you get me. I’m a quiet girl now that doesn’t want to get into trouble… But now J is acting all bad boy and it makes me sad. T^T

    sorry I keep on rambling about my love life to you. Ignore that paragraph above if you wish haha lol.

  3. They have parades here in Los Angeles :). Congratulations on the score of 10! I want to apply for some internship during summer so I won`t be bored :(. I love sushi! Enjoy& Good luck!

  4. Oh Boys Over Flowers! I think I know that film, but it’s named as Boys Before Flowers here. I wonder if they’re the same film LOL. Their names are so similar but they have different meanings XD

    Yay congrats on getting 10! I’m glad you passed 🙂 So sorry for your friend though haha. Don’t worry about the Computer Organization subject. I’m sure you’ll pass as well 🙂

  5. Gosh, you’re so busy. XD Good luck with getting all of those things done!

    I have a lot of movies to watch too! I can’t watch them now though because I also have lots of stuff to do. Our lives are pretty eventful. 😀

  6. Busy girl I see. Here I am procrastinating again. I got out of school early and this is the perfect change to finish all my homework that’s due tomorrow but yet here I am online returning comments. Then after this I’m thinking of taking a nap. Poor me, then today me and my friend signed up for the tutoring program…the real reason we did it thought it’s because you get a free cell phone and laptop computer, maybe even an iPhone. I want that damn iPhone XD

    I want to see the Lovely Bones. I don’t know when, where, or how but I am determined to see that movie sooner or later!

    I used IE to make the layout. It looks all good over here on my end so yeahhh (:

    I am 16 so if I ran away there would really be no where for me to go unless to a friend’s or another family member’s. I didn’t run away but if I would have I don’t know where I would have gone but they would have filed a missing child report…if they cared :/

    I would love to donate 2 inches to you, I don’t need ’em!

  7. Thank you! Yeah, I don’t think the line looks that great. Oh well. 😛 I’m glad you like it!

    Ugh, I’ve had terrible cramps before. So bad that I can’t move. 🙁 I guess it’s different for everyone though.

    I will have my laptop with internet! But I can’t spend four hours on it when I’m at university… I surely must get up and do something. 😛

    If I go home, then I’d have to go back after a few hours – but really, it is expensive so that’s why I prefer not to go back home. It would be a silly thing to do.

    I dislike maths and I’m not good at it. I knew that I wouldn’t like engineering very much. Even if I did make the grade and everything. 😛

    My dad’s a civil engineer. But I don’t really want to be one. 😛

    It’s actually ten minutes to drive. But yes, I walked. Our car broke. 🙁

    Oh that sucks! Sometimes when I’m being driven to work or something, the traffic is terrible, but not as terrible as you described.

    You’re welcome. 🙂 Yes I had to import them manually and there were 50+ members. Oh well. 😛

    LOL sure, I’ll join your feast! But semester hasn’t started yet for me. 😛 Goshhhh. I can’t imagine what I’ll be like when university starts. I’m trying to get a lot done on my sites at the moment. T_T

    Of course haha! Well, you need to be a student or teacher here, but yes, otherwise it is free. 8D

    You’re welcome! My site (heartdrops) lost its pagerank. WTH. But my other sites still have one. I totally don’t understand. -_-

    Congratulations on passing! It’s amazing how you scribbled down an answer and yet got a 10. If I were your friends I’d be a little annoyed too. But I guess you probably wrote something that really answered the question well. 🙂

    I hope you did well in your computer organisation subject!

    If you took that internship it would be so much work! James takes an internship instead of study, because that’s what the requirement is. But it definitely would be a lot on your plate! 🙁 And you don’t want to get stressed.

    Hahaa I try not to like fictional characters… I know my friend likes Edward Cullen. EEEEK. But if I like an actor’s character, sometimes I like the actor too. But I don’t like that many actors, LOL. I tend to like singers. XD

  8. Maybe one of these days, I`ll be tired of being busy 😉 But it hasn`t happened yet :(. There isn`t a jazz band because there isn`t enough people that are interested or knows how to play music. :(.

  9. I hate getting involved in other activities because I dont really like being too busy… yes, I’m lazy :))

    BOF! HAHA. I never watched it when it was first aired in ABS but when it was up again, I was able to watch the first episode and I got really kilig so I became a fan bigla. Pero before, I would go like, “What’s with that BOF? Why are you guys so addicted to them? The original F4 is so much better!” but I have proven myself wrong. Jihoo and the rest of the guys are much much cuter. My favorite is Kim Bum. I feel like wanting to kiss the TV when he smiles. Err. 😀

  10. And oh, LOVELY BONES! I would really love to watch that. My friend has DVD of it already but she always fails to bring it to school. :/ I might just download it myself. 😀

  11. Hey! I think I’m a few blog posts too late but wow I love your layout!! The colours are awesome!

    You sound like a busy bee 😮 I hope you can get all your extra stuff done and can go with the internship ^^;

    Haha Boys Over Flowers. Some of the people in my grade love that!

    I want to see the Lovely Bones. It seems really good (:

    Good job on your essay 🙂 I hope your computer organisation exam comes back good!

  12. Oh dear I feel so lazy and inactive compared to the load of things you have to do. Even now I have 3 labs to write up and I don’t want to get off my butt and do them -_-

    I want to watch lovely bones as well but I’ve heard some bad reviews about it but I guess I’ll have to judge that myself. *tempted to go watch but no; I must complete labs!*

    Oh you did well on your essay! Goodluck with passing your other subjects =D

  13. No Problem M’dear!

    Ohh. That makes sense. I’ll watch it on YouTube or something; I would watch it on my filipno channel but my mom isn’t paying for it anymore so our only filipno channel is gone. Mehh. Your so lucky you can watch anything over there in the Philippines haha! I wanna go back to my home soon! Lol. 😉

    He’s acting bad, bad. In geography class, we were learning about japan and how to make sushi, so all the bad boys in the class started to disrespect the food and started throwing it at everyone. One of those boys was him, J. I felt so sad cause it’s not right to throw food and it’s jut not respectful if you get me. I hte how he’s acting like that and stuff, he’s wearing hoodies and all those bad boy shit now. He used to be just a g dragon look a like and sit quietly and get on with his work. And did I mention that he’s cut his hair… All the g dragon hair and made it into a large Afro spiky thing. Mehhh. :T^T:

  14. YO SENYTH ~
    Yeah, I lived in the Philippines for 4 years, I think. Then when I was 5 I moved to UK. So I was pretty small when I moved to Uk so I don’t really remember haha.

    WHA-WHAT? I Cant do that?! I’ll be too embarrassed and shy. LOL. I can barley even ask him if he can pass me this book in English.. LOL.

  15. I used Paint. 😡

    How did I do 100 favicons? Well, I sat at my computer allll weekend and did nothing but eat, sleep, and pixel. *shame* When I find I’m in a good pixelling mood (want to and they turn out good), I go at it for days until I run out of inspiration. It’s kind of a bad habit, lol.

    Good luck!

    I’ve heard a lot about Boys Over Flowers, but I can’t say I’ve ever felt the desire to watch it… I have a feeling I probably wouldn’t find it interesting. I dunno.

  16. *gasp* I need a link button for you so I can put you on my affiliates page! You haven’t been there since I got rid of the affiliates in the sidebar–oops. 🙁 Do you have a button or should I just link you in a text link at the bottom?

  17. @your comment^^: I don’t have Korean classes >.< but I have recently registered for one just two weeks ago. 🙂 It hasnt started yet. heheh. it's some language studio near my dormitory.

  18. OMG. First of all, LOVE LOVE LOVE the layout!
    Did you make it yourself? You’re AWESOMMMEE!!

    I hate how responsibilities pile up as we get older. The way life goes sure makes most of us go crazy! Maybe you should take your time and sort those responsibilities out one by one. Take less work from your shoulders 🙂

    I haven’t watched Boys Over Flowers. I’ve been meaning too coz I heard it was like Meteor Garden. LOL. I was in love with that show! But it seems like I’m kinda losing interest in Asian dramas because I already have my own life drama right now. GAHHH. But I would love to be drama crazy again! Maybe during summer? Do you have any recommendations? I only watch completed ones because I get tired waiting for the next episode 😛

  19. Aba yes a 10!!! hehee galing naman! hehe

    Wow an intern? I’d love to go through with it pero if you truly believe na kaya mo dear. hhehee

    Haha BOF is nice 😀 But I also like the Jap and Taiwan versions of course 😀 hehe wahh wanna watch Lovely Bones in the movie. I have dorian gray na 😀 hahaa

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