The stars refuse to shine
Even the moon doesn’t want to be seen
With a spill of red, the sky looks like
it’s about to cry

Does this mean I should be sorry?
Or are you?
Is this how you feel right now?
I should be happy but I know exactly
why I feel so empty

“I like you”, she told me, looking straight at me
as if to pierce through my heart
I knew right then and there that things won’t be the same
I wanted to laugh and tease her;
Wanted to believe it’s not true

I could have just said sorry
“Is that all?” was all I managed to say
She nodded and without even replying,
I turned my back on her and walked away.

“I don’t have the heart to hurt you
But I don’t have the heart to love you either.”

2 thoughts on “Stars?”

  1. asuuss gi.assume lge dayun. layma mu, reha naku, dli lang ku mamansin..pero deep inside..LOL..XD

    a person daw who ignores you in public, fantasize you in private.. ayeeee.. :3 lol txt msge na.>XD

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