OMG! I Won?

Update: new tutorial

As most of you guys know, I joined Tricia’s contest at Oh-Well. And when I logged in to approve and return comments, I literally freaked out when I read her comment saying “Congratulations!”. Right then and there, I knew I won something. It was so hard not to feel shaken when I went to her site and saw that I won the first prize! :music YAY! Luck comes to me when I least expect it. <3 Thanks, Tricia! It's GossipOverCoffee‘s 1 month birthday, so I changed the site spotlight if you haven’t noticed. 😛 It’s also my token of gratitude to her. Pardon my failed attempt on creating a scrapbook-like design. @_@

Anyway, here’s the customer site that I promised you guys that I’d show. I haven’t uploaded it, so for the mean time, I’ll let you see the screenshot. :click The size might be a bit big because I didn’t resize it. D;

Today’s been a cold and rainy day. :rain I haven’t seen the sun come out throughout the day. Our air-conditioned classrooms felt like freezers. Brrrr. There’s a typhoon, thankfully it’s not that bad. It’s only in Signal 1, but I’m not saying it’s a good thing either. I’ve never considered typhoons as good, unless I use that excuse to be thankful that there are no classes. XD

Because of the rain, I got colds. I kept sneezing and I took medicine right away. >_< That's why I don't like getting wet unless I'm doing it on purpose. I want to hit the sack and sleep soundly but I can't because I still have to study for our Math exam tomorrow. 😐

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  1. Thanks so much, dear. 🙂 I looove the scrapbook thing, I’ll post it on my blog, too! 😀 THANK YOUUU! You know I’ve always wanted that spot. HAHAH. 🙂

    It’s been raining here, too. Like this afternoon, it rained hard and I did not bring my umbrella. 😐

  2. Yes, I took it for 2 semesters. 😀
    Database 1 – 2nd year, 2nd sem
    Database 2 – 3rd year, 1st sem

    What are your majors this semester? Mine’s Executive Information System & Operating System. We’re also taking up Thesis 1 already. I’m excited about the Thesis but scared at the same time. 😀

  3. CONGRATS for winning Tricia’s contest!! Prizes are awesome and you deserve it! 😀 hehee

    Wow you’re really good at coding and theme making. Can I ask what did you use to make the website? because I’m thinking of making a site for our business complete with orders and cashouts too but am not sure which program to use. 😀 hehee

    I applied for link exchange dear! 😀 hahaa Good luck with the quiz!! 😀 hehee

  4. Hm, as long as it’s IT related, I think. 🙂 We’re done with Java. 🙂 We took it twice as well, same with DB. 😀

    Our DB project was an inventory system of a certain company. 🙂

    Thesis 1, well it’s just preparation for the “real” thesis. 😀

  5. I didn’t like Java that much either. I find it hard. I enjoyed it at the lather part, though. 🙂

    I’ll download season 3. Next year, maybe. 😀 I want to download all episodes first before I watch it. That’s what I did with season2. Hm, I bought and read the 1st 3 books. 😀 You?

  6. Hey 🙂

    Haha xD I guess it a great attention seeker xD

    Oh.. you definitely should download the song, it’s awesome. And if you download that one, also download “I’m a star” by the same artist. It’s freaking awesome xD

    I haven’t heard that song ever before.. I need some new music though, so I might check it 🙂

    I should thinking about posting it on Tumblr… that would probably be pretty funny xD What is your Tumblr anyways? I’d like to followyou 🙂

    Oh no, I am a good girl. I won’t do something like that ever!

    Nah, it’s not German. It’s Russian actually. It is used for a person that is always happy and enjoys life.. something like that.. I don’t really know the translation of the Russian meaning right now D

    Oh yay, congrats on winning first prize 😉

    That website looks really good 🙂 I love the background <3 Did you code it?

    Eww.. I hate weather like that. It makes you feel "depressed" and stuff…

    The sun hasn't really shown herself in the last couple of days over here too…

  7. Well congrats to winning first place! I never win any contests, I just suuuck. No rain here. The only thing I have to worry about here is the huge dumping of snow we’re about to get this weekend. Grrrrr.

  8. :haay
    Congrats! WOOT! :! So what did you win anyways? 😕 You really deserve it though.
    Aww! Luckyyy! It hasn’t rained here in a while, and I looove the rain. :rain
    Good luck with your exam! 🙂

  9. OMG! Congratulations on winning! 😀 😀

    I actually really liked how you had the spotlight with rounded corners and paperclip. I preferred that way, but this scrapbook look is good too, hehe.

    Ooh, the site looks pretty good and kind of professional. 🙂

    I dislike rain, but I wish it would get cooler here. It is nearly summer in Australia.

    Sucks about the typhoon. I hope it doesn’t get any worse and that no one gets injured. 🙁 I don’t like natural disasters when people die and get injured.

    I hope you get some sleep soon! Good luck studying!

    Most of my blog titles do come from songs. 😛 I think it’s become a habit for me. XD

    Yes, I was so excited! He’s replied to me a few times. I feel so special!

    Well at least you saw her in person! I would love to meet Ben in person. D:

    They broke up because they weren’t really working on anything and I guess they didn’t have any more ideas. Sometimes people have to move on, I guess.

    She doesn’t sound like a fan at all. It’s disgusting why she would do such a thing. I think it was wrong.

    Miley still has the right, though. It was not Miley’s fault that this happened. The girl was trying to blackmail her! Miley wouldn’t want to look like a sucker, going back to Twitter. I think the girl was more in the wrong, actually. It was just unreasonable.

    I mean, if I had problems and I just closed my site, and people were threatening to kill animals because of it – I wouldn’t come back just because of the threats. I don’t really think Miley was wrong.

    Thank you! 🙂

  10. Wow! Congratulations! 🙂 Good job!

    I really like the rain. But I don’t like it when it becomes a typhoon so it’s good that the typhoon’s become a mere low pressure area now. 😀

  11. Congrats on winning!! The customer site is looking good, even if its just the screenshot x) I adore rounded corners <3
    Oh its been raining here a lot these days as well but I'm happy. It beats the blazing sun where you feel like your skin is about to melt off. And we don't have a.c in our classrooms so I love the cold weather though I get extremely sick. Like now, just as I started typing this comment and I'm sneezing off my seat. Aw man I need medicine.
    And goodluck on your Math exam tomorrow or was it today you had it? @_@ Well still goodluck!

  12. Whoa congrats on winning! 😀 I saw the prizes and those are pretty cool!

    Aw it has been cold and rainy here too. I have to wear jacket to school which I have never done before xD I prefer rainy to sunny though, it’s chilly 🙂

  13. OH hell yes! Like for example if you have a look at Dayna’s ( layout – it WOWs you a lot. It’s really awesome and soo creative!

    I guess it’s really important that you try to do your best because you can usually tell if someone really tried to do a good layout! And yep, you definitely tried to do one 🙂

    I won’t force myself, because I know if I do it won’t turn out good. And that’s definitely not what I want. I’ll just wait for the ideas to come to me xD

    Hehe, don’t worry 🙂 I don’t expect my visitors to know where my name is from because it’s not that known and stuff 🙂 But thanks for asking though 😀

    Yeah I am, and I will even better when all those annoying little tests are over next Thursday xD

  14. WordPress considers me spam?! *insulted* nah I’m just joking xD
    I’m living in the Caribbean so its hot here most of the time, and yes we do need a.c bit out school’s too cheap to buy them.
    So we stuck in a stuffed up classroom feeling sticky with the glaring sun burning up our skins.
    When its coming close to the end of the year it rains a lot. Our cold is not as cold as other places, but I just think its extremely cold cause I’ve never been anywhere out of my country.
    I hope you pass your maths exam as well =D

  15. And oh, yeah. It’s kind of awkward to talk with my ex’s dad. Especially when he says something like that. But it’s a good thing, right? At least I can feel that he likes me for his son. :))

  16. Woohoo, congrats on winning! (: So what did you win!? I never won a big contest. But oh well, ahah.

    Wow, it’s been about 85 degrees today at 2PM. But the rest of the week and next week’s gonna be in the 70’s, so that’s fine. But I prefer today’s weather. xD
    Get well!! (:

  17. Awww! Congrats on winning! I have never won anything big, but then I haven’t really participated in any big competitions. x) Well, congrats!

    Ohh. I hate cold, rainy days when I have to go to school. If it’s a weekend, it’s a different story. 🙂 It can’t be every weekend though. 😛

    Thank you! I found out that it is only have trouble in IE on my computer. 😮 Haha, I have gotten sooo many comments on how the background is so bright! XD I love it though.


    Aw well that’s a very nice thing to be thankful for. 😉

    Yep. You didn’t know? Haha thanks!

  18. I graduated from high school and I’m going to college now. XD (In response to your thinking that I wasn’t going to school anymore. I know it’s been a while since I updated. :x)

  19. Congrats on winning! You totally deserved it!

    I know what you mean when the air conditioned rooms feel like freezer. It’s been raining here in Singapore and even without air-con, the room still feels cold.

  20. ^_^ Congratulations on winning…whatever you won ! 🙂

    My friend hates him for reasons I don’t even know >_< . She said he treated her like a little kid, but I never read the text messages so I'm not 100% at all. She says she just does.

    Welll, at least it isn't boring 😛 .

  21. Thanks! 🙂 Haha yeah that’s so embarrassing! I felt like I wanted to leave that place XD ahaha but I was with my dad that time, so I acted as if nothing happened and I think I succeeded 😛 Those boys left before me though, that made me feel better, lol.

  22. Congrats!!!! I love your layout by the way it’s very cute so is the other layout that you made for your customer.

    it’s been cold here too, hope you get better.

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