On some days, I feel like I’m going to rot by doing nothing and getting extremebly bored. On some, I feel like time is chasing me and things that I have to do are all cramped on one day. My day isn’t exactly as busy as you might think, but I was busy this early morning, which I’m still in my bed, sleeping on normal days. LOL.

My EON card along with other cards

I woke up early because I had to try this withdrawal thing from Paypal to EON early in the morning since I’ve read that if you withdraw early, your request will be processed faster. I’m not sure if that’s true though. I was just in a hurry to receive the money, which turns out to be a wrong move. My name in Paypal and in my bank account should match; I read this just after I submitted the request. I did a research about it after I clicked the little confirmation button, which was stupid.

All I can do now is wait for the processing to be done and in case it’ll be rejected, I’d just hope that the money will be returned to my account. Waiting is really painful, it’s like prolonging my agony. Urgh. Withdrawing for the first time is really a pain in the arse. >_< I don't care about the P250 return fee charge as long as my P5,000 will go back to my account. T__T The shirt and my doodle letter xD

Anyway, I was so appalled about it and didn’t notice the time. I was supposed to go to the mall and buy a gift wrap for my gift, but it was too late and I gave my boyfriend his gift along with my letter without a wrap. u.u Thankfully, he liked my gift. Hehe. It took me a while to think about surprising him, and giving him a customized t-shirt with his favorite character in Touhou, which he frequently plays. 😛 I don’t draw much and giving him one of my drawings seems silly since he draws very well and I just suck at it. But he liked my drawing nevertheless. Haha. 😛


At the end of the day, we watched Harry Potter, hence the relevance of the title. 😛 I don’t have a favorite spell because almost all of them are amazing, but I find Morsmordre really cool. I’m so sad that the series will end next year(I’m still glad there is part 2). Technically, it ended when Book 7 came out. I wish there would be a TV series for it so everything will be so detailed. 😛

Some of my collection

I love collecting stickers which explains why I have a lot of them in my Harry Potter collection. I remember buying this expensive sticker album where I have to buy the stickers separately. I haven’t completed it and I forgot where I placed it, along with my books. T_T I just hope that they’re just in my grandma’s room or in my room. I will definitely clean and decorate my room after my cousin moves to a new one.

I know I’ve babbled more than usual and I guess this makes up for not blogging for about 2 weeks since my last post. :S

6 thoughts on “Morsmordre”

  1. I love Harry Potter! I’m not quite sure how I feel about the movie being in 2 parts though. On one hand I have something to look forward too, and they’ll fit everything in. But I don’t want to have to wait at the same time.

  2. i love harry potter! i can’t wait to see it. i haven’t seen it yet because i’ve been working, that and i haven’t gotten the extra cash yet. but i will be seeing it soon!

  3. I absolutely loved Harry Potter. ^^ And I never thought about them making a tv series out of the books. That would be amazing, considering it would be something else to look forward to after Part Two of The Deathly Hallows. My life is going to be over after that. D:

    Btw, you’re site layout is gorgeous!

  4. The letter looks cute :3 You don’t suck at drawing! I saw Harry Potter too! It was epic, right? But I didn’t expect Hermione and Harry naked in the horcrux O: Hehe. Funny, funny. I think a Harry Potter TV show would be a big hit. But I probably wouldn’t like the actors if they where different ones then from the movie. I can’t image how much Harry Potter remakes there are going to be 50 years from now. I love your Harry Potter collection!

    1. @Laura,

      I tried visiting your site, but there’s nothing there. O_o What happened?

      Thanks for your compliment! I find drawing really hard. LOL.

      OMG. I didn’t expect that too. WTH? And yep, if there would be remakes, I expect much better actors, interpretations and line story that what we have seen on the movies. Hehe. Thanks!

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