Of Tumblr, Twitter and CROS

I was fiddling with my Tumblr and Twitter today, and now my profiles look better, rather than having the default design. I guess I’m really lazy in changing them and I thought changing the look and feel of Twitter is sooo hard. D: I’m not active on both sites, so that means I rarely blog and tweet on those sites, respectively, but I’ve been active lately. ^.^

I intentionally posted in Tumblr using Filipino language or Cebuano dialect because I don’t like having two blogs. 😛 It’s just my random blog, so it’s not much of a big deal, because I will always post here even if some of my classmates know my site and read my blogs, which was really embarrassing. 😐 Anyway, I’m fine not having followers(I only have one :haha). As long as I can blog, it’s more than fine with me. I’m still trying to figure out too how to give my Tumblr a custom domain name. I’m really fascinated at some amazing Tumblr themes. I wanna create one of those, but I still have to familiarize and understand the codes, so all I could do now is credit and tweak. XD

I protected my tweets for the simple reason that I love looking at the little locked icon when I tweet. XD Sounds silly, but it’s true.

And yeah, I’ve been lazy. I guess I feel tired thinking about and making our DB project that I want to rest all day. It’s Saturday, so I still have the night and the next day to work on school stuffs. 🙂 I feel proud of our customer site somehow, which is part of our DB project, CROS. If you’ve read my previous posts, you’d know what I’m talking about. 😛 We(yup, we had some teamwork right here, which is good) changed the layout and now it looks cool. I will give you the link when we finish adding the contents. XD

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  1. -copy and paste-

    Hey affie,
    I’m so sorry for being such a bad affie lately. I know this is irrelevant to the blog, but I just want to tell you that I am going on a two weeks hiatus. Please don’t delete me.


  2. Yeah and they were so cute! I hate that the little guys grew up and are big Golden Retrievers. :/

    Yeah I mean there has to be a reason. There are normally 3-4 deaths. Imagine giving birth to like 7 babies at once! D:

    Thanks! I am still making the layout but I am kind of scared of getting really stressed out so it’s nice to have 2 other owners to help me. 🙂

    Thanks! 😀

  3. Lol! I always change my theme usually when I first get the account on whatever it is, (Twitter, DreamWidth, Tumblr, Etc.)
    ‘cuz the defaults bug me. A LOT.
    Hmm, what a good reason for protecting your tweets! :! I found that hilarious. 😛
    Mhmm, I don’t blame you for being lazy. I always am. I hate that though. >_<
    OH! And Woah, Just a random note, that Wallpaper tutorial is awesome. x3 :stars

  4. I hope you don’t think I am a stalker but I’m following you on Tumblr (jeorgina @ slowdawn.info) and Twitter (@jeorgina). If you need help putting a custom domain name to Tumblr, I can help you out! I suggest buying from NameCheap though, because it’s easy to change the settings! 😉

    I am on both sites quite a lot so I think you’ll find that I fill up your updates!

    (That is if you follow me back haha.)

    Aww you’ve been working so hard on the project. I’m sure it’s looking great. I would love to see it.

    I wanted to protect my tweets from certain people, but then I blocked them instead. 😛

    I wish it was cooler here. I really hate the heat right now. It hasn’t cooled down at all.

    Haha that sucks that your grandma’s air conditioner needs fixing.. hope it gets fixed soon. 😛

    I love bangles and bracelets; all sorts of hand jewellery. XD

    My mum usually rants to me and tells me that what I want to buy is not worth it. Sometimes that annoys me because I really want the item.

    I hope your job is alright too! I don’t think I update much, but people say I do. D:

    Haha I should! But bubble tea is expensive and I don’t want to buy it every day. XD

    *hugs* you’re welcome! 🙂

  5. awwww… i don’t know how to make my own customized themes for my tiwtter and tumblr.. ahahaha..i’m sooo lame..LOL.. 😀

    anyways, take care
    xoxo, MIMING <3

  6. Hi dear! first time to be here! Your theme is really nice and i also have a tumblr! Wish I could change and make a personalozed theme too. hehe

    Lolz at your twitter excuse! XD

  7. Hey 🙂

    thanks a lot! I really hope I didn’t do bad in that test, but even if I did it’s not too bad, because the first one was really good and that will keep my grade up a lil bit xD

    Hehe, yay 🙂 Let’s get all drunk and have great time 😉

    I think my host got into an accident some time during the beginning of October nd couldn’T pay for her server because she was in hospital, so the server died. And my site was hosted on there. She also had my domain back then, so I couldn’t just redirect it or something.. but now it’s mine 🙂

    I get sick of all the economics stuff we have to do… even in history. It sucks..

    Oh yeah true xDI just took the German name xD


    Hehe, Twitter and Tumblr are really cool 🙂

    Though I am not as active on Tumblr like I used to be..

    They really have some super amazing themes! I love them <3

    Hehe, I protect my updates too. It also allows me to say who can follow me and who can't. I like that xD

    Good luck on your DB project and don't go crazy or something. Thinking too much about a project isn't good.. Take some time and relax here and there 🙂

  8. LOL. I’m so sorry! I completely forgot to read your new blog last time! Don’t worry, I am now! Wait – so let me get this straight, you have another blog in Filipino? xD

    Oh yeah and I am really not the main owner so it’s all good. 🙂

    One of my sites, my portfolio, doesn’t really require much care since all I have to do is update at times. If this hosting site is too much, I can easily take a break since it’s owned by two others. 🙂 I totally understand though. I am not sure how I keep my grades up but they go down sometimes. :/

  9. I recently joined tumblr, its a random blog as well but really fun =D I’m following you now, mine is lollibean, I’m too lazy to create a custom theme but maybe someday I will….someday far off in the future.
    oh man I love your reason for protecting your tweets xD
    oh on my blog you might see a message about closing my site, which is true I think (I’m waiting on something). I’ll have to email you with some info so please don’t delete me!
    x( <– I love this xD

  10. That’s a funny reason for locking your tweets. Love it! I had to lock mine cuz I kept getting spammers and pr0n mentions >_<

    Good luck on your project! 🙂

  11. Oh thanks for cheering me up, it makes me feel much better 😀 Yeah guys are pain sometimes, but I’m sure I will pass through this 🙂 I have been in this puppy love thingy for several times, lol.

    Oh I love your tumblr’s background 😛 Is tumblr good? Is it better than wordpress? My classmates use tumblr and they think it is better than wordpress but I’m still stick to wordpress xD

  12. Good thing you read the whole thing first. If you’ve noticed, two commentators before you actually thought I am going to Paris which definitely means they didnt really read my post. They might have just based their comment on the title and on the photo. LOL.

    Yes, unverified accounts can receive money. Mine’s not verified either. :))

    Nope, I’m in the Philippines. I’m spending Christmas abroad, though. Sadly, not in Paris. HAHA. 😀

    The spotlight is the nicest gift ever. You know I’ve always wanted to be there. 😀 THANK YOUUUU 😀

  13. Yeey! Cool. 😀 Thanks!
    Yes, I’m in 3rd year college now. I’m taking up BSIT. You? 🙂
    Hey, I browsed your site just now. “Rawr” means I love you in dinosaur language? Haha. That’s cool. 😀

  14. 🙂 We’re not fighting anymore, talking a little bit. my best friend hates him though. I just don’t like holding grudges…but we’ll see what happens.

    >_< Aw, yuck…that Database project sounds boring!

  15. Yes, I’m so mad 🙁 haha.
    I had just kind of gotten my content to an okay amount, and now I’ve lost it all. Well I still have some old content saved, but I’ve lost all the new stuff. Plus I’m also not happy about the losing of my affiliates. D;

    Oh, cool. What contest? 😛

  16. Aw, thank you for your concern. 🙂 I remember that movie! It’s so funny XD

    I guess so – I love Ben Jorgensen more than the other guys in the band. And apparently he has a new project/band, which I have checked out – their music is great, even though it is so different from AFS.

    I have bought some shirts online but they have been okay. I just bought a small, because it’s the size I fit. 😛

    I trust the site but it’s just a shame about the shipping. 🙁

    HAHA poor things. Cashiers always look so bored!

    Totally. Ironing is such a pain and you have to press hard – with a steam iron you just press a button!

    Haha yep. I get so many followers so I turned notifications off, but I check followers from time to time.

    NameCheap is good. 😉

  17. Aww yeah your totally right, memories can make us laugh and cry, I think I felt both. It’s nice though. I do still talk to my friends, I saw them in college but it’s not the same. I want to meet up, I might arrange to meet my two best friends from primary some time soon. I can’t meet up with them all together because they don’t all get on anymore 🙁 I’m kind of piggy in the middle, friends with them all haha. I hate change, mostly. Sometimes it’s good but big changes I struggle to deal with. Well because of all the pop ups on the movie websites they can harm your computer so I was just worried about that, never the less I watched twilight still, amaazzing! Yeah you did see a paypal, but I had it up for literally 2 mins and decided no, thats not right you cant charge people, only if your website is major which mine isn’t lol.

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