Review and Swatches: Skinfood Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream in #2

Fighting undereye circles is a really big battle for me. Even if I have enough hours of sleep, I still look like I haven’t rested at all. Unfortunately for me, it is hereditary. Instead of hating and cursing, I decided to be thankful there’s makeup to help us cover our imperfections. 🙂

If you’re wondering what salmon concealers are for, they serve as a corrective concealer, meant to be used under the eyes to cover the dark circles. The peachy tone of this type of concealer helps cancel out the the blue/violet tones of our undereye circles.

Product Info: A dark circle concealer containing salmon oil ingredient that helps cover dark circles flawlessly to brighten and moisturize under eye area. Concentrated & creamy, it effectively covers dark eye circles and wrinkles. Can be easily applied without irritation.

Price: I bought this online via eBay for P450.00. If you’ll buy this at a local Skinfood store, I’m pretty sure it’s more or less twice the price.

Availability: Can be bought online and at any Skinfood store nationwide.

Shades: #1 Light Beige, #2 Natural Beige

I’ve had this concealer since early 2011 and I used it almost everyday. I’m not even halfway through it. It is very creamy especially when it’s hot, which means it creases when you’re in a humid environment. If the weather’s cold, it has the right consistency, which offers better coverage. I think it’s designed for the weather in Korea since this is made in Korea.

For reference, I am NC 30 in MAC and I am in shade #2 in this concealer. It matches my skin perfectly.

This much is already enough for covering one undereye circle.

Here’s my bare undereye circles. They look really bad, don’t they?

Here’s what they look like after applying a layer of concealer. They made a difference to my eyes. When I feel like I had the right coverage already, I’d stop here and set it.

After applying a second layer of concealer. Did you see any difference? I haven’t set this yet.

My undereye circles are barely visible after I’ve set it with powder. Even the redness is minimized. I really love its effect on me. It instantly brightens up my face. Even if I didn’t get much rest the night before, I look well rested. One of my workmates actually commented that I look “blooming”. And the concealer is one of the culprits of that effect. 😛


  • It is creamy, therefore, making it easy to blend. You don’t have to tug on your undereye just to get an even coverage.
  • This little pot surprisingly lasts long. It looks really small, but it has a lot of product.
  • It does what it promises. It hides my bluish undereye circles.
  • It didn’t break me out.
  • Can be used alone or with other concealers.
  • It has glass packaging so it doesn’t dry out easily.
  • It doesn’t have an annoying smell. It has a very faint fragrance, but it’s not irritating.


  • If you’re a hygiene freak, you’ll find the pot a big minus since you have to dip your finger in to get the product.
  • Can be expensive.
  • Needs to be set with powder because it contains oil and it looks greasy on its own. Oily-skinned girls might find this disappointing, but I didn’t.
  • It creases, especially on hot environments and settles on to fine lines. I have to pat my undereye every once in a while especially when I notice my concealer has creased.


  • If you’re very particular about hygiene, you can always use a brush to get the product and just use your fingers to blend the concealer.
  • Use a powder puff and gently roll it in to your undereye circles. This way you’re not disrupting the concealer you’ve put on.
  • Set this immediately so it won’t crease.
  • If you want to save, buy it online. I bought mine here.

Rating: 8/10

I took this picture at around 11 PM, after work so you can say that I was really tired. But with this concealer on, I still look pretty much alive. LOL. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Review and Swatches: Skinfood Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream in #2”

  1. Parang magic, as in nabura nya.

    This is definitely on my wish list. I hope I find a shade that matches me perfectly too. I’m oily but I’m comfortable with oil. Ayaw ko kasi yung dewy yung face tapos yung concealer super matte. Not good.

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