This is my third installation of WordPress already and now I have a splitting headache! Haha. But at least I have finally put this blog successfully. I’m just so happy the sem is over and I don’t carry a heavy burden now. The thing that’s left for me to worry over is my parents’ reaction when I show them my grade of either NC or 5.0 for It 126, which is my major beyond all those majors. O_O It’s painful for me to think that they will give me a prize or something, and I’ll give them a failing grade in return. I know they’ll be super disappointed and will scold me, but I hope they will understand since they too have gone through this phase.

I learned a lot from this semester, from my accessing of pointers to making decisions. I learned more things that can’t be taught than those of things which are taught, and that’s what makes life priceless. I will carry these memories all throughout, be it good or bad memories. I knew more about myself, about how indecisive I am. One second I wanted to do this and the next second ended up doing the other. Being indecisive is not a good thing, I tell you. I am a very compulsive person. Though I make decisions, most of them are wrong. That’s one of the major things that I could not forget. Ever.

Whether I’ll end up retaking my subject or not, whether things will be back to the way it was before, to the way I wanted them to, I have no regrets or whatsoever. All I know now is that I’m happy wherever I’m standing today and that I’m living. 🙂

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