Review and Swatches: Etude House Color My Brows in #1 Rich Brown

Brow sets are extremely helpful in altering the color of your brows, especially when your brow powder or pencil is way darker than what you expected. They also keeps the brows in place. Etude House Color My Brows is one of the cheap brow sets out there and this has been labelled as a dupe for MAC Brow Set, so I wanted to try it.

Etude House Color My Brows #1

Price: P328.00

Availability: Can be bought online and at any Etude House stall / counter.

Shades: #1 Rich Brown and #2 Light Brown

Etude House Color My Brows #1 Rich Brown

#1 is good for black to brown-black hair. If you have light-colored hair, #2 would be the one for you. Color My Brows is rather small and it doesn’t contain a lot of product. The consistency is a bit thicker than MAC’s which makes it harder to spread. I like that it is a neutral brown and is pigmented enough. It has specks of glitter it it, which I don’t mind. I’ve only used this less than ten times, and now it has dried up a bit already. I have to get back to the tube multiple times in order to coat my brows evenly.

Etude House Color My Brows #1 Rich Brown

I also like the shape of its wand because it tapers to the end, which makes defining the tail of the brows easier since you don’t have to be extra careful that you mess up the shape of your brows or put too much product there. I just find the bristles of the wand are rather short, stubby and sparse. With little wiggling and applying it like you would with a mascara, it coats your brows to a lighter color.

Etude House Color My Brows #1 Rich Brown

Here’s a side by side comparison of Etude House Color My Brows and MAC Brow Set (this one is in Girl Boy). Etude House is shorter, and smaller in diameter. MAC obviously has a lot of product. I’ve used this since last year, but it still looks full and hasn’t dried yet. MAC costs P950, so Etude House feels cheaper. But if you think long-term, MAC is more worth it.

Etude House Color My Brows #1 Rich Brown

Here’s the swatch of the product. It does mimic the shades of MAC Brow Set perfectly. Its lasting power is so-so. I always find my brows back to its natural black color after the end of the day. The color barely shows up anymore.

Etude House Color My Brows #1 Rich Brown

Here are my brows with and without Etude House Color My Brows so you can see the difference. I was quite happy with my first few uses of this product, until it dried up.


  • It is pigmented. It definitely turned my black hair to brown, which makes the look a lot softer.
  • It tames the hair in place, which is nice because neat brows always look presentable.


  • It is affordable, but I don’t think it’s worth it because you really can’t use much of the product. Being able to use it less than 10 times is not cool.
  • It dries up quickly.
  • It’s not very long lasting.

Rating: 5/10

Overall, it’s not a very bad product. It does work; I just dislike that it dried up too quickly. What a bummer.

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