^_^ I feel sleepy… yet happy! laughing Our seamstress’ little grandson is rather cute. His mother brought him along when they came to our house. I had a really good time playing with him. Hihihi, I really love little kids, especially Neji and Tenten’s kids. Speaking of NejiTen, my energy is almost drained when I was making the website, but that’s what made me happy. Yay, for the rabid NejiTen worshipping! I almost exploded seeing all those adorable and smexy fanarts. Too much Nejiten can make a fan crazy. ^^,,

Anyway, I have two more weeks before classes resume. A part of me wants October to pass so that I can go to school, and a part of me wants classes not to start yet again. T__T

I know, I’m so confusing! Lolz XP

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