Maybe it’s just my imagination

Hmp! It’s 3: 00 AM here and I can’t go back to sleep. Apparently, a mosquito decided to play coy with me and now I’m left with a bump on my skin. I will hunt it when I finish writing this. x(

I haven’t blogged in a while and I must be that busy. And being busy is something that I don’t enjoy, but it enjoys torturing me. I should stop ranting about it. >.>

Anyway, last week or so, I got my EON debit card. I’m going to use it to verify my Paypal since my mom doesn’t want me to use my credit card. @_@ I mean, what’s the difference? I registered my card at UnionBankPH. It’s bugging me how I couldn’t log in when I know for a fact that I entered the right card number and PIN and that I registered it 5 days after I tried to log in. -.- I’m just hoping that they haven’t got my form due to time constraints, but will do so when the queue moves, and not because of some other vicious error or stuffs. >_< I guess I still have three or so weeks before the semester ends. 😛 I couldn't wait to watch movies that I missed and I'll be having my OJT this summer. The thought is new and foreign and it bugs me. 😐 Don't you think the way I categorize my posts is weird? XD Two ‘o clock and I wish that I was sleeping
You’re in my head like a song on the radio
All I know is that I got to get next to you
Yeah I got to get next to you
Sitting here turning minutes into hours
To find the nerve just to call you on the telephone
You don’t know that I got to get next to you

47 thoughts on “Maybe it’s just my imagination”

  1. Wow, it’s actually 3AM where you are. It’s about 3PM here, this night couldn’t come any faster.

    I like being busy because I won’t ever being bored like now. Gosh, I really do hate being bored but I guess it’s life.

    The way you categorize your posts aren’t weird, you actually put them in the right catergories.

    I hope you get the laptop your dad promised you and I hope I get the one I’m suppose to be getting soon. I’m so damn tired of this crappy desktop.

  2. Lol yeah we are like 12 hours apart. I knew that most likely it just never really crosses my mind.

    ahaha, I better get it or else. *more evil laugh than yours*

    I’ve tried numerous time to clean my desktop and they all end in epic FAIL.

    Lol I know what you mean. As see it as you always put your post in the category that you talk mainly about.

  3. Woah! Senyth, what have I told you about sleeping well?! >:( Make sure you sleep well to maintain your beautiful skin! 🙂
    I hate that mosquito! I will get revenage!! That’s actualy impossible cuz I’m scared of them >.<

    Anyway, sleep well m'dear!

    The way you catergiois your posts aren't werid at all!

    Awe thanks! Your so nice! And that's a secret you'll have to read to find out more. -smilies-

    luh you <3 Sleep well!

  4. aww. excited na rin ako for summer. 🙂 goodbye quizzes, exams, and everything related to school. hehe. my school does not allow our department to have summer classes ksi. good thing na ren.

  5. I hate it when there are mosquitoes! 🙁 They tend to always bite me and leave me a bump as well. And I thought acne was enough! Gotta add those mosquito bites! 🙁

    I hope everything is settled with your card and that you are able to verify your PayPal account! 🙂

  6. It’s not exactly safe to use credit card to verify your Paypal account. My Paypal account got hacked with my virtual credit card information in it and I lost a bit of money. 🙁

  7. Oh dear!! I know what you mean by not being able to go to sleep, maybe you should tire yourself out first? Or drink milk, it usually helps 😀 hehe

    And you don’t categorize them weirdly dear, I do to mine. XD hahaa

    OJT!! How exciting!! Pls tell us how you do!

    These are the last few weeks, let’s make them count!! 😀

  8. hey sweetie:

    You’ve just made my spotlight <3 hehe Congrats! You're so funny. There's a lot of mosquitos over here and yes they're irritating. I had when it comes into the room and while it's dark it comes buzzes then disappears then comes back and annoy you make you itch. It's probably just laughing at you, right? lol. Chicka you can categorize your posts as you please hehe – i don't think it's weird.

    have a good nite. i stayed up passssst 3am this morning and woke up early so i'm exhausted. talk to u laters.

  9. I connect my bank account to PayPal but my parents don’t know. D: I know that PayPal is definitely safe though and most people lose their money because they fall for the silly scam emails. ;|

    I hope you find that mosquito. I hate them so much. When I went to Indonesia years ago, there were so many. I was itching all over and I was trying not to scratch my bites because it would make them worse.

    I have one week until semester begins! Hope all is sweet for your last few weeks!

    Thanks! I’m so angry about my phone right now. :@

    Wow, that must have been a serious matter. I think here, they say that some phone companies rip us off like that. D:

    My expiry date is after a year but I seriously did nothing to my phone and now credit is gone. Thanks for the hope and luck. <3

    I thought so too but I was not told about the ballet until recently. -_-

    Thank you. 🙂

    I don't like pizza – it's greasy and I don't like it… I have a high cholesterol so I can't eat much. 😐

    Oh I think it's some kind of vacuum actually, haha. The kind that cleans keys… hmm.

  10. It really sucks because those don’t work on Webs. I’m really now opening up to my options since I lost the cutenews convenience, you know? I might just move back to 000webhost with a new URL. But I already have a ton set up on Webs.

    And 4:30 in the morning? ^.^

  11. Lmao, your comment made me laugh even though it’s probably not that funny. 🙂 Buh, made me laugh when you said, “What are uniboobs?” LMAO.

    And I just relizied that those lyrics on your blog is a song By Jordin Sparks- Next to you, right? I love that song! Haha. ^.^

  12. We are pretty far away. We are 6+ hours of a drive apart. It’s really hard for us to see each other now that we are apart. He comes back once in awhile for break. You know those long breaks we have during the school years? Yeah, those. Then we see each other and hang out as much as we can. I barely get to go out because my parents are strict. :\ So, I try the best to be out and be on a good behavior for them to let me out and to see friends. I’m not allowed to have a boyfriend, so that kind of ruins everything in ways. :\

  13. Eek, I hate mosquitoes D; If there’s one in the house then I can’t fall asleep until it’s killed, otherwise I worry that it’s going to bite me in the middle of the night, lol.

    Good luck with your card registration troubles, hopefully all is fixed soon! 🙂

    Only 3 weeks left until your semester is over? Lucky! 😛 I haven’t even had my Spring Break yet. But that’s coming up soon, thankfully. 🙂

  14. hehehe, I probably am WAY more evil than you. It’s probably a bad thing but who cares. Just stay on my good side and you’ll be fine 😉

    I’ve tried numerous times of cleaning up this desktop but I give up. I’ll just wait for my new computer to come in.

    wow, that was VERY random. It’s good that you’ve noticed like everyone else..she’s very GAGA. That probably explains her name 😀

  15. I used to have an EON cARD too and I gound it really really useless. Ugh.

    Hmm, your categories aren’t really weird. Mine is for sure, Mine is more like a tag instead of categories. lol.

  16. Mosquito horrible!

    I love Paypal! so many online stores use paypal now. I mainly use it for ebay tho. I hope everything goes well with the card and you’re able to start using paypal soon 🙂

  17. I want o have paypal but I don’t know where to get it and what to use it for. It just seems that everyone is using it for online shopping. But I don’t know… Lucky you for only one month of school. I have four more months and freedom! Well I have two weeks until March break anyways. I guess that enough for now.

    I haven’t watched a movie in awhile too! But what I do now is download those old movies that I want to see and burn them. That way I can just watch it at home while “studying” lol.

  18. Dang mosquitoes! I hate mosquitoes and flies; both buggers!

    I use my brother’s credit card to verify my paypal account haha. I had to plead my dad several times before he allowed me to do that. I guess parents feel so insecure about paypal.

    I have missed lots of movies too! I haven’t watched Alvin and the Chipmunks 2, Valentine’s Day, Percy Jackson, and even Avatar -_-” I have to watch them soon. I will buy the DVDs, maybe, because they are not being played on cinemas anymore.

    You’re welcome :3

    Aww thanks! I’m sure your drawing is not that bad. Mind to show me your artwork one day? :3 I love hand-drawn layouts XD

  19. Ahaha well I think we all hate being busy! Sometimes we don’t like doing site work, but sometimes we want to do it when there’s homework in the way. But sometimes I feel like it’s all too much pressure. I can’t bear to close my site though; I wouldn’t want to see even maintenance mode on it.

    HAHA! It wasn’t quite like that but it sort of rebounded. Such a strong computer. :S

    I didn’t have to pay; my boss is really nice sometimes and I wasn’t the first person to drop it. And it wasn’t a new computer so that’s probably why I wasn’t in big trouble.

    It does waste a bit of electricity but it was one of the only times I was sleeping the computer!

    But you know if you unplug the laptop and put it to sleep, it’s using the battery. 🙂

    Yeah, I will learn from this! XP I will definitely start saving my work from now on. 😛 I just didn’t think of saving it because I was so sure it would be there in the morning. Stupid laptop restarting on its own. 😐

    I see what you mean. But PayPal is pretty secure unless someone guesses your password. 😛

    Aww I hope you do well in those tests. Don’t stress! *hugs*

    My phone is still being annoying; the credit is still going up and down. 😐 But if it gets worse and suddenly I have very little and it stays that way, I’ll call them up again. O_o

  20. EON application confuses me forever and ever. Hahaha! It has been 3 years, I think, and I’m still unverified. =)))

    Yay for summer break. Good thing our ojt class will be scheduled on second sem. Good luck! 😉

  21. That’s the questions I ask myself just about everyday but still it remains unanswered /:

    Yeah I have one, I had two actually. I don’t like my dad though. That’s just another story but that doesn’t really bother me because he isn’t around voiding least he’s away where I don’t have to deal with him. My mom though, is here but she’s doesn’t act like a mother at ALL. Not to me anyway because she does nothing BUT cause problems.

    I don’t dwell on it though. It’ll backfire someday.

  22. I know that you’ll be able to figure out whats wrong with your paypal thing soon.. oh my god, i cheated on my OJT right now.. lol i just spent a week there.. haha my dad is friends with the owner of the hotel (where im supposed to have my OJT).. lol

  23. I hope the killer mosquito had been already killed by Senyth! Haha.

    Have you tried using your username? New accounts can log in using their UN not the card number yet. If it still fails, @reply UnionBankPH at Twitter.

  24. It is healthy to stay home and do whatever. But in my place, many people told me to go out and have some fresh air because I haven’t been feeling up for anything. I guess you can say I’m depressed and whatever. That’s why.

  25. I hate waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep. Mosquito bites suck, too. They leave really itchy lumps on my skin and I can’t help but scratch them -_-

    I have an EON card. Had some trouble activating it with my Paypal account at first since I need that 3 digit thing from Unionbank before I could validate my account but good thing all that’s settled now. I love EON! Haha.

  26. I’ve never thought about how you categorize your posts before, but now that you mention it, “Internet” does seem completely unrelated to this post… o_O

  27. LMAO! i hate mosiquitos OGMGG especially their buzzing noise especially when you’re trying to sleep and it’s dark and you dont wanna turn on the light and it’s hot so you dont wanna cover yourself in your blankets…AHHHH!

    ahhaa your whole paragraph on your debit card stuff…i have no idea what you’re talking about *18 going on 19 and still no job/credit card/card/money/bank account* AHHHH i hope your situation gets solved XD

    the way you categorize posts? not really…idk actually yo ;o

    1. @Sapphire,

      I hope you don’t mind me replying here, but I couldn’t get through your site. Gaaah! I’ve been inactive for a month and I wonder how you’re doing?

      Haha! I’ll be 20 this June and my problem about that debit card thing still hasn’t been solved. 🙁

      Yes, I’m back for good! 😀

  28. Hey affie! 🙂 I’m back with a new site! & if you have a Twitter, you can follow @SBUpdated for SB’s news and updates!

    Ew, mosquitoes. 😛 I’d be deadly scared. Ugh, I hate getting bumps from bug bites. -__-

    Yay for a debit card! (: Hmm, yeah, they’re probably busy and getting to your account soon. ;D Good luck verifying your PayPal, ahha. 🙂

  29. Ugh. I hate it when mosquitoes are in the room in the middle of the night. They get next to my ear whatever I do to cover myself with my blanket and ‘squeak’ with their annoying sound. (I’m no good at wording x-D)

  30. Argh, those annoying mozzies just come out of no where & might you. The thing I hate about them is that they’re so hard to catch. I hope you killed the mozzie! I recently got bitten by one on my face, that was not cool.

    I think there’s a slight difference in a credit & debit card. I learnt it in commerce but I seem to have forgotten. 🙁

    The way you categorise your posts is unique, not weird! 🙂

  31. LMAO! i hate mosiquitos OGMGG especially their buzzing noise especially when you’re trying to sleep and it’s dark and you dont wanna turn on the light and it’s hot so you dont wanna cover yourself in your blankets…AHHHH!

    ahhaa your whole paragraph on your debit card stuff…i have no idea what you’re talking about *18 going on 19 and still no job/credit card/card/money/bank account* AHHHH i hope your situation gets solved XD

    the way you categorize posts? not really…idk actually yo ;o

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