Love Notes

LOVENOTES to live by Joe d’ Mango…

1. Always remember that when we lose someone we love, there will be pain in our hearts. But when there is pain, there will be strength and courage, and with that, there will always be the hope of finding someone who will love us and someone we can love even more.

2. Sometimes we just have to control our feelings for someone. Truth is, our feelings doesn’t know what’s right or wrong. That’s why our minds reason with us so there can be balance. Otherwise, we would always trip as we aimlessly follow what our hearts dictate.

3. A relationship will always need trust and faith. Trust, so you could keep a relationship strong, and faith, so you can build a strong foundation of love that could weather all storms to make it last for as long as you wish to.

4. A relationship is a two way street. It’s never all your fault, nor is it all the fault of your partner. Both of you have to work together to make it work. And, remember, the best relationship is one in which your LOVE exceeds your NEEDS for reach other.

5. Letting go of someone you love is hard, but holding on to someone who doesn’t even feel the same is much harder. Remember that giving up doesn’t mean you are weak. It only means that you are strong eonugh to let go of something that was never really yours in the first place.

6. Live not on what your heart dictates but on what is right and sensible. There is still time to turn away from what is wrong. Remember, the true joy of living is not only in loving ourselves but in loving w/o hurting other people.

7. Even with all the pain that comes with loving, we should never let our hearts wallow in anger. When love comes into our lives, be thankful. But when it leaves us, even if it’s against our will, we should only be sorry or a while. There should be no room for our hatred to grow in our hearts.

8. As it has always been said, we should embrace love when it comes knocking on our doors and willingly let go of it when it says goodbye. We shouldn’t regret that we’ve lost it. Be thankful that for once in our lives it has dwelled in our hearts and made us happy.

9. If we pass on love today, there may never be a next day to show it and even if there’s still a next day, there may never be someone to show it to. Love is never afraid. It should not hold you from showing someone how you feel. If it does, then it is not love.

10. Loving someone with all our hearts isn’t all that it takes to make a relationship last. Sometimes, even if we prove our worth in many ways, seen and unseen, we still cannot guarantee of permanence and loyalty in our relationships.

11. Sometimes, loving someone means giving him/her the freedom to choose who and where he/she wants to be. This may be painful, but still be thankful, because the heartaches, the tears, the gloomy days and even the fruitless years helped you grow into a strong and wonderful person, not a bitter one.

12. Remember that love will only find its way back when we start giving others the chance to share a little of themselves with us. We may be miserable for a while but there will always be someone out there who will break us free from the pain that keeps us rom taking the chance to love again.

13. GOD always has a reason for letting things happen. When HE takes away something from us, it doesn’t mean that HE wants to deprive us. It just means that HE wants to give us something much better.

14. The best way to keep a reationship is not in magnifying its faults and flaws but in looking at the good it has done and strengthening it with love, tust and respect.

15. When you have exhausted everything in your capacity to love, then that is the time to forgive yourself and rest on the fact that it was better to have lost love fighting for it than to have given up on it because you were afraid to get hurt.

16. Let us always remember that no matter how regretful the outcome of loving someone might have been, its still better than not having loved at all. We become better persons when we learn from our mistakes.

17. Sometimes its’s good that we let the pain we feel remain for a time. Let it be the medium for the healing of our hearts. Forgive and the pain will go away, accept and have a new turn in life and love again until we find the person who can share forever with us.

18. Those who are not afraid to take the risk of loving are the only ones who are liberated from their fears. Let us always remember that true love knows no fears. True love is brave enough to take the risk. True love is strong enought to speak up.

19. Sometimes letting a person know how much he/she means to us is the best favor that we can give ourselves. If that person accepts us then we’re free to explore all possibilities. But if that person turns away and avoids us then it just means that our love is meant or someone else.

20. Ailing relationships can only be saved by love. If love is gone then there is no point in living a lie. Search your heart and feel for it. If it isn’t there anymore then you just have to be honest about it. Otherwise you’ll be livig in a world full of pretentions.

21. Love is not ruined by a single failure or won by a single touch. It is lifetime endeavor in which we are always learning, discovering and growing.

22. Real love isn’t measured by the satisaction that a person gets from a relationship. Relationships are built solely on the fulfillment of one’s personal desires don’t last. Those that do are built on the foundation of love, understanding, acceptance, and most importantly, respect.

23. When people walk away from you. let them go. Your destiny is never tied to anybody who leaves you. And it doesn’t mean that their are bad persons. It just means that their part in your story is over.. ( i guess, it would be easier to accept if we always bear this in mind after a heartbreak…)

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