Senyth Is Moody

I seriously need a temperament management or control. Seems that lately when someone slightly bugged me, I get irritated so much I want to start a fight with the person. Those people are practically everywhere I go; whether I’m at school, or when I’m just staying at home and possibly even when I go online.

It isn’t like me to get annoyed imediately. Usually I have lots of patience and would blow up if I can’t hold it anymore and that’s when my classmates would say ‘Oh, she’s not in the mood in playing games. Let’s not tease her right now.’ and would back away. But now, I snapped at people who do as much as make a joke while talking to me.

OMFG, what the hell is wrong with me? Seriously, I don’t know what going on with me or I am just insane. There are times I would want to be alone and would snap when someone calls my name. This is such a pointless blog but I need to let these thoughts out or it’ll drive me crazier than I already am. >_<

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  1. i dont even like robert pattinson… why,out of all the celebrities, did it have to be him???

    i have those days where i just want everyone to know im not in a good mood…but i always forget about acting moody and end up being happy…. *ugh*

  2. Yes, I’m from Canada. 😛 I was gonna ask you how you knew, but I suppose it’s from the way I spell favourite. xD

    Oh please, don’t remind me of KFC! I had an immense craving for it last night after watching commercial after commercial of KFC chicken… Come to think of it, I’m still craving it now. Maybe I’ll go get some later… 😀

    Psh, my temper is Horrible, with a capital H. D; I got mad at my friend once for a week just because she ditched me. When I’m mad, I give people the silent treatment. I won’t talk to them until they flat out apologize. But that might take a while, since they usually don’t know why I’m mad. I’m working on it, though, I haven’t gotten into a really big argument all year! ;D

    And I’m sure nothing’s wrong with you, maybe it’s just PMS or something. xD

  3. Awhh, hope you’re in a good mood soon (:
    Maybe dramas will make you feel better,ehhe.

    Okay, I’ll give it a try(:
    But the reason why I don’t watch with my sister and mom’s cause I kinda still need the subs and plus, I always don’t pay attention when we watch like that, thehe.

    LOLOL, But I still know how to read, talk, understand some Korean.

  4. Aww hun, LOL. I’m just like you but I hid it… you see if I’m angry I just mask it with a smile or if I’m really really mad I would hit something. =/

    Haha. Sweetie?! Whats wrong with that? LOL. 🙂

  5. well i guess we experience that every once in a while. like me, i just need to snap when i need to. but there are days when i really snap SNAP. but then i get better as time passes 😛

    hehe. thats in a girl’s nature i guess. the one who falls in love fast. but sometimes, the one who gets hurt fast too. 🙁

  6. Ah I have those days too, mostly around my family though. The slightest annoyance can drive me insane.
    You should probably do something to keep yourself occupied, start a hobby or do something that makes you happy so you wouldn’t be all that moody. Ah I don’t know what I’m saying xD When I’m moody I just like to be alone, doing nothing or maybe that’s laziness? Well rant as much as can, you might end up feeling better!

  7. Your layout is soo cuute ^0^ Hehe, I love it!

    Aw, I think everyone gets like that sometimes >_> I know I do! I used to be really bad – I would overreact and snap at everyone, heh. Hm, maybe you’re really stressed out about something? Taking time every day to relax and do something that you really enjoy might help 🙂

  8. Aaw, Senyth! Don’t worry bro, everyone goes through those days 😉 Try to unstress yourself with something. Ooh! You should drink lots of coke, eat lots of sugar and go high! Like me! XD I’m always high no matter how much sugar or coke I have in the morning. LOL!

  9. Sorry to bother you again, but I forgot to tell you that I will be revamping soon. ^^ Read my website for more information because it’s like a PURPOSEFUL revamp LOL!

  10. Hahha I always just clicked through to the new domain anyway. 😛

    I love that sound! I remember having a huge sheet and my friend and I just jumped all over it. 😛

    Ooh, bad ass and pretty! LOL! XD I’m glad it didn’t get lost either. I was always worrying in the back of my mind that someone would steal it. Like the postman or something. XD

    Oh, I know what you mean! My mum does that too. Tells me to do five things at once, and I end up forgetting one, and she gets annoying. I ain’t a robot either.

    Haha yes, some of the money was from the So-Pink competition! And some of it was my own money that I earned myself. XD I kind of DID win it online. 😛

    My friends and I just trade photos on memory sticks and USBs. They don’t mind that I don’t have a Facebook. 😛

    LOL, that assuming girl sounds pretty arrogant.

    Oh, I hate those days when you feel like you’re angry at every little thing. Usually for me it’s because one person ticks me off, and at the same time, something inconvenient happens or someone talks to me at that wrong time.

    Sometimes I can feel it when someone makes a joke and I just can’t take it – usually because I am in a terrible mood already and they don’t realise. I think we need warning signs on our shirts that say “MOODY” or something… XD

    Sometimes we do need some time alone, so when you feel like that it’s best to listen to yourself. 🙂

  11. Hehe, this layout is very cute. ^^ Makes me think of those stickers. I love your domain name! It was really fun to read the meaning behind it.

    Eh, mood swings, it comes and goes, right? I get them too.. though I’m starting to try to get rid of them, hahah. XD

  12. I’m like that a lot, too, lately. I think the hotter weather makes us more aggressive and cranky. Then again, I hate hot weather so me being in a bad mood because of the weather probably makes me go BLARGH even more at somebody.

  13. LOL! Yup, bro is the way to go 😉 Your website is adorable. Seriously this layout is so cute! I think I’m in love. Haha, yeah I think I’ll start revamping tomorrow ^^ I just get so excited I feel like starting earlier than the set date!

  14. maybe you’re just kind of stressed or something. there must be a reason for such attitude. :] oh well, you’ll be back to normal soon :]

    got new post, too! :]

  15. Hey Senyth, I’d love to be affiliates with you – I have to go out in like 5 minutes so I’ll put your link up tonight. 🙂

    Your layout is so amazingly cute! I fail at this sort of thing 🙂

    Yeah, sometimes I go through phases of just wanting everyone to BACK OFF and leave me alone. It seems like everyone’s out just to annoy you, but then when you yell at them, later on you think wtf why did I get so annoyed at that??

  16. Haha wow. What I hate is when my mum is mad at someone and takes it out on everyone else too. 😐

    Oh my gosh, that’s so mean of them! I hope no one has taken embarrassing pictures of me and put them on Facebook.

    Yeah, that’s exactly what I mean! :O And all of a sudden, every little thing pisses you off. Like, you hear someone talking and it just pisses you off. Eeek!

    LOL. Red hot when you’re horny! It would be like a mood shirt. Oh. That’s epic. I think there is a kind of shirt or hoodie, that changes colour according to your body temperature. It’s pretty close. I don’t know where you can get them though.

  17. Well, 19, nine-TEEN. You can still have your teen moments. Snapping at people, mood swings. Ok, I’m not going to lie. I still behave like a teen sometimes. And I’m about to be 22 🙂

  18. oh. that’s really rude. what hosting site is that? hmm, you will advertise my site? yay! that would be really really great :] THANKS! it’s so sweet of you. :]

  19. its funny coz we’re saying these things through a girl’s perspectives! 😀
    but its hard imagining it from a guy’s perspective though. you’re right. i dont really actually know how they define that.
    i guess lain lain lain lang ang thoughts nato when it comes to love.

  20. LOL ahhh my friend has told me about that app. It sounds a bit silly to me. I’m short and one of the youngest out of my friends so they all pretty much treat me like a baby. XD

    Awwww! That’s mean of them and embarrassing for you. I guess it was all for a good laugh though. 😛

    Haha I hope they aren’t of anything embarrassing, is all. Usually they tell me if there’s a picture of me. But I think there was a time these idiots wrapped James and I in plastic wrap, took photos, and put them on Facebook. Oh dear.

    Yeah, it seems a bit complicated, but look at the technology they have for everything haha.

    LOL, that’s why we should be avoided when we are pissed. XD

  21. we learnt about shakespear last year and made our own shakespear plays. we made our version of romeo and juliet,making it modern and instead of family conflicts, we made them into gangster groups….

    i loved harry potter when i was young. i had eleven posters of his face on my old room XD

  22. Yea we’re all going off to different places, most of my close friends are separated, going off to university and I chose to do advanced level in my school [hopefully I’ll get in]. Its sad but in the next 2 years I may get to hang out with them again if I choose to go to U.W.I. For now I guess we’ll probably keep in contact through the phone and facebook -_-
    Isolation is medicine for moody people xD

  23. Maybe you read my about page? I think it says that I’m from Canada there… I was actually born in Sweden, and I lived there for a couple of years before I moved to Canada.

    Oohh, yes Swiss Chalet gravy is the best. When I go, I always order the mash potatoes with gravy instead of the fries. x)

    I don’t get silent. I’m only silent at the person who I’m pissed at. xD Otherwise, you’ll probably hear me somewhere else ranting about something random. xP

    Lucky you! I’d rather have hot guys in my grade than in the upper grades. Then I’d probably have more of a chance with them. xD

    When I was little, I wanted to play piano too. It wasn’t so bad ’cause I didn’t really have to practice, but during the summer I have to play 2 hours a day. Too much! Gah! D:

  24. I feel the same way sometimes! Haha.

    I know I already asked but I forget what you said… what are Twitter competitions exactly? 😡 Hahha.

    Yeah, I said I was going to update this weekend, but I haven’t. I’m going to make a new site layout today, I think. Other than that I probably won’t update at all, I need to finish my homework. D;

  25. oooh,i just got your affie email. ill add you now ^_____^

    yeah,im not so obsessed about it now. my favourite harry potter movie was chamber of secrets,i remember watching it everyday when i was nine years old… =3 i dunno why, but i didnt like their lates movie,it focused too much on the couples and lovey dovey stuff. but hey,i suppose,even harry potter has to go through that since you cant expect harry to be thinking about magic and potions all the time…. =/

  26. my favourite book was the fourth one.. ive always wondered,what ever happened to cho and harry? she just vanished. XD

    yeah,i always thought it was harry and ginny,even though they didnt make a move on each other until on the half blood prince …

  27. Yeah – I hated seeing my nails short, and I can’t even remember doing it now. Maybe I actually stopped before my last update. Well, anyway, whatever, long nails are more fun 🙂

  28. wow,and i thought i slept late… XD

    its only about 7:00 in u.k…

    im watching an anime called zero no tsukaima in animeseason,ive got nothing better to do…

  29. Tell me about it, half the emails I get are spam! I used to get a lot less, but I guess the spam filter is having a bad day. I also get tons from Twitter and Facebook – I don’t CARE who’s invited me to what group, or who took a quiz, or whatever! I can’t remember the last time I got an email from someone who I know offline xD

  30. Hm, that’s weird. Maybe you are just going through something? (PMS?) Maybe not, if it gets worse, maybe you should talk to someone or keep a personal journal, besides your blog.

    Have a great day!

  31. AHAH, well sorry for doing something illegal…

    AHH, Kim Bum is MY cutie[;

    Soo, you say it as SAH-R(L)ANG-HAE.
    Mm, AHN-YOUNG is Hi to like a friend or someone who’s not older than you.
    For someone who’s older you say AHN-YOUNG-HA-SAE-YO. (:
    & Yeahh. Hi & Bye are the same words in Korean for a friend.
    But for adult it’s different. For adult “bye” is AHN-YOUNG-HE- GAE-SAE-YO.
    But there’s different words to use for dinner “Goodbyes” XD
    Confusing, YES ! 😀

  32. Thanks for the comment 🙂
    Everyone gets moody once in a while. Maybe you’re PMSing? Haha.
    Sometimes I just snap at people, too, but very rarely. I’m usually calm, cool, and collected.
    I love the site!

  33. teehe sounds like PMS? :O take deep breaths and relax…that helps me when i get all moody.

    or maybe you got stress. either way, i would recommend you keep a low profile, stay home by yourself watch some movies or something :3 YOGA IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL! and meditation! 😀

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