“I always thought that life was about standing your ground, no matter how strong the current was. But going with the flow isn’t so bad after all. As long as it takes you forward.”

“I only wanted to approach Takumi as a passionate trapnest fan I’m not as pure as Nana thinks and I’m probably also different from the image Nobu has of me…but.. Takumi knows that I’m completely and hopelessly empty and I… know that Takumi is an impossible man it’s odd he’s part of a world so far from mine…but Takumi seems to be.. the only one to be able to forgive me for this he’s my one and only accomplice

“Hey Nana, I will look for Nana. Not to seek her understanding, but because I love Nana…It’s that simple.”

“You know Hachi, your life depends only on ourselves. I’m still convinced about this… But Ive also learned to accept that people… don’t all become as strong, and it made me kinder than before.”

“Even though I’m not the knight in your fairy tale, you’re the heroine in mine.”

“There’s a difference between doing it for someone and having it done for you.”

“I don’t care about Takumi. I can see him any time, and every square inch of him too.”

“When dawn comes,that memory gradually distances…Tonight, I will bring it to sleep with me,so that will not be taken away by the waves of the night…”

“The only person who will ever be my hero is you, Nana.”

“People say love can be developed, but in the end only person you love is themselves, that’s why you choose to love someone who can please you the most.”

“Cinderella’s glass shoe was the perfect size…. so why did it slip off as she ran?- It must have been to attract the attention of Prince Charming.. I don’t see any other explanation.”

“Often times, people say that only the closest of friends fight. But, really, fighting is just a conflict between two individuals. After all, humans cannot understand each others solely by telling the truth. It’s impossible to stay away from being hurt for a lift time. But, try your best not to hurt those around you. I really think that’s how it should be.”
~I think it’s Hachiko who siad this. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

“Facing our mistakes and the wounds they leave, even if we accept them, they won’t disappear.”

“The flow of time cleanses the past and heals the wounds in people’s hearts. But…there are some wounds you can’t speak of. This room is just like it was then. Time has stopped.”

“Trapnest means a Trap’s nest box. When you get in you cannot get out by yourself. I always thought that only a possessive man could think of such a name.”

“Maybe I’m just farsighted. The further away something is, the better I can see it but once it gets close, I lose sight of it.”

“Then come on. Shatter my illusion. Because I don’t know what else I could do to stop loving you.”

“She was really important to him, like a singing princess was to the evil demon.”

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