Review and Swatches: Nichido Girls Night Out Eyeliner Pencil in Deep Plum and Vivid Turquoise

Nichido has a lot of great colors to choose from in the GNO line. They’re really pretty but these two caught my attention and they’re my favorites, Deep Plum and Vivid Turquoise. They have green, white, black and other colors too! I’m into bright eye makeup looks and that’s the main reason why I bought Nichido Girls Night Out Eyeliner Pencil.

Nichido Girls Night Out Eyeliner Pencil in Deep Plum and Vivid Turquoise

Price: P80.00

Weight: 1.4 g / 0.05 OZ.

Availability: Can be bought at any Nichido stall / counter.

Shades: Vivid Turquoise, Deep Plum, Bronze Glow, Cool Blue, Pink Diamond, Smoke Green, Blackest Black, Nice Gal, Thin Mints

Nichido Girls Night Out Eyeliner Pencil in Deep Plum and Vivid Turquoise

These pencils are incredibly soft. It applies smoothly on my upper and lower lash line effortlessly. They are very pigmented, very creamy and it glides on to the skin. You don’t have to pull or tug just to get the color that you want. Because of its creaminess, it isn’t advisable to use on the waterline. I tried it and the colors won’t stick at all no matter how many times I tried to line my waterline.

Nichido Girls Night Out Eyeliner Pencils can be smudged easily so they’re very good bases if you use a primer beforehand. They have a smudger, which is pretty useless, honestly. It can’t do the job at all. Your fingers would be a better bet. They blend so well, so you can sport smokey looks with these if you use darker colors. Of course, you have to set them with powder.

Nichido Girls Night Out Eyeliner Pencil Swatches

I applied the liners once in the first swatch lightly and applied it many times on the second swatch. What you see is what you get with these liners. After 3 hours, the swatches have already smudged and faded.

Nichido Girls Night Out Eyeliner Pencil

I applied Deep Plum on the upper lash line and Vivid Turquoise on the lower lash line. I applied primer on my left eye (which is on the right side in the image) and didn’t apply any to the other eye for comparison. I also did not set them with powder just to test its lasting power.

Nichido Girls Night Out Eyeliner Pencil

This is how it looks when freshly applied. The colors are beautiful, right? Surprisingly, the liners are pretty in tact after 3 hours. It actually held well, except for the lower lash line. I look like I have semi-racoon eyes because the color had transferred down. It wasn’t very humid that day when I did this, so I guess it contributed to its lasting power.

I had tried this when it was very humid and without a primer and the colors transferred since I have hooded lids, and I have oily skin as well.


  • Amazing pigmentation and very creamy. They’re one of the factors I look for in an eyeliner.
  • Very affordable!
  • Glides on to the skin softly.
  • Buildable, and can be blended amazingly


  • Creases or smudges like crazy in a humid environment, but can be countered with a good primer.
  • Lasting power is so-so.
  • Useless smudger.


  • If you’re using it on your upper or lower lashline, make sure to set it with a matching color of eyeshadow.

Rating: 8/10

I’m loving these pencils! Nichido Girls Night Out Eyeliner Pencil is definitely a must-have. These pencils are competitive pencils considering its price range. 🙂

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