Last Day Tomorrow!

Today was quite fun and tiring. I am quite happy today except for the fact that the stupid jeepney didn’t stop when it’s supposed to stop and I ended up walking just to have another ride going to school. We had our little Christmas party on our Database subject. It was impromptu and all of us weren’t prepared. But that’s what made it fun, seeing our classmates stutter and think of things to do or say in front of the whole class to make their presentations fun. I liked all of our presentations because we really made an effort. Well, who wouldn’t when the teacher clearly said that the best presentation will have a -0.1 on the group’s grade? ~_^ That’s an increase in our grade and that was our motivation. In the end, she declared that everybody got the minus .1. Haha. We also had some class pictures, and I am still waiting for Clarraine to upload the pictures on Facebook so I can’t give you the pictures yet. After that, we went to our friend’s house to prepare our food for our Christmas party in our Math subject. Haha. Yes, I am attending lots of Christmas parties.

I’m pretty excited tomorrow too. We’d be singing Christmas songs in our presentation; it’d be embarrassing, but not as much because it’s a group presentation. 😛 I don’t like the fact though that we have Assembly and Political Science. -.- Anyway, we’re going to have our own Christmas party at Family Park. 😛 I hope I would enjoy it. I’m wondering who got my name and what he/she would give me. ^_^

I have been looking for fragrant soaps and shampoos, and by chance, I found this online shop at Multiply and their soaps look really enticing. They also have their domain; that’s where I ordered. 🙂 They are just starting their business and they don’t have stalls here, so for now it’s just a pure online business. For the first time in my life, I ordered something online. :O Haha. I hope it goes well. They are Manila-based, but they also do international transactions, but the shipping may cost a little higher.

Simbang Gabi(Dawn Masses, a tradition here in the Philippines during Christmas) here has started last December 16 and I really love attending the masses. 🙂 I have to wake up at 3: 30 AM and go to Mass at 4: 30 even though I have classes at 7: 30 AM. I am lacking sleep, but it’s okay since tomorrow would be the last day that I’d go to school for this year. 😛 YAY!

I’ve been pretty lazy lately and returning comments would really take me some time to get them done. So sorry if I still haven’t replied to your comment. 🙁

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  1. Wow sounds like quite a blast! What was your presentation on? 😛

    You have Kris Kringle? Or Secret Santa?

    Have fun singing and good luck with the presentation! 😀

    Oooh, that sounds nice. Have you heard of Lush before? That place has some of the best smelling soaps and its all organic too 😀 I think..xD

    The masses sound awesome! What do you guys do during the masses?

    Have a great break ^^

  2. You surely are attending a lot of Christmas parties. It doesNOT seem like the Christmas season at all to me or my bestfriend. Time seems to fly by so fast, like right before our eyes and go no where. It’s amazing that this time next week I’ll be somewhere opening Christmas presents and then soon enough it’ll be 2010…that’s really something.

    Eh, I doubt he’s moved on but I’m over it all now, including him so it really doesn’t matter to me ^_^

  3. I hope you get this message, lol…you post says you need a password, I don’t know it, or your twitter to ask, lol! so here I am writing here 😀 Yeah, I don’t believe it but I wouldn’t be bothered if she was..after all it’s her life!
    wahoo, so that means I’m on my way to understand DA 😀

  4. Oh my gosh! I really love your X’mas layout! It’s too awesome and adorable and… awesome!

    You’re so luck to have winter break so soon! x-D We still have to wait until December ends (then it’ll be exams for me!). Wish you a merry Christmas!!! ^_^ I just realized that the smilies are super-lovely too!

  5. Hey! Sorry I took sooooo effing long to reply to your comment. I went on hiatus but I am now back! 😀 YAY.

    Ahahh, Friday was my last day too. I am so excited for break. I love the holidays. (:

    LOL. Nice and thanks! I love it but I think it’s lost now.. T.T LOL.

    No problem!

    Well yeah, that makes sense. 😉

    Hahahaha, I don’t even have Opera and I don’t plan on using it. Safari doesn’t even work on my computer. It’s really slow. -.-

  6. Hey!

    Sorry for returning your comment soo late, but maybe you recognized that my site was closed for more than a week and stuff. I thought I’d start this conversation over again, because it’S been quite a while since we last talked. Hope you don’t mind.

    I actually really like the last few days before the end of a year. You have little christmas parties and you can just chill! We did a breakfast in two of our 3 classes today xD FUN!

    Glad you enjoy all the parties you attend 🙂 And yay, for already being out of school for this year! I’ll be out tomorrow too, finally! I am soo damn ready for a break xD

    Hope you are feeling good 🙂 I would’ve read your other blog post too, but you weren’t on Twitter so I decided to just comment on here 🙂

    1. @Swetlana,
      I hope you don’t mind me replying to your comment here, but your site was on maintenance mode on the last few days. 🙂

      Haha, yes, it’s been a while since we last talked, eh? XD

      Yes, Christmas parties and the ast day of the year. It was fun.

      We are on a break. YAY! It’s weird, our teachers didn’t give us any project to work on while we’re on a break, which could be a good and bad thing for us. Bad because we have to work our asses off when classes resume.

      I hope you’re enjoying your break too!

      Oh, I’m sorry for not being on Twitter when you DMed me. I think I gave the password quit late. XD

      Happy Holidays! I hope you had a nice one. 🙂

  7. wow seems like you had a great presentation.. and presentations are really fun :S hmmm, about the soap, ive got this hermes thing.. it’s from france but it smells really good though

  8. Gurl, I wish our schools had christmas parties in every subject!!!! *LOL* We always got one little actually one big Christmas party…Cheap Scapes!!! *LOL*

    Anyways, have a good one hun!

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