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Urgh. I think I blogged about my first experience in online shopping and it wasn’t a good one and that’s the reason why I refrain from buying things online. For one, the seller didn’t inform me beforehand that Air21 doesn’t allow liquid products to be shipped to provincial areas. I already paid for the perfume and she won’t give me back the money. Is that too hard to do? >_< She didn't even reply to my questions as to why after a few weeks, I still didn't receive my freaking package. I heard that the seller or owner had been registering multiple accounts to multiple forums just to promote her products. She's posing as buyers or customers who liked the soaps and perfumes. It made me think if she went to school long enough to learn how to deal with customers well because she doesn't seem to effing know any of it. Her soaps aren't even or supreme quality. They are not what those users claimed to be. I'm just so freaking pissed off and even though it happened a long time ago, I still can feel my anger and this is the main reason why I refrained from buying online again. Because of that damned woman. x( If you are clever enough, or know where to look, you'd know what company I am talking about. Items I bought

To lighten this post up, I was finally able to buy again after a year or so. LOL. I have crazy eyebrows and if there is one makeup that I have to wear, it has to be eyebrow powder to fill in my sparse brows. I’ve been reading lots of reviews about different eyebrow products and have always wanted to buy a Wet N Wild Ultimate Brow Kit. I looked everywhere for ages and only found it on eBay. XD So, yeah, I immediately bought it. I’m glad I didn’t have a lot of money when I ordered those two or I wouldn’t have helped myself but order more. D: I hope I don’t get addicted to online shopping, otherwise, my Paypal account would have cancer – zero balance! LOL.


I can’t help but laugh whenever I see this picture. Hahaha. I ordered some products(I can’t remember what they were) because I haven’t seen them being sold here, but look at that killer shipping fee. ZOMGWTFBBQ? O_O ROFL! Haha.

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  1. Hahahahaha I have a similar experience in sending packages overseas. The shipping fee is always more expensive than the actual price of the items I send.

  2. HI DEAR!! AM BAACKK! haha Online shopping! Oh I so do miss it!! haha Haven’t bought anything online in a while. If i have enough cash sa paypal then maybe I will. Congrats on a successful 2nd purchase! Always read feedbacks and reviews before buying~ 😀

  3. I don’t mind online shopping, especially if it’s little things that aren’t much so if anything happens, I’ll be a little mad but it won’t be too much of a loss.

    I had an incident where I didn’t get my package for almost a month and it was bothersome. I kept contacting the seller and he kept telling me he was behind in shipping, etc. At one point I thought he was being a fraud but he eventually sent my package, I just never ordered another item from him again. It’s one thing to have shipping problems, but it’s another to also have poor communication, it would make me think they’re trying to scam me.

  4. Shipping is a bitch. :X I have to admit it. I wanted to buy $6 shirts and the shipping was like $50… it was too much. I’d spent so much time looking at the shirts too, so I was genuinely disappointed. A lot of the time it’s the shipping that turns me off buying things online. I like buying from Australian suppliers because they tend to be cheaper. I guess shipping is a good thing because I’d be spending so much and buying so much online if it weren’t for the shipping being a turn-off. 😛

    My first time buying online, I spent $50 including shipping. Now that I think about it, it’s pretty expensive. I got a belt, shirt and pillowcase. I love them all and still use them… makes me think that was my one and only GOOD purchase LOL. I was so worried it wouldn’t come in the mail but it arrived safe and sound, and I felt more comfortable with buying online. It’s a shame you had a bad experience though. I think I trust online shopping, since I’ve never had a really bad experience. One time I actually had to wait a long time for the delivery so I emailed the people. They were so nice that they told me they’d ship me another one if I didn’t receive it soon. :3

    I would be really angry at that girl. You’re the customer and since she seems aware of the problem she should be willing to give you a refund. You’re going to spread bad word about her now, her loss. 😛 It’s horrible that that girl advertises herself so much though, when her stuff isn’t worthy of being advertised. 😐 I guess people will eventually find out, then she’ll get bad word too… 😛

    Psh, don’t let the title scare you! You know I’m referring to CELEBRATING the love. 😛 <3

    Oh, I don't know what 'type' of guy I did or did not go for, but I imagined that I liked a certain type. Over time I realised that all my crushes were so different from each other. Sometimes I thought they were cute, and others disagreed. People told me I had bad taste. :X But maybe that means I give many people a chance haha. 😉

    I won't say James is ugly now. I think he's got a good body, but a cuteish face. He's not a monster, obviously. :3

    *hugs* I'm glad you liked my post <333

  5. It’s always frustrating and crazy when shipping is more expensive than what you’re actually buying, right?!

    Sorry you had some bad luck with that woman! You should have reported her to the website you were using…. that shit is not tolerated on sites like that!

  6. I love your free theme, I’m currently using one. I am so lazy to create one for myself and glad to find that you have premades 🙂

    Well, that’s why I truly don’t trust a seller just by reading the comments of their “customers”. I usually ask my online friends or do some thorough research before buying something or from someone. When I purchased my camera and cellphone at ebuystore, I have to ask lots of friends who have transact with them first.

    Woah, the shipping fee is C-R-A-Z-Y! You’re going to purchase an item worth 500php only, but the shipping fee is four times? I bet that seller is from other country?

    I hate having extra funds on paypal too, because it means more online shopping while sitting in front of my PC. lol

  7. Aww. I feel sorry for you on your first experience in online shopping. Tsktsk. That seller should be put on Wall of Shame! >:(( How can’t she not send back the money? She could at least send half of it. Tsktsk. Maybe she’s a fake seller! Grr! D:<

    I never shop online because I'm afraid to meet fake sellers. 😀

    Haha. I was shocked when I see the last picture. 😀 Freakin' shipping price! It's almost 4 times the price of the item. Wadda? 😀 ;D

  8. I’ve never bought anything overseas because of the ridiculous shipping fees! I love to shop online at shops that are inside my country though, where the shipping fees are minimal. 😀

  9. tama ba ung nakita ko? mas mahal pa ung shipping fee kesa sa binili mo? yaaayY! at ung unang experience mo… waahhh.. nakakapang init ng ulo un. nakarma na siguro un. :p

  10. Hello Senyth! 🙂

    OMG! What a terrible online shopping experience. 🙁 I was scammed, too before tho! I paid 1670php (I still remember the exact price!) for a pair of mustard yellow pumps but I NEVER RECEIVED THE PACKAGE. 🙁 There were, I think, 8 of us who ordered from that particular seller ( but none of us got our package. So we PMed her multiple times and even told her we’d try to find her. Few days after that, she cancelled her multiply acct. We tried reporting her to Globe since we all paid her via G-cash but they said they couldn’t give out her information. Plus, there’s a 80% chance that she didn’t use her real name and address when she registered to G-cash. All Globe could do was block her g-cash acct.

    Heeeyyy! Let me know if the gel liner is okay. I want to try a new gel liner but I’m scared to use something like that because I might just mess it up. I’m using the In2it pencil gel liner. Lol. Loser me, I can’t use a non-pencil liner. :)) And oh! I have a similar wet-wild eye thing! Although mine is a trio eyeshadow 😉 I don’t know how to fix my brows using kits like that. Lol. 😉

    Miss you! Update me! 🙂 What’s up? 🙂

  11. i only shop at amazon or somewhere I really trust. Usually a site will have a etrusted sticker and that means they’re legit.
    Sucks your first experience went bad.


    that is an EXPENSIVE shipping fee.
    I’d probably kill over after that.
    At least you got some stuff you wanted though!!

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