My Archaic Passion For Pets

Back when we were living at my Grandparents’ house at Labangon, I was born surrounded with cats and dogs. It was my late grandfather who was very fond of pets, taking care of them and treating them like his own grandchildren. I was 9 years old when I had my very own pet dog, called Ramboo. He was given by my grandfather when we had a vacation in Bohol and I brought him over here. I got very close to him and we trained him how to dance, walk with two feet and give us high five. He even goes to the CR when he wanted to poo. It was Christmas vacation then and I wasn’t permitted to bring him along and when we got back, I couldn’t find him in the house and my relatives said that he got poisoned from all the fireworks. Some said that he got astray, some said that he got into dog fight and got killed, which is one of the reasons I’m now scared of dogs that bark, and the worse speculation that they said was that slaughters came to find him and made his meat a filling for siopao, a Chinese snack food, meaning steamed buns. I was saddened by his disappearance and didn’t talk to them for a while.

After sometime, they brought me a cat. I love her just as I love Ramboo. She had kids but after a few days they didn’t survive. But I wasn’t able to tend to her that much because we moved to a new place and they didn’t let me bring her with me. Again.

When we arrived at our new house, we found a stray cat sitting on our lot. She looked adorable and decided to adopt her and treated her like our own. She never left us since then and would pick on rats and cockroaches–which made me adore her all the more because I hate cockroaches so much!–if she sees them, but she doesn’t eat them. I named her Mingkay, which means Kitty in English. After her years of being with us, she gave birth to 3 kittens, Inuyasha, Naruto and Sipat(means Hyper), which my parents had named.

Just like I mentioned above, my cat’s kittens won’t survive long, and I don’t know the reason why. 🙁 Inuyasha first passed away, but we’re suspecting it’s because he had eaten a raw fish’s gills and it wasn’t digested in his stomach. We haven’t seen his body because he was walking around the neighborhood and didn’t come back. 🙁

The kitten that I was referring in my previous post was Naruto, which is my favorite and beloved pet. Before he got sick, my little brother, James, who is a moron keeps on hurting him. First, he burned naruto’s paws in the kitchen range, then he poured ice cold water over him, and he dumped him hard on the floor. Damn, remembering all the things he’d done makes me angry. It was after a few days that I noticed he’s hotter than usual when I carry him and he’s coughing. So I figured out he has a fever and a cough, but he was eating well. I intended to have him see a veterenarian last Monday but it was already 6 pm when I arrived home due to school stuff, and my mom thought the clinic is already closed at that time, so we actually brought him last Thursday and we found out that he also has dehydration. It was on Tuesday when he started not eating at all.

After we brought medicine and his food, he still won’t eat and our vet said that we force feed him if he inisist on not eating at all. So we did. And he would struggle and vomit the food that he intakes, including the medicine. His sibling, Sipat, understood that Naruto is sick and he licked his sibling’s body to clean him because he got really dirty; he couldn’t lick himself clean at all.

He got even weaker by the day and last Friday during dinner, I haven’t found him when he usually is around when it’s meal time. I got really worried that he disappeared again. My mom said that he would later come out and I could carry him again. I waited until the next day and he still didn’t appear.

My grandmother said that he had passed away and the news stunned me; I couldn’t even draw a proper breath. I haven’t seen his body, and like Inuyasha, he walked away when he knew he’s nearing his death. It’s like he doesn’t want us to see his dead body and the scene would totally break our hearts.

I am still mourning for his death. And thanks to my friends I feel better now. Sometimes when I wake up I would look for him and then realize he’s forever gone. When I feed my pets, I call them by their names and I keep on muttering his name in the hopes that he’d appear again and eat with his mother and sibling. Remembering him and the times we shared, when he gave me company and joy grips my heart so much, it hurts.

Even until now, I keep calling his name.

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  1. You’re welcome. 🙂 And thanks.
    I finally got a new layout up. I don’t know if I even like it or not, but it took me forever to get everything fixed properly. >.< Haha.

    Aww, sorry again about your cat. I remember I felt like that when my dog died. 🙁 That was years ago, though. Ha. I hope you cheer up soon! 🙂

  2. Wow, when I got broadband I stopped using Limewire… weird. I barely download music anymore though. We could not use our phone on dialup either; ugh! And when someone called us we would get cut off.

    Yeah, my brother uses Frostwire. I have heard of Bittorrent clients… I just download from free music sites; but then again as I said, I don’t usually download music. 😛

    Haha James speaks Cantonese. I had to say “ngo oiy ney” instead. XD Oh, the differences. 😛

    Oh, it’s like an anchor link. You put <a name=”commentform”></a> before the comment form.

    Then you put <a href=”#commentform”>go to comments</a>

    I hope that code I tried to put in works. 🙂

    I’m so sorry to hear about your dog! 🙁 I used to have two dogs but we just returned them because we did not have the time or money to take care of them. 🙁

    I think it’s amazing you can still love your cat as much as your dog. Usually people only like one kind of pet and stick to them.

    Grr at your brother. I guess he’s only little; he should have learned by now. I can understand how pissed off you must be for the silly things he did.

    It’s so sad that Naruto wouldn’t eat. It’s also a coincidence that he ran before he passed. It might have been a sign. Again I’m so sorry for your loss. 🙁 *hugs*

  3. You made my cry -.-

    I had a dog ‘banjo’ who used to know left and right.

    When my last two cats died i used to always think i would see them in the corner of my eye and get so sad. Sometimes i would swear i hear meows.

    Once after my fist cat Satan died i swear i saw him sitting on top of the TV like as a ghost.

    If my cat died and i didn’t get to see it i would always have the hope he was still alive. I wouldn’t move house. But thats me i have a soft heart and love my cats. i would be watching the door every minute and when im asleep leave the back door open a bit.

  4. It’s such a shame for you, then! 🙁 Is Manila very far from where you live? Because I have to travel an hour to get to most of the theatres and venues. 😛

    Yep, you remember! :3

    Yeah, it’s true. Someone mentioned that it was like making small talk and was totally lame. I don’t feel close to tell them stuff, but they keep asking things like what I’m doing in uni and… just stupid chatting.

    I know. I hate how people make fun of my height when I know them well. My cousin who is 13 is taller than me and everyone acts like it’s such a big deal. DO I GIVE A STUFF? I totally know what you mean. It sucks being short.

    Haha woot. 😀 It’s just a simple HTML anchor thing, so it shouldn’t be too hard. 🙂

    Yeah, that’s a coincidence indeed. It’s kind of cute, lol.

    That’s really sad. You should go looking. I would feel doubt if I never saw the body. I had a bunny, and she ran away. I just keep thinking she might still be alive, because she didn’t die. I guess when you’re sure about it, with a death, you aren’t left in the dark as much, in a way.

    Yeah, it is definitely really confusing. I learned Japanese in high school but I didn’t know much of the kanji… they have way too many variations. Does my head in. XD

  5. sorry for your loss 🙁
    i know exactly what you mean. we used to have a cat and one day she disappeared. and came back the next day pregnant! i was excited since there will be new kittens. she gave birth to two and they were very well. but after a few weeks, one of them died. but the other one was really well. it was getting chubby 🙂 hehe. so cute. but then my mom doesnt like cats. i dont exactly know what happened but the kitten just disappeared. i was crying a lot so my dad and i decided to look. i was whistling the tune that i know the kitty knows. and we later found it in the canal inside a plastic bag. whew.
    but we need to move, so we arent able to bring the kitty and the mother with us. i always wonder what happened to them 🙁

  6. Yay, thanks. 🙂 I think I’m starting to like it too. Haha.

    Well the genre of the bands that I heard was like rock[ish]. They probably would have been pretty good if I would have actually gotten to listen to them. 😛

    Oh, you would help me with WordPress? 😀 Haha.

  7. Whoaa, I’m love with the layout !! 😀

    Yeahh, I should keep going…
    But maybe a break would be good.
    &+ I only have 2 hours on the computer a day now, for a particular reason. 😐

    Well what’s up ?

  8. Yay haha because if I do decide to install it I’mma need some help. ;P

    Uhmm, well one of the guys that was performing the night that I was there was: Jon McLaughlin… you can listen to some of his songs on his myspace.
    And thennn another band performing was: The Elms.
    Blah, I can’t remember the name of the band that I actually realllllllly liked and got to actually see perform. ;/ Haha.

  9. Hey! I know. It’s been forever. And maybe I’ll stop using the chatbox. They’re kind of annoying.. and I have to say I am completely IN LOVE with this current layout. No joke. 🙂 I love it. Maybe you could explain to me how you made your navigation at the top? It’s sweet 🙂

    and I might be extending my revamp till after the surgery. But I am unsure right now, depends how my site’s going by the 20th. Thanks for keeping in touch! (;

  10. Do you have any pictures of your cats?

    I made a nice graphic/blend of my past cats and the one i have now and printed it out on nice glossy paper for memories. thats the website you wanted to know about. She has some good tutorials. read her reviews they are very interesting. She’s a nice person when it comes to normal chit chat but she’s mean when she writes review.

    I would love to be affiliates. My affiliates are at my footer if you don’t mind being there?

  11. Haha the capital is Canberra. We have states, like the USA, and each state has its capital. We just don’t have 50 states. XD

    I looked at how to get to my friend’s house who lives in America on Google Maps, and it told me to use a kayak. LOL.

    The Opera house is in Sydney. 8D You should come!

    Ugh. I hate when people pinch my face. James does it. D: I’m 5 foot 2… so yes, I’m taller than you. XD 🙁

    Yeah, I always wondered about my ancestors because my parents, and THEIR parents, aren’t very short. I just suck, maybe. My mum is assuming that some short gene went into me. I did biology in high school and we were looking at how you inherit characteristics and things. XD I think I am just unlucky.

    I did a lot of science in high school (chemistry, physics, biology, general science); I loved it. Now I’m doing communications at university and that’s just totally different.

    Well I guess you just shouldn’t get your hopes up anyway. 🙂

    Haha well, you know a tiny bit! I knew a few Korean characters when I was ten; we learned a bit in school and obviously after such a long time I have completely forgotten. 😛

  12. Ok, ill put your link on my site as an affiliate in a minute or soon. 🙂

    I don’t have the graphics of my cats on my site. Its on top of my fridge. Ill see if i have the image in my computer still and ill post it to you, I was thinking about making icons from pictures of my cats.

  13. I’m so sorry about your cat. I’ve never had a pet (unless an aquarium counts), so I don’t really know what you’re going through. It’ll get easier though, slowly but surely.


    Sorry i’m not sure if you received my last to comments. I’m not even sure if i wrote them. Blahhh lol.

    The top link is to the graphics of my cats. Orange one is Satan, black one is Felix, those two are not with me any more they passed on. And the white one princess is with me now.

    Im adding you as an affiliate now 🙂

  15. Princess used to have blue eyes when she was a kitten. Her fur started falling out and then when it grew back her eyes went green. Her sister at the pet shop had even deeper blue eyes but i chose princess because the other one was a snob. it was sad tho because when i picked princess up the other one started to meow. -.-

    Iv added you to the affiliates list.

    My cats not wearing a dress. My boyfriend spray painted her when she was a kitten! it took weeks to wash out. Had to give her a path every day.

  16. Yes, all my friends think im weird because they all have kids and talk about there kids a lot. I talk about my cat.

    Satan was asleep on our drive way when he died. He loved sleeping on our drive way becuase it had sun.
    Then the next door neighbor ran over his head while he was asleep. Then she lied and said it wasn’t her. BITCH! I loved Satan. I hope he died straight away and didn’t feel any pain.

  17. I know, Satan was just getting nice and warm, i was out buying him kitty litter and some salmon at the time because he loved salmon. If your mad about that you don’t want to know what happened to Felix.

    Animals do have feelings. I wish people would respect them more. I guess the only animal i do not respect is the Cain toed in Queensland Australia. But i would still never hurt one.

  18. Haha yep. XD

    LOL I don’t know; it’s what Google Maps said! I did kayaking at camp a while ago; they were just big tough plastic boats I guess. 😛

    Haha. There are a lot of people on campus and other people I see who are shorter than me. There are also very tall ones. So I’m just on the short side haha.

    Oh yeah, that’s a bit scary. They can make extensions on your bones or something… ugh, no way. It freaks the shit out of me. My mum gave me food she thought would make me grow, like bananas and potatoes. Does not work. You can’t defy the genes. -_-

    Haha I actually love physics. XD I didn’t like memorising a lot of stuff for biology. 😛

    Yeah, I miss those little subjects too. Even now it’s weird that I’m not doing maths. Then again I hated it. XD

    Haha well it’s basically got a lot of stuff with information – databases and search engines and logical operators and half geeky stuff. There’s also media and a bit of design in there (some HTML… BASIC HTML… *dies*). And there’s a bit of English stuff there; essays and such. 🙂 It can get boring and easy but I like it!

  19. Yeah, my mum gave me BS vitamins and pills too. BS BS!

    Haha we all learn about the reproductive system. ;D Aww the world needs more nurses! It would be a good thing, but you know, do what you want to do. Not what your parents want you to do. 🙂

    Hahaa yepp. It’s geeky alright. I took I.T in high school for some time and I liked it! 🙂 Programming is nuts; I made this basic maths test program; I was so proud.

    Yeah, I talked to my old I.T teacher in high school about web design and he said neither I.T or S.D (software dev) includes web designing. POO FACES!

    Yeah, haha. D: I just want to pay that $50USD or whatever you can get to get a certificate in HTML. It’s on 8D

    Haha thank you! 🙂

  20. Just think about your site. 🙂
    You’ll feel better, ahah. 😀

    Wow, that does sound annoying. xD

    Uhmm, my day’s good. 🙂
    Although it barely started.
    I sadly woke up at 8:20 by phone calls, hmph ! > <
    Anyway, how's yours ?

  21. Hahah, yeah. I don’t think any of the artists profiles are private, which is nice. 😀 That way you don’t have to log in to your myspace if you’re just wanting to listen to a song real quick. :p
    You said you don’t get on myspace that often, haha, but do you ever get on facebook? Or anything else? Haha.

    1. Waaa. I couldn’t put a comment in your site. It says:

      Sorry, there was an error. JavaScript and Cookies are required in order to post a comment.

      Please be sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled in your browser. Then, please hit the back button on your browser, and try posting your comment again. (You may need to reload the page)
      If you feel you have received this message in error (for example if JavaScript and Cookies are in fact enabled and you have tried to post several times), there is most likely a technical problem (could be a plugin conflict or misconfiguration). Please contact the author of this blog, and let them know they need to look into it.”

      So, I’ll just put my comment here:
      Haha. Your post reminds me of myself. As much as I want to grow taller, there are instances that I’m grateful for being short and skinny. At school we have to ride a shuttle, which is like a small PUJ in order to go to our building because our school campus has different buildings for each Colleges/Department. Some of my classmates have to walk to get there because they hate riding there, while I have no stress about getting sweaty and tired. LOL. I’m lucky enough to have some friends with almost the same height as I do.

      I’ve read somewhere that there’s this man who was almost 7 feet tall and later he found out that he has a sickness. I forgot which kind, but it has something to do with why he is abnormally tall. He died because of it and that’s kinda scary. I have a classmate who’s really tall; he’s almost of the same height with our door and he had to bend a little in order to get in.

      I don’t like being with crowds too. Aside from it’s hot, it would stress me out in trying to squeeze in just to get to my destination and large people bumping into me, as if I’m a cheese in a burger. And I don’t like walking with tall people too. I always get behind and if I speed up my pace, I’d get tired.

      Wow. I love how some people are honest. Most wouldn’t return it if they found a wallet especially if it has some money on it. Speaking of which, I lost some money too because of carelessness. I probably dropped it when I tried to hurriedly pay for my fare going home.

      yes, I agree. It’s cute indeed. It reminds me of strawberries and cherries. XD YUM! A funny thing about cherries is that the faster you can get the seeds off it with your tongue wihle eating it, the better kisser that you are, like my friend told me. Haha. I don’t know if it’s true though. XD

      What is BS vitamins?

      Hope this thing works because it’s my first time doing a reply to a comment. LOL.

  22. yeah i was pretty happy when we found the kitty. i was crying for joy! i know! i dont get why they wont let me bring the cat when we transfered. but i kinda understand a little, since the place we transfered to has little space outside the house for the cats to roam around. and there are lots of dogs!

    mozilla’s been acting weird on me too. it keeps on frozing on me. thats why i just use IE.

  23. Yeah, I have programming too and is going to major in Computer Engineering.
    AWow. I didn’t realised that if you flipped the word “stressed”, we can actually get “desserts”. 😀 I want some red bean soup for desserts. Haha!
    How come you need to get a permission slip to bring a backpack to school?

  24. lol. i want a huskie. you know, those snow dogs? i LOVE them. but theyre too expensive, plus my mom doesnt want pets with four legs. basically, all we can have is a fish. 🙁

    are you serious? it deleted all your bookmarks? that sucks. for me, it sometimes just freezes. IE’s been good for me. the new IE has this cool thing that lets me know if the website im going to visit has virus or not. so i use it.

  25. i think its the newest version. IE 8?
    are you serious? right now, im using FF. im surprised its not acting up right now. anyways, i hate it when that happens. sometimes, i just delete all the spam messages, but some of the funupdate stuff go there??
    i wanted to convert my site to wordpress but im scared about deleting stuff.

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