Moment of Truth!

Tomorrow would be the day of doom!! No, actually, it’s the day when we’ll know our grade in IT126, the day that I was dreading for. I’m not expecting anything out of it though because right now I now where I’m standing. Perhaps I have fallen off from the cliff if I haven’t grasped the edge of it. I just wasn’t expecting I’d be hoping for a grade of NC O_O It’d be much much better if I have a passing grade but if I were to choose between 5.0 and NC, I’d go for the latter. I have my reasons though, and that’s why it’s ok for me now to retake the subject next sem. But I’d also be pleased if I pass, not for myself, but for my parents. They’d be delighted not to see me retaking the same sujbect next semester. LOL.

Whatever the result, it’s all God’s plan. =) And I’ll embrace it gracefully.

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