Serenading Venus

Edit: My bad. I changed the URL of my Tumblr as I just got the domain. 😛 You guys should be able to view the moon now. Thanks to Kimeh for introducing me the free domain. *hugs* Anyway, the site is up for link exchanges, since I haven’t tried it yet. LOL. If you’re interested, you can apply here.

Have you guys seen the moon last night? ^-^ It looked awesome! It kinda looked like this. I couldn’t upload the pictures I got from Facebook taken by my classmate since I’m at work right now. I want to keep staring at it but I’d look stupid outside our house, looking up at the sky with a smile on my face. I tried taking a picture of it, but my camera is crappy. T_T

It looks romantic, like one of my classmates said. I actually haven’t thought of it that way until he said it. And what I think right now is I’d love to have stargazing sessions with the person I love. 🙂 Some of my classmates said that the world is about to end. Hence the omens. First was the sun with a rainbow halo. I felt really sad because I wasn’t able to see it. Here’s the picture if you want to see it. 🙂

I don’t mind them saying that the world’s about to end, but it gets irritating at times. 😐

I hope I could see more striking encounters among the heavenly bodies. I’m really marking my calendar for the dates, in case I forget. Yup, there are more of them to come and I found out because I did a research. XD

Knowing things like this could happen makes me wish I own a dSLR with a telephoto lens so I could take a picture of them myself. Haha.

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  1. I only saw it from a picture. I can agree that’s it’s truly magical. It’s like Disney! LOL! Too exaggerated of me. Hehehe. But indeed, maganda talaga yung moon, ang hirap lang picturan. 😐

  2. I wasn’t able to see the moon last night as well as the rainbow around the sun. 🙁 Too bad, but thanks to the internet for pictures. Hmm, the moon was romantic and the rainbow around the sun was very amazing. I think, that’s one of the advantages of having a dSLR, you can capture those kind of moments. Aww.

  3. I love staring at the moon and star gazing, I always sit on my lawn watching the night sky till my mother comes shouting at me 😛 My neighbours probably think I’m weird xD
    It is very romantic to do it with the one you like but I like watching stars by myself, its like my ritual to end my day like that. For those silent filled minutes, I feel a deep appreciation for life and respect for the Earth and I feel total happiness. I never thought about sharing that with someone…geh now I’m thinking about it!

    I wish to own a dSLR as well, but that will costs me thousands of dollars D:

  4. ahhh that page doesnt work @_@
    the moon looks nice every night ;D it was a crescent moon last night if i remember correctly. reminded me of the cat in alice in wonderland XD

    wow that’s so scary looking O_O world ending? haha if it’s ending then well…eh we can’t do anything about that XD

    yeah there’s a lot of cool sightings up there! but like you…i always forget to see them…or that they’re at like 4:00 in the morning and i’m too lazy and tired XD

    i added you as an affiliate on my fl collect ;D

  5. oh the tumblr link is broken 🙁 but i did see the moon, it wasnt full so im not sure what youre talking about haha ! ohh i didnt see the moon youre talking about haha, but it was a nice clear sky .

    my summer starts at the end of june 😛 awww we’re like opposite of each other haha

  6. There was one time when we were driving in the highway, and then you see this HUGE ball floating in the sky. It was the moon! It was like really close to us! It was big! That was the very first time I have seen the moon that big! You could really see some of the craters. COOOLLL. One thing I want to see the most are shooting stars 🙂 I haven’t seen any, and I want to make a wish 🙂

    I’m barely online in YM nowadays since most of my relatives have Facebook. And plus, there’s the time difference too, so its still kinda hard to find the right time to chat with them.

    LOL. Thanks for the link 🙂 But I don’t know if I want to register for that since its only for a year. What happens after that? I’m going to need to find a new host again :S

  7. I keep missing those dates too. I’m like, “Oh that was last night?” Like the meteor shower we had a couple months back, I waited for it but totally forgot about it anyways. Haha!

    I’ve always loved staring at the sky *crazy/weirdo* haha. And I love doing it with close friends/bestfriends. It’s fun. YOu just lay there and look up trying to make things out of the stars. 🙂

    And no, I don’t believe the world is coming to an end. I don’t believe it. It might, but not in my lifetime. Not in OUR lifetime. 🙂

    Btw, Thanks for the hosting recommendations. I applied for one of them so hopefully she’ll accept me. If she doesn’t I might come back to u for more recommendations. Good day!

    1. @Nina,

      Hahah. If staring at the sky means you’re crazy, then I’m crazy too, though I really don’t think it makes you crazy or weird. XD

      Yeah, we still have lots of things we wanna do. I agree with you.:P

      No problem. Let me know how it went! 🙂

  8. WOW. The moon sure looks awesome. I wish I have a good camera, those good big ones for photography so that I can take pictures of nature and stuff. But its really expensive, so… I’ll put that wish on hold for this time. Plus, I still want a laptop. That first before the camera 🙂 TEHHEE..

    No, I wouldn’t really say I would just settle for a sub domain. The thing is, the domain thingy is only free for one year, so after that it expires, right? What am I going to do after one year? And my mom didn’t give me a proper answer yet. So I don’t want to be purchasing something that she doesn’t know about.

    HAHAHA. Tinuod man gyud na. Makalimut nalang ka sa imong wish kay fascinated pa kayo ka sa imong nakit-an. HAHA. There should be an alarm beside you to wake you up 🙂

    Sure. Search lang ang Kersch Lyn.

  9. too bad i didn’t see that. lol even if i was on night shift, i wasn’t able to notice it. craap. its lovely though, i did check the picture out. 🙂

  10. Yes, I saw the moon then. I was with my friends that night when they told me to look at the moon. It was like a “HANGER” according to her. haha. It’s like the moon was hanging on the star?? Something like that. 🙂

    You know what. Are you sure you’re 19? You look younger in your pic! Somewhat like my age! 🙂 Godbless. Btw, link ex?

  11. That is a beautiful picture of the moon! I was thinking that maybe I didn’t see it because we don’t live in the same country, but I just remembered, I actually saw a really lovely crescent moon the other day! *_*

    Congratulations on the free domain. XD

    I’m a hopeless romantic haha. I want to watch the stars with my boyfriend and that kind of thing, watch the sunset…

    Makes me want to keep track of the heavenly bodies as well. I don’t have such a good camera to capture those moments though.

    Thank you! I think the updates still look kinda messy but it was the least I could do.

    Yeah, I wrote that it would take me up to a month to do their review. I haven’t had anyone complain in a while but I am worried that someone will, and that really can get me down.

    Awww, sorry! D: I will try to let you know when the reviews are open again so you can apply. 🙂

    Ahhh, I have never had the dedication to go to a midnight sale. It sounds terrible. I can’t imagine the crowds. They always have news on it on television and it is rather scary. Some things just aren’t worth waiting in line for.

    Haha yeah, I got my iPhone in January. 😀 Prior to that I had a really old phone that was one of the earlier colour ones.

    LOL! I don’t know if you can make a fanlisting… I don’t know where we would fit. Maybe under Webmasters if you link to our joint blog? We barely update! D:

    I guess you could make a clique or something – I would be embarrassed if someone did, LOL.

    That is true though, conceiving a baby is “fun” but the pain of having one is terrible. D:

    When I am at home I just plug my laptop into the power. 😛

  12. di ko nakita yung moon. sayang nga eh. 🙁

    yung phone ko, ayos naman sya kumuha sa madilim pero once na ginamit ko yung flash nun, wala na sabog na sya xD tama maganda ang DSLR sa ganyan 🙂 kaso mahal daw yun. :{

  13. I love the moon! My sister then told me “Grace, tignan mo yung moon, parang dun sa sailor moon”. And then I captured a photo of it. You can take a look of it at my blog. It’s crappy but still you can see the shape of the moon. 🙂

  14. Hi,
    I didn’t saw the crescent moon, was busy that night with too many assignments, but when I saw the photos from my bestfriend it was indeed spectacular.
    *yup, I’m the new owner of, I bought the domain from Aiya of

    Have a nice weekend!

  15. Ooh, love the picture of the moon!

    It’s very nice.

    what’s the url of your tumblr?? sorry, maybe i missed it- it’s getting late here and i’m tired xD

  16. I remember when me and myLoveee first got together. I went to watch him in his basketball game and had to leave early. When it was over he met me at the end of my street and we kissed under the moonlight, it was soo cuuute. This is exactly what this blog reminded me of. Boy, I wish we were still together /:

    I think the world is coming to and end slowly but surely. Too much is going on. I’m scared of the world ending though, pshhh. I’m just scared of dying but we’re closer to it everyday. Thats what I believe anyway.

    Yes, lol I’m getting a new laptop. Unfortunately not a Mac even though I mentioned it /: I guess have to finish up my tutoring over the phone and then it’ll well be on its way. I can’t wait, I can finally use Skype and stuff again ?!

  17. That’s a really beautiful photo. Really reminds me of Heroes LOL (I know, I’m such a geek)

    I’ll love to link exchange with you. I’m going to apply for it now 😀

  18. Aww, the moon looks so pretty <3
    i love photographic moments. i really want a DSLR :'(
    I'm now following you on tumblr (;
    which takes me to another thing,
    I'm actually leaving my website now…
    Read here for more information about why.
    Anyway, how have you been?
    I hope I can keep contact with you through tumblr? :L
    Do you have a formspring?

  19. WOW. I missed the moon AGAIN. DAMN IT. Haha. But thanks for the picture, it’s beautiful. Kind of gives you one of those “vibes” that scream “TWILIGHT! TWILIGHT!” LOL, jk.

    Sun with a rainbow halo!? Wow, that’s amazing. Is it a sign? I hope not.

    Love you so much hun! Missing you!

    – x

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