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Today, my cousin did something quite miraculous. She always messes up my room and never cleans it. When I woke up this morning, I told her to sweep the floor because I find it really dirty, which irritates me. I went to shower and I was surprised when I saw my room. She was cleaning it. LOL. That only happens once in a blue moon because she’s such a lazy girl and puts my room in a more mess than it already is. I didn’t particularly like the way she arranged the things on my drawer, but I could live with it. 🙂 I’d clean the room by myself when I’ve done all the important tasks, which probably means I’ll clean it during this sembreak. Haha.

One thing she wanted to use, but didn’t permit her to was my make up. I barely buy make ups and most of them are bought by my mother, so I really don’t want her to waste it. I’m a girl but I find putting make up on really a hassle. It’s even more time-consuming when it comes to removing it. I love how eyeliners make your eyes brighter, and well, they enhance your eyes, but I really hate removing them.

On normal days, I’d only put on make up when I go to Church, but that only happens when I finish too early and got tired of waiting for the whole family to finish their business. And I wear make up here at home only when my mom bought me new ones, or I’m bored. Haha. Plus, I never wear make up when I’m going to school. I already come to school late, how much more when I have to squeeze in putting make up on my face? Haha. I’d probably miss one whole subject. LOL.

I’ve read several blogs about make ups, seen video tutorials about them and I appreciate them. Some people call it an art, and so do I. I have nothing against make ups. It’s just that it’s not my priority or hobby in any way. 🙂

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  2. I don’t wear makeup cause I find it troublesome. Imagine the trouble and time wasted just to put on makeup and remove it later… In addition, some makeup clogged up pores which I hated it.

  3. lol I agree with the eyeliner thingy. I hate removing them too. They smudge,ugh.TT_TT

    I love makeup because a simple color can change the way you look. I use makeup everyday mostly it’s just lipstick, eyeliner and baby powder though.

  4. It’s such a great coincidence that I found your blog because I’m actually a mark rep and I was just looking for ways to promote my website. Maybe you can take a look?

    I really like the “that’s deep” face cleanser because it removes your makeup while cleaning your skin. And then I use “see things clearly” to give it a fresh feeling.

    Let me know what you think..

  5. I love this blog post, Senyth! 🙂

    I share a room with my sister, its so irritating because she has so much stuff!! And she always messes around with my brother thus ended with a dirty room. If i tell my sister to clean, she wont. LOL.

    I love watching makeup videos~ 😀

    I wear makeup everyday (only eyeliner) and yeah, I love it. I feel better with it on. I hate removing it though.

  6. Guess I’m lucky my sister is much smaller than me and she doesn’t wear make up…(yet).

    I wear make up almost everyday because I want to look fresh and awake for work. I usually just do my eyebrows and wear eyeliner on the top lid. I wear a bit of concealer just to hide my under eye circle because they’re pretty bad. I’m usually in a rush in the morning so hardly any time to put loads of make up on.

  7. I never use makeup, mainly because I don’t know how to apply it. But I do have eyeliner and my friend put it on me and apparently I looked a bit like the Joker so I don’t touch that stuff anymore 😛 But I really love makeup tutorials for some weird reason 😛

  8. LOL, that is indeed a miracle! If only miracles happened all the time. HAHA. I’m going to share a room with a friend soon and I hope she’s not a very messy person. 🙂

  9. Awwwe how old is your cousin? I can imagine a little 6 year old trying to be helpful for once and it’s cute. haha. I’m probably way off with the age though “/ I hate cleaning too but I don’t mess people’s rooms up, so good for her for cleaning your room xD

    I love putting makeup on (: Especially eyemakeup but you’re right. It can be a pain to remove. Everything comes off pretty easily except for Mascara. Oh how I miss all my dear eyelashes that have fallen out during the removal process.

    I think it’s great you don’t feel the need for makeup though. I’m also really appreciative of how you don’t have a problem with makeup because it annoys me to no end when people go on about people who wear makeup. I won’t even start cause I’ll rant. lol

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