New Contact Lens!

Because sometimes, you need to post something on your blog to remind you when you bought it and when the expiration date is. 😂

Tomato Fried Rice

For this week and until next week, I am in charge of the kitchen and especially in preparing breakfast for my siblings and niece so they don’t go to school starving. Here is one easy meal that you can prepare for your loved ones in 20 minutes.

I SEA You! 🌊💦

The Philippines is an archipelago — this country took it seriously that no man is an island. When we want to visit a diferrent province, most often than not we would have to travel by boat or by plane. One can only expect that this country has a lot of beaches.

Stepping On A Land Mine

A few years ago when I was still occupied with my day job, I didn’t have the time to manage my blog. But I was active on forums, sharing my thoughts and interacting with fellow users. There was this incident wherein I got into a heated discussion about WordPress versus Blogspot with a poster who was a devout Blogspot user.