Part Of This World

Isn’t it sad that you wanted so much to show someone that you care for him but you couldn’t show it. Not because you were afraid of losing your friendship, but because he made you feel that he wants to push you away, wants you out of his life that it’s even amazing to think you’re still part of his world, a world so far from yours. Isn’t it heart-wrenching to see him struggling with his life while you’re just standing at the edge, not being able to even lift a step froward and just reach out and pat his shoulder and tell him that he can make it, he can go all through those things, that you still believe in him. You know that if he would tell you to stop, then you will. You swear you will. To stop this growing feeling, a feeling you think that shouldn’t exist yet it consumes the whole of you and all you ever wanted was his happiness, even if you’re not a part of it.

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