No Class!!

Our teacher who handles our first period class in the morning has some personal stuffs to do so he’ll not be able to make it tomorrow. I feel happy because FINALLY, I can get enough sleep. I love my TTH subjects because my friends and I are classmates on all subjects, except for one subject, which is part of the reason why I don’t like that subject. Apart from the fact that I find it a hassle, I don’t really like my classmates. We are being grouped for our Midterms and Finals projects, and they’re okay except for one person.

Anyway, tomorrow, we have to report in front of the class in our Database I subject, and I have no idea what to report. As I say, “Come what may.” Teehee~ And I can’t wait to get hold of our computer back. I miss using it, and there’s still one month left before I can use it again because my dad isn’t home yet and he’ll be the one to assemble it.

Anyway, I’m still happy I can use the old one. It has sustained me for years now. RAWR!

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