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Talking about the contest, it has finally started. You guys can start looking for the pixels around the site and e-mail me your entries. 🙂 I have e-mailed all participants, so it’s unlikely you didn’t receive one. Just in case you didn’t, inform me so I could e-mail you. The e-mail was more of a reminder only though.

So, I’ve been really busy these last few weeks and I’m still busy now. The heck, I have school and have to report about Mail servers tomorrow and haven’t reviewed my report yet. Goodness! I can feel the pressure I’m handling now. 🙁 The stress will all be forgotten once I’ve done my task. I particularly don’t like reporting because it makes me nervous and uneasy which results to being absent-mined and can’t remember what I should say in front of everyone else, especially to my instructor, who would ask questions every now and then. Someone help me. 🙁 I really need to calm down.

I’ve been listening to my friend rant about her problems at home for more than an hour now, I guess. I just pity her and feel angry towards her aunt who’s staying at their house and keeps on giving her errands to do. It’s really annoying. We’re experiencing some problems here at home too, but I’d rather not talk about it because it makes me pull someone’s hair out of frustration.

Anyway, my dad and I shopped for computer parts last week or so and I only had the chance to blog about it now. 🙂 The new computer’s done and it’s working. YAY! The first thing that came to my mind was “I can finally play DoTA!”. Hehe. We weren’t really allowed to play DoTA and now his mind has changed. It’s a gaming computer for my brothers. But they’re busier than me during school days so I can use the computer while they’re studying. LOL. I’m so evil.

I’m quite happy because my credit card’s limit has been increased, but what annoys me is that I couldn’t really use it. My aunt has borrowed money again using my credit card and now it’s kind of impaired. Meaning it’s useless to me now since she used all the credits and I, the owner, can’t use it until she pays all those money. Grrr!

4 thoughts on “New Computer!”

  1. I’m in the process of getting a new computer too! I’m not having mine built or anything though, my mom’s buying it. However, the main purpose of it (I’m predicting) is so that I can play my favourite game of all.. THE SIMS! Hahaha, dorky I know, but it’s just so great.

    Also wanted to let you know that I’ve posted a new wonderful layout!

    Have a good one! 🙂

  2. I really don’t like problems at home, it really effects your life a lot. I had some family members staying at ours for a few years. The first few months it was alright but it got worse as time pass. At the end of the day they’re not your proper family so there’s going to be arguments some way or another.

    I sue to play Dota but I haven’t for a long time now. I’m more of an MMORPG girl then RTS.

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