Monday Morning Quarterback

I have made three tutorials, they are my very first so give me critiques. I hope you check them out. XD

Anyway, we’re celebrating today as a National Heroes Day and we have no classes again. YAY! It isn’t much to get excited for because for teachers, no classes means giving them the opportunity to give us projects and make us work on them on our free time. I’m not that bothered though because we’re almost done. I just have to finalize our diagrams and document our program for our Java project.

Today is my mom’s birthday, so I’ll be acting a good girl today. Bahaha. Yesterday was my grandmother’s birthday and I find it… unusual. I really couldn’t word out the correct term, but I guess you get what I mean. Isn’t it so coincendental? We went to Chikaan to celebrate both of their birthdays. Lately, we’ve been going there if one of our family members celerates his/her birthdays. 8D

The food was delicious and there’s a native ambience overall. Going there makes me think of the country though there are some foreigners eating there. It’s just like me wanting to eat other countries delicacies, and I think they enjoyed the food. We ordered too much food that some of the plates are jumbled in the table. I felt my stomach looks really bloated yesterday. ^.^

When it was my cousin’s birthday, we were singing her a Birthday song and the Koreans sitting next to our table sang with us. It was such a cute sight, and the staff of the restaurant brought Biko, candles, and a guitar and sang her a song. XD Biko is called sticky rice cake in English, BTW.

I woke up early today even when I slept about 3: 00 AM last night because we had to make our project. I’m pretty surprised my brain was working well even when I lack sleep. I have to stop talking about food because thinking of it makes me hungry; I have yet to eat my lunch. 😛

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59 thoughts on “Monday Morning Quarterback”

  1. It’s nnot so much I’m prideful, it’s just she was really mean & she spread a lot of rumors around about me & this guy…& let’s just say they weren’t good…D:

    XD FanBlog can be found at my site alone, bwahaha! 😉

    LOL – you visit minee, what, everyday ? *feels good*

  2. I think the tutorials look good. :p

    Ahh, reading this made me hungry. Which is kind of odd since it’s almost 3am here. :p Haha. Wow, I need to get to bed. D;

    Oooh. And yeah, I’ve tried to get into Twitter like everyone else. But I just can’t. 😡 It’s boring. :p Plus I never know what to update with. Haha.

  3. Haha, no, it isn’t me on the header! LOL, I wouldn’t use a picture of me!

    Yes, we’ve been doing projects and models lately. We’re having an exhibition, so we have all got to do the projects, because that’s the only way we could gain extra mark! And also, we wouldn’t need to do the assignments for the second term if we have already done the project! So, that’s pretty good! 🙂 How is your project going on? Finished yet?

    Haha, yes, that’s so coincidental! Sounds like you had a lot of fun! And ofcourse, tell your mother & grandmother that I wished both of them a happy belated birthday! 😀

    Sleeping at 3 am? I wouldn’t be able to keep awake till then! 😛

  4. I’ll be sure to check out your tutorials hun (:

    Happy birthday to your mom, grandma, cousin and all lmfao. (; hope they have an awesomeee birthday!

    I didnt get to sleep today cause i think theres a spider under my bed… o_0

    Lol. have fun at the mall!

  5. Wow, happy birthday to your mother and grandmother! 😛

    And yet another day off. Heroes day sounds pretty funny. Sounds like a day you dress up as superman or something. But I hope you get that project done seeing as you have extra time.

    Mmmm yum. It’s dinnertime here and you’re making me hungry! I didn’t know Biko was sticky rice, but we call it different things in different countries I guess. I love sticky rice cake/pudding. 🙂

    I didn’t get much sleep last night either – seven hours… well, that is a lot, but lately I haven’t been getting enough sleep. 😛

    I looked through the tutorials; the one I found the most interesting was the smooth borders tutorial. I had no idea how to do that!

    Hahaa it was terrible inside the wrap. It got really hot. T_T XD But yeah, it was a waste of plastic.

    Ooh, robots are everywhere, and can do so many things. That invisibility cloak sounds really cool though! :O

  6. So this friend of yours who didn’t talk to you for 2 years died of Lukemia ?

    XD lmao – FanBlog is only available to moi until further notice; pfsh 😉

    That’s cool 😛 I don’t always have time to do that, so I don’t always. But I’m looking at your pages now *flipflipflip*

  7. yep thats so true!
    somehow, everything they do either doesnt make sense, makes them look bad, or just hurt other people 🙁
    but boys are boys and we love them for that. HAHA. funny but true.

    OMG in all my life living sa cebu, wala gyud mi kaanha! that looks like a cute place to eat! really raises your appetites! haha. hmm. biko…havent had that for a while.

  8. *your blog* my dad’s birthday is the day after mine and he’s having a big party on it and im not. i dont mind since the reason he’s having a big celebration is because its to celebrate the fact that he didnt die on july (he had a simple operation on his kidney but it turned badly and he was sent to intensive care..). i also dont mind cos im not into having birthday parties cos i dont like being in the middle of that attention…

  9. Hi! Happy birthday to your mom and belated to your grandmother! 🙂

    I’m done studying Java, what I’m currently studying is SAD: Systems Analysis and Design. 🙂 Though the project we’re doing needs to be in JSP, so I’ll be reviewing Java again to code the program. LOL.

  10. Haha, my sleep schedule was just about fixed. Then I stay up that late. -_- A couple nights ago I even went to sleep at 10:30. 😮 I couldn’t believe it.

    Yes, it is all boring. I remember I had a Twitter a couple years ago, before like anyone did, and I updated it for like a week or so and then I just got bored with it and forgot my user name and password and everything. :p

    THANK YOU! 🙂 I’m still trying to decide if I like it or not, so hearing that someone else does will hopefully help me like it a little more. Baha.

    Oh, and ‘BUS’ stands for Business. I’m a Business major, so I guess that I’ll be taking lots of the ‘BUS’ classes over the next few years, haha.

  11. wow. murag all in one na restaurant diay! mayta maka bisita gyud ko!
    well, my mom made biko, but it lacks something. you know, lain gyud and feeling ug ang taste sa food. kay ang mga ingredients nganhi kay either frozen or “rare”. HAHA

  12. D: I’m so sorry about your friend – it really sucks that she died, especially after you became friends again.

    But, of the subject of morbidism, how are you?

  13. Yo Senyth! Sorry for replying to your comment so late. I managed to change your link straight away but I never got time to return your comment so here I am now 🙂

    Ooh 🙂 I might be able to use your Smooth borders tutorial but not your WordPress ones since I don’t use WordPress. Congratulations on getting content up 😀

    You are so lucky to have no classes!
    I don’t think we celebrate National Heroes Day here since I’ve never heard of it. True point about the teachers having an opportunity to give you projects. If I were a teacher I would spend my day without classes resting instead of making work 😛

    Greet your mum and grandmother for me even if I’m days late and even if they don’t know me LOL. Sinjin looks like a really nice place to eat 🙂 I’ve been to the Phils once but I have never came across this place. We were too busy buying food from Jollibee, Goldilocks and Green Witch 😀

    Hey is, Biko coconut as well? LOL. I’m not too sure. Or is that buko or something XD

    Anyways, How are you Senyth? P.S the wind IS a pervert 🙂

  14. i dunno,they were taking this stone out but there was heavy bleeding and infection spread into pancreatis,apparently.

    oh yeah,did you draw those people on your layout???

  15. hey senyth,
    you use wordpress right? i just wanted to know how it works.
    coz i’m planning to use that instead of FanUpdate after i open but I don’t know how O.O
    lol, could you help, pleease? :L

  16. Yeah, those were really dark days. Sometimes I did feel like dying and disappearing but cutting my wrists seemed to be a substitute for that feeling. But now, I’ve changed. It hurt, and now I find that if I talk to a friend or tell them what’s wrong, they will listen to me and comfort me. Back then, I wasn’t very close to any of my friends, but now I really appreciate them for being there for me all the time. 🙂

    Aw, I love hugs! And I guess you’re right. Even if we do snap we can still repair ourselves. 🙂

    I love taking walks in the park, though I haven’t done that lately, so I ought to. Too much city life comes with uni! 😛

    I guess I try not to think about uni at all when it stresses me out, but it can cause problems. I just gotta organise myself!

    I’ll keep fighting. I know I’m not alone. 🙂 Thank you for your lovely comment <3

  17. Oh, how bad! It’s quite unfair to make the students do the project as well as study for the exam! How could that possibly be done? You’re probably kidding. Nah, I understand it. I would have honestly shrieked if I was ever told to do that. LOL.
    Yeah, it would certainly have been like hell!

    Anyways, good luck with your project! 🙂

  18. maw pud bitaw. naanad nalang gyud ko sa mga taste sa pagkaon diha.
    mabuang gyud ko pagbalik nganha! haha. mabusog kada-adlaw 🙂

    haha. thanks 🙂 the result of boredom 🙂

  19. I love Neji too btw <3 LOL. (Sorry i just looked at your sidebar thingy mabob)


  20. Oh, I know what you mean about not having classes. Apparently our teachers LOVE to give us truckloads of homework whenever there are no classes. Oh well. After that it would be hard for them because they have to check all the work they have given us! Lol.

  21. Omg, yeah when I used to watch Naruto. Neji used to be my favourite, he’s just so awesome isnt he? I lovee him when he’s in Shippuden. looks so smexy 🙂

    I also like Shikamaru, he makes me laugh with his wineing & stuff.

  22. Haha, it is my mum’s birthday TODAY. She keeps forgetting how old she’s turning, so I’m not sure how important it is to her o_O;;

    Your celebration sounds like a lot of fun! :3 I always join in whenever people start singing the birthday song. But quietly, so I don’t look silly if no one else does XD

  23. I’ll most definitely check out the updates ^_^

    ooh, that’s great you don’t have school xD Neither do I. Not until Monday atleast >< Hope your Mum has a good birthday =]

    I always tend to wake up early when I sleep late, and wake up late when I sleep early O_o. I don't know why :/

  24. i sure will! HAHA.
    too bad i cant go out a LOT like i use to though. i think TOO MUCH sun is bad for me. i mean, really bad. its like a seasonal allergy. -sigh- and i never had it before. so buh bye beach for me. and that was one of my main reasons of going back to philippines! :S

    daghan na bitaw ang mga malls. grabe sa pilipinas oi! dili man mahutdan ug lugar where they can place malls 😛 haha. before we came here, e-mall was recently opened and i havent been there!

  25. 😛 Well that’s good that, even though you’re not a GIMP user, that you find them “helpful.” It lets me know that making the tutorials (& deleting the previous ones) was worth it XD.

  26. Lol hahah! School is getting closer and closer.. I’m still trying not to think about it though, hahah. School’s already started for you? =O What country do you live in?
    Also, happy b-day to your mum! =)

  27. Well, since I graduated from high school, I don’t see many of my “don’t-care” friends, which is good, in a way. I found it hard to even talk to them about my problems because we weren’t close. But I despised it when people changed the subject like that. -.-

    Aww, poor lizard! XD I remember finding a dead one in my sandpit. That was kind of gross. 😛

    LOL, my mum actually told me to clean my room today. GAHH. My desk looks like a hurricane hit it. At least I make my bed every day. I do it every day without fail. I’m so strange. My floor looks alright, but my desk seriously looks terrible. 😛

  28. maw gyud lagi.
    na buang na gani ko karon kay dili kaayo ko makagawas kay pirting inita!!
    ambut na unsa ning lugara oi. punu man ug allergy! haha.
    mayta lagi ok ra ko pag abot nako nganha pinas. or at least naa koy tambal or something.

    wala gyud ko ka tung tung sa emall.
    yeah, maw man pud ang gi-ingon sa akong mga amiga sa una.
    na boring ang emall. pero ambot lang karon.

  29. imposible na nabuyagan ko oi.
    kay it happens every summer. winter ok raman ko.
    so, seasonal gyud na allergy. magpa allergy test lagi ko.
    para sure lang ba.

    hehe duol man ko nakapuyo sa sm sa una. so lakwon ra namo.
    ang ayala kay duol pud sa akong school.
    ma lakaw ra gihapon.

    oo nice. mga boutiques. mga sale bana?
    thats what happens here every now and then.

  30. find sasuke okay, I mean he’s a bit evil but I guess everyone is lol I joke

    Omg my bro is sometimes really unstoppable ya’no?! Haha. Once my bro begged for an nintendo dsi and guess what? In the end he got it, yep seriously. A four year old with the latest nintendo dsi lmfao. (:

    Haha I dunno why he got pissed off cause I said Lucy haha

  31. XD I totally forgot what we’re talking about because I’ve been so busy with school & homework and stuff & replying to comments that I’ve forgotten. I think we were talking about tutorials. LOL. So how are you?

  32. LOL hahha. XD

    Haha that’s kind of cute. We call it a nosebleed, but I guess you could say it’s all like a “rush of blood to the head”? 😛

    I’m pretty scared when I see blood. It makes me cringe and I hate seeing people in pain.

    Haha, thank you! 🙂

    That’s true. I really only have two friends… but they are awesome. 🙂

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