Hearty Meaty Curry Recipe

Here is a simple and easy recipe that is close to my heart. My boyfriend, Jer, and I enjoy cooking together. He is great at portioning the ingredients, while I’m horrible at estimating them. To redeem myself, I’m the one who’s in charge of the flavor and final touches of the dish. 😁 Who would have thought, right? If you’ve been reading this blog since 2009, you are probably aware that I used to be so horrible at cooking that even following a recipe ends up as a disaster. 😂

Mistaken Identity

I’ve been known to be a frugal person, I usually save and invest my hard-earned money and tend to reward myself only after I’ve achieved a goal. Back in 2013, I was given a Louis Vuitton wallet, which I’ve always thought to be a knock-off because it’s colorful and designer brands are horrifyingly expensive here. I like the length of the wallet, just didn’t like that the card slots were too small.

An Ode to Bo’s

I’ve always snubbed Bo’s coffee before for two reasons: when I look at their menu, I don’t find their drinks interesting enough and I’m partial to Starbucks. Until my friend, Gwyn, introduced me to it. Admittedly, Bo’s only got special to because it’s where I spent time with her and got to know her while sipping on coffee. That’s when I realized “the coffee isn’t so bad”. I wasn’t even paying attention that their coffee is actually homegrown.

Lenses For My Eyes

I went to the optical shop today to buy some contact lens, lens solution and eye drops. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pick a good brand for eye drops so I’ll come back tomorrow. Anyway, I bought EO Flexwear Emotions in Henna Brown(630 Php per pair), it’s a 2-tone contact lens. This is good for 1 year. I also bought Opti-free Pure Moist Lens Solution(302 Php), which will expire on Mar. 2017. I used to use Solocare Aqua but I wasn’t able to find the George Optical shop, which carries the product.

DIY Organic Deodorant

I made my very own deodorant today! I just used the container from Secret since it was the cheapest one that I found. I just took out the product, washed the container and replaced it with my own deodorant.