An Ode to Bo’s

I’ve always snubbed Bo’s coffee before for two reasons: when I look at their menu, I don’t find their drinks interesting enough and I’m partial to Starbucks. Until my friend, Gwyn, introduced me to it. Admittedly, Bo’s only got special to because it’s where I spent time with her and got to know her while sipping on coffee. That’s when I realized “the coffee isn’t so bad”. I wasn’t even paying attention that their coffee is actually homegrown.

Lenses For My Eyes

I went to the optical shop today to buy some contact lens, lens solution and eye drops. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pick a good brand for eye drops so I’ll come back tomorrow. Anyway, I bought EO Flexwear Emotions in Henna Brown(630 Php per pair), it’s a 2-tone contact lens. This is good for 1 year. I also bought Opti-free Pure Moist Lens Solution(302 Php), which will expire on Mar. 2017. I used to use Solocare Aqua but I wasn’t able to find the George Optical shop, which carries the product.

DIY Organic Deodorant

I made my very own deodorant today! I just used the container from Secret since it was the cheapest one that I found. I just took out the product, washed the container and replaced it with my own deodorant.

Of Peace And Time

It’s funny how I’ve always wanted to go out and spend the whole weekend with my friends during my Highschool days. I save so much of my allowance during weekdays and eventually spend it on the weekend. It’s funny how I wanted to get OUT so much to get IN. Pretty ironic, right? The thing is I don’t have money. It’s even funnier that now I have money, I just spend the weekend mostly at home. Priorities change, eh? I used to value friends more and easily give in to peer pressure during my teens.

Goodbye Blurry 2015

I really don’t want to make a recap of 2015 because the wounds are still too fresh. I don’t want to remember any of it. All I remember of 2015 is I spent money like crazy, shopping for clothes and shoes. My grandma passed away, suddenly, unexpectedly. I didn’t save as much as I would have liked to, but all these things served as a wake up call for me to keep on track of my goals.

So, 2015, I bid you goodbye.

Hello to a more positive and happier 2016!