Oh, Shoot!

Everything’s going fine with my life lately. I got accepted in Done My Way hosting when just last year, I got rejected when I applied for a domain adoption. LOL. Does this mean I improved? Somehow, maybe. XD I wanted a free domain name, I couldn’t afford buying and renewing another one so I gave it a shot and maybe this time she’ll accept me. 🙂 And she did. Yay! I’ll post the link when the site is up. ^.^

Anyway, Metrobank has a promo last April that with every accumulated price of 10, 000 Php shown in the receipt using your credit card, you’ll receive a free family thin crust pizza from Greenwich. My father wouldn’t have bought me a laptop right after the day he got here if it wasn’t for my mother who wanted to have a free pizza. LOL.

So, yes, I have my laptop now. 😛 It’s not like those very high-end laptops though. I wish it was running on Intel Core i3, but this laptop is good enough for me. I wasn’t even expecting he’d really buy me one because he just bought me a new desktop computer last year. Anyway, I’m happy for what my parents gave me. I could go online and such when I go traveling! ^_^

Recently, I was asked to make a website for this non-government organization in which one of my teachers is a member of. I don’t know if this is what you call freelancing, haha. I don’t even know the price range for doing this job, but I’m learning many things from it, though I haven’t exactly finished building the site. It sure is fun! It’s not about the pay that I’d get after doing it, it’s the experience that counts. 🙂

And just when I thought that everything’s going fine, I realized just now that I lost my 500 Php! T_T I’m really hoping I just put it in one of my wallets. I’m really going to raid my room for it. It’s my fault, though because I don’t lock my room when I go out. 🙁 I could have bought a domain with that money. T_T Gosh, wish me luck and hope I find it in my room!

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  1. Good luck! I’m glad you got accepted. From what I’ve known of your site, it’s always been great, so I’m surprised you’ve ever been rejected before. o_O

  2. OMG!!! Congratss!!!
    I stopped pestering my mom about getting my own website at the moment. Life’s pretty busy but I’m holding up.
    Congratulations for getting accepted 🙂 Now, we’re family 🙂

    I’m aching of getting a laptop for myself. My dad said that he’ll get me one since I’m going to need it in university. I don’t really see what the big deal is, but I don’t want to be fighting with my brother for the computer. So, I guess I would love to have a laptop. And hey, I’m not paying for it too 😛

    OO, You should take the job and gain some experience. Maybe they’ll recommend you to someone else which is really good 🙂

    Ugh. I hate it when I lose some money. Even though its just some change. I always feel like I might need that money somehow, and now I don’t have it 🙁

  3. Congrats on getting accepted! You really should deserve that considering your skills and kindness. & Good job on improving, if that is the case. 🙂 Also, yay for getting a laptop! I got my laptop this 2010 and I love it, although I wanted an Apple laptop. Oh well, I’m satisfied with what my dad bought me. XD

    Thanks for the feedback on my layout. The next layout I make, I’ll try my best to improve my skills and such. ;D

    So, how’s your life? Busy.. ? ):

  4. Yes, I believe it does mean you improved! YAY FOR SENYTH! 😀 What do you plan on using the new domain for?

    A bank that gives away free pizza? I’ve never heard of such a thing. o_O Kind of strange, really. Some pizza does sound really good right about not though…

    Haha for some reason, I was under the impression that you already had a laptop. Well, yay for getting one now! Laptops definitely give you the mobility to have more freedom rather then a desktop. Desktops are nice, but it sucks that you have to stay in one spot all the time.

    Ooh, a project? 🙂 I don’t think it should matter about the pay (although, getting paid does sound nice I’ll admit); just be happy that you’re gaining more experience!

    What’s a P500? LOL. I’m going to take a guess and say it has something to do with currency… that sucks. 🙁

  5. HI!

    Wow, I’ve never seen this website of yours before! It’s beautiful! I love the design.. the layout…It’s awesome!

    What is this Php thing? I assume it’s not like “PHP” coding? Is it your countries currency?

    Buy a lap top and get a free pizza? haha, nice one. I had to buy my own lap top. I’m actually still paying it off.. it’s got pretty good specs for when it was bought. Now it’s a bit “old” though!

    Loving the site! 😀

  6. congrats for having a new laptop and about the new domain! \:D/ and i hope you find your 500 soon =/ losing money sucks. -_- Maybe it’s just misplaced or something?

    LOL for free pizza, you got a laptop. That is osm. XDD

  7. Lucky you for having an unexpected gift! Congrats sister! 🙂 Free pizza! Best things in life are free. <3 500 pesos is still 500 pesos and can buy something. I hope you'd find it soon.

  8. Hahaha yeah, I think the title of my entry might have been a little misleading… I was just referring to the album title!

    Yes, I understand though, not many people can tolerate hard rock or metal music.

    Oh boy, that sucks about your wallet and the coins! :O Someone else who commented on my post mentioned that they lost money after their wallet breaking. I remember losing once but I didn’t break my wallet, it was just an accident that I forgot that James gave me the money in my lap and not in my bag. 🙁 Still makes me upset that I lost money!

    I think I was pretty early to university anyway, so if I missed the train, the next train would be okay.

    I just think the 800 by 600 resolution looks ugly on some screens, especially if they aren’t small.

    THANKFULLY, our group has actually made progress and got something done! Yahoo. 😀

    Congratulations on getting accepted at DMW. 🙂 I got accepted first time around after I told her I would be using it as a photoblog. I lost interest in the domain and got my own though, so I left. 😛

    Free is good! LOL. Any special offers, my parents try to grab or take advantage of.

    Congratulations on getting a laptop! 😀 My parents bought me one for my studies mostly, so I could do things at uni. It is actually pretty useful because I can adjust and do things how I want, there’s no need to transfer and save things to memory sticks and it’s great! ;D My desktop PC was getting old anyway.

    OH MAN, that sucks that you lost some money. I have lost money before, but I’ve known that I dropped it or left it behind, and that’s the end of it. Dx I hope you find the money though!

  9. Congratulations! New laptop and new domain! Life is good to youuuu 😉 But yeah, losing money sucks -_- Especially when it happens in your own home! Gaahhddd.

    Good luck with the freelancing job!

  10. Wow, there’s a lot of good things that happened to you this summer.:3

    Yay,now you’ve got your own laptop. Even if it could’ve been better, at least you won’t feel bad once you replace it later on…

    and Congrats on being accepted at DMW. Its a great hosting even though there’s only 200mb space :3

    Maybe your 500 is just lying around there somewhere? Aww goodluck finding it.

    It depends on the location I guess… I’m in a very crappy place right now…

    Maybe your friend is near a Globe cell site or something.. Lucky him T_T

  11. wow so many blessings seynth!
    glad you are accepted nax
    goodluck on the webdeveloping too <3
    It's one of my dreams too hihihi

    got a new entry wee

  12. I saw this promo on an ad in the newspaper the other day. It’s just like BPI’s monthly promos. Hehehe.

    Thumbs up for the laptop! i3s and i5s and i7s are really really heavy!

  13. YAY. You have improved, Senyth. You should be almighty proud of yourself. I know what you mean, I might apply for a domain @ Done My Way again because Mortal-Beauty… I can’t renew it for next year. I’m sure of it. 🙁

    New laptop?! AWESOME.

    I’ve really missed talking to you hun! 😀

  14. aww..you lost your Php500 sis? how come?? hmmmm.. anyways, the world’s soooo UNFAIR! aahahaha.. just when things are flowing right, some bad lucks never cease to appear.. ahahaha.. :))

  15. Aww really? what part are you on?
    I thought you don’t like to read?:P
    Haven’t read the manga yet but I watched the anime some time ago.
    I think I’ll read the manga too one of this days because the ending in the anime version seems so.. off.

    I guess I understand what you mean by being sentimental. Lol I’m somewhat like that too I guess, there’s a lot of clatter in my room because of that. Lol I don’t mind electronic thingies to be replaced thouh. as long as I have the back up 😛

    Have a nice day xoxo

    PS Lol I just noticed your text message section. haha I’m a quotes freak so I love it 😛 I keep refreshin the page to see a new one 😛

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