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I finally got the domain that I won. Yay! I’ll just give you guys the link when I’ve settled everything. I only have the uncoded layout for now. It’s going to be my gallery/portfolio site. Hopefully, Coppermine Gallery would work. ^_^ I already have ideas of a new layout for this domain, but haven’t made the mock-up design yet. I still have so many thigns to do, yet I have so little time. But I say, there’s always time for everything. XD

I recently unprotected my tweets. Twitter keeps sending me an error message when I try to approve followers. :S Why’s that?

I’m pretty excited for this afternoon. We’ll be having a court visit for a criminal case. I’ve never been in any courts before and I’ve only seen such hearings on T.V. and whatnot, so it’s something new for me. We went to Capitol yesterday and checked the schedules for hearings. Most branches don’t have hearings starting on Dec. 21 since it’s already the start of the holiday. I also knew that they don’t have hearings on Saturdays and Sundays. We would have gone and had the court visit on January next year, but they don’t hold hearings for they’ll be having their inventory check. It was a really good timing that we went there yesterday.

We’ll be going to make a sort of a reaction paper for our Political Science subject and it was to be submitted around Pre-finals, so it must be around January. Going to the court today was really unexpected. Since I barely have any sense of direction, I couldn’t remember how we got to Capitol and so my friend wanted us to meet somewhere so we could go there together. XD

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  1. :haay
    Haha PJ as in Pajama. We have like a two week (or something like that) break.. Not too sure but It’s pretty sweet. ~_^
    Thanks for the advice! The last thing I wanna do is have a huge fight. She;d probably like that though. Yes, she really does need to grow up. The other day she’s all like: “You’re just jealous that I’m smarter than you!” Bitch say whaaat? :haha

    I’m pretty sure my comment wasn’t spam! ??

    Yaay! I’m excited to see it. 😀 I’m sure the layout will look great considering your skills. x3

    Huh, that’s odd. I think the same thing has been happening to my friend.. Not sure. 😛

    A criminal case- how cool! xD 8D :!

    Talk to you later! <3

  2. Good luck on your new site! 😀 I’m sure it would be awesome 🙂

    Wow the court visit sounds cool! :O I want to go there 😛 I have a sort of court game during my English class and it was so fun! I was the defendant that time and I won the case, lol.

    Aw thanks for the words <3 Yeah all my online friends said my classmates aren't my true friends. Even my offline best friends aren't my true fiends because they kept on blaming me too. I've been thinking, I think it's because I'm older than them so I have a different way of thinking. Maybe I'm maturer than them? Or more childish? LOL but our minds never be the same 🙁

    I apologized to them once again and SOME of them forgave me. But guess what, remember that Dummy bitch on my previous blog? I apologized to her too because my best friend FORCED me to apologize to her even though I didn't make any mistakes. Instead of forgiving me and forget the problems, Dummy blamed me for other silly things and made me even more down. Ugh, I don't know what has happened to her mind XD

  3. Nope, I don’t have an account there. In fact I never knew such a site exist until you introduced it to me. :S I can’t wait to check out your new domain. 🙂

  4. Weee! I’m happy that your domain is okay now. I cant wait to see it. 😀

    Court? Awww. I’ve always wanted to be there too. Everyone seems to feel tense and all when they’re in a court. I weirdly want to know how that feels exactly. 😀

  5. Yep. The whole campus has Wi-Fi at my school, haha. No matter where you are, as long as you are on the school’s campus, you can get Wi-Fi. 🙂

    Thanks, 🙂 I hope I actually take the time to study hard. I usually wait until the last minute to study. D:

    Yes, I did download the texture. 😛

    Hmm, I still don’t know if I’ll have time to participate because my finals aren’t over until the 17th. But idk I’ll think about it. 🙂

    Good luck on getting your new domain up! And I can’t wait to see the new domain layout for this site! XD

    Ah, I think it’d be fun to go to a court hearing, haha. I’ve never been to one either… which I guess is kind of a good thing! 😛

  6. Hey Senyth!
    Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been extremly busy with school work and I guess I just haven’t been up to the whole web-designing thing. GAH. What’s happening?

    A court visiting? AWESOME. I’ve never been in one myself so, yeah, have a great time!

    Sorry about the error on twitter, I don’t know how to fix it sorry. 🙁 I suck at twitter. And Twitter sucks sometimes so haha.

    LMFAO! It’s not a horror book actually, it’s just a mystery book! 😀

  7. Call me weird but I always like watching trials and hearings in person in the court room – I once went to court (not me but my older bro and his former wife) had a trial or something…my dad and I went with my former sister in law for support caue my bro was a total douche bag to her the night before so they got arrested for a fight that got a tad bit outta control…while hearing other folks issues (aka the trials and hearings) before they reach my bro and former sis in law case – my sis, father, and I were like sittin there in the benches passing our own judgement on other folks trials like we were the judge – I personally thought it was fun – I know am weird heh? Than we had lunch – I admitt it was a nice day…cause we were there for my former sister in law – is funny during their marriage we the family were more there for my former sister in law than my own brother – our own flesh and blood but than gain he was a total douche bag to her so he got what he so rightly deserved…

    I cannot wait to see your site new layout and this new site of yours! Coppermine Gallery ROX!!! Makes awesome portfolios!!!

    Best of luck in your studies sweetie!!!!

  8. Wooo a Christmas party? Sounds cool! 😀 I think I will have a sort of party too, in the church XD They usually give some kids a present. LOL I will pretend I am 10 or something 😛

    Thank you! 🙂 I’ve done my best and I think 2nd is the best rank I can achieve.

    Yup I uploaded the icon textures! I’ve beaten my laziness *cheers* 🙂

    Ooo I love debate so much XD I’ve never been in a huge debate competition though, but I’d love to try one day!

  9. October for me is the procrastination month..Feb is the er start of school and March is rush to get assignments done ^^

    Hehe, thanks. Band tour was pretty rockin’ even though the audience was slightly unenthusiastic 😛

    LOL. I don’t like getting into fights with my mum though. She’s too nice xD

    My dad overreacts too much. He’s a bit of a drama queen. I could almost picture him in a dress with a crown and a spectre or whatever they are called and a sash that says ‘Drama Queen’. D;

    School is cruel. It makes me get up early because I live so far. Goodbye precious sleep! & It does eat up so much time. D:

    No one has mentioned the fixed scroll thing…I’ll edit it soon depending on how much less I’ll be procrastinating. ^^

    Ukelele is so cute! I’ve always been tempted to strum on it 😀

    Congratz on winning the domain! What’s your new site going to be about?

    Ack Sorry I don’t use Twitter so I wouldn’t know 😛

    Have fun at the court visit! I’ve only seen them on TV and played law games on my DS xD It sounds pretty serious…Are you studying law or something? 😛

  10. Good luck with Coppermine gallery! I have never used it. But it’s not really my thing. I hope you enjoy working with the domain; I can’t wait to see how it looks like in the end! :3

    There IS little time for everything. Every time you think that you have less time because something like school is off, there is still something to do. There is so little time!

    I don’t know what’s up with your Twitter. But I know that if you try and display it on your site when tweets are protected, you get a box asking you to log in. 😛

    That court visit sounds interesting! I have never been in one. I’m sure it was an interesting experience. My best friend is interested in law. ;P

    I would hate to get lost anywhere. I am often afraid of getting lost in busy places like the city. It happened to me once and I was very scared. This wasn’t too long ago either!

    I am sure to take someone with me when I am venturing to an unfamiliar place.

    A lot of the time I wonder about God and question his existence. I just don’t feel as close as I did before.

    I don’t like it when people criticise other people’s religion as well. It is really rude and offensive. Even if you don’t believe it, you don’t need to say it’s all wrong and that they should change. Similarly, people who talk about their religion to other people to try and make THEM change are wrong.

    Some religions might seem far fetched to certain people, but that’s what people believe in and you will most likely be scorned if you criticise it.

    Haha yes, Star Wars indeed!

    I’ve had thoughts of changing, yes. But I appreciate that you aren’t telling me off because of it; likewise however you feel about God, I respect that, even if I do not feel the same.

    I hope your mum gets well too! I hope there’s nothing seriously wrong with her arm.

    Thank you! I had the exam this morning – I was pretty shaky and it was hot inside the exam hall. D: Oh well, it’s over and I just want to get my results… I get them on Thursday.

    Yeah, BellaBuffs is newer so no one really knows about it. It’s a great script though! 😛

    Thank you! ;3

    You’re welcome. <3

    LOL I'm still terrible at graphics. I might sit back and watch. ^_^ Good luck in it!

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