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I woke up a bit too late to be able to attend the Dawn Mass, and now I can’t even go to sleep. @_@

I’ve visited quite a few blogs and come across those who are having contests or giveaways. I found this interesting site where the owner had a point bulider type of contest. She was telling the participants to comment on her sites where she gives 2 points for each comment. Curious at her other sites, I visited them. I thought to myself that her layout looks somewhat nostalgic and the color scheme is familiar. By familiar, I mean that I have used it in one of my layouts. As I browsed, I began to suspect that this girl is using my basecode. I looked at her CSS, and WTF, I saw my own coding, with some parts altered. x(

Hey, bitch, do you admire my work so much that you decided to take it as your own? You think I’m supposed to be grateful, but hell, no, I’m NOT! Is it so hard for you to leave a fucking little credit just at the footer? You’re sickening.

I’ve come across some site owners who had their content stolen and it was downright disheartening to see it. Let alone experience it. And yes, I feel like this site would be no more than a blog as I don’t have the motivation to do updates anymore. >_< Yes, I am discouraged, disheartened, and in rage. Carissa once told me about this stealer of hers and upon reading the skank’s comments, I realized what a low-life she is. She was even thanking Carissa for bringing more hits to her infamous site. Must you be that desperate to gain hits even though you know that these hits were brought by your haters? FFS, get a life and grow up!

On the brighter side, I have finally gotten around in setting up my other domain which too me a long time to do so as it was difficult to battle my procrastination. Oops. ^_^ View it here. 😛

I realized something today: Blogging is like love. It all ends when it becomes an obligation. Who’s with me? x3

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  1. Its horrible when someone steals your entire coding and alters bits of it without even giving credit.
    There are tutorials for css and html coding, requires more time and patience but at least you’re safe from ever being branded a thief -_- That person is extremely lazy and if she ever wants to make a decent site she should start doing some research instead of ripping off from people.
    You should email her and let her know the situation, you could probably stop her from stealing coding, and if she still continues then you could always go to her host.

    The other girl is just low if she must steal in order to get visitors to her site -_-

    Anyhow I love the name of your new website, I love the layout of your gallery and your icons are so pretty ^_^
    And I totally agree with that quote, I’ve gotta write that on my door, its got a lot of quotes on it!

  2. What a freak. It’s so annoying when people get other people’s content and claim it as their own. And they think they have the right to get angry when they get noticed! They should just apologize and give credit to end everything. And they like getting “hits” because of that? How desperate.

  3. Your layout! It’s AMAZINNNGGG!!!
    You always make the most cute and original layouts out there!
    Are you serious? Did you try to contact the thief? What the hell is wrong with the bitch? Its Christmas too! GRRRR..

    I really miss simbang gabi. We don’t have it here, so its kinda…yeah. Nostalgic when you were talking about it. I really want to go back during the Christmas season ^_^

  4. It is bad when someone steals your hard-work and leaves you no credit. I guess it sort of does bring you down, make you feel like crap? Or something like that, makes you feel like your hard work means nothing to no one. At least that’s how I see it.

    That’s exactly why boys do the things they do to girls…to capture their attention. Little do they know, they do it in all the wrong ways, in my opinion.

    Why would you think a guy deserves better than you, I don’t think you should think like that. You should change your mind set to it’s gets no better than you ~_^

    hehehe, That was pretty funny but I’m curious to know…why is it that you feel sorry for her?

  5. wow, wth? that really sucks and i am very,very sorry to hear that. i hope it gets resolved! you tell her girlfriend ;D you should post up her link so i can see this thief! D:!!

    congrats on getting your site up! Ahh procrastination gets in the way of so many things…SIGH!!!!

    anyway, happy happy holidays<3!

  6. Yes, blogging is a lovely hobby.. it is fun as long as you keep it as that. A hobby. Not an obligation. Not “just a way to make money, so I’d better post some meaningful posts and cute photographs etc. etc” like some fashion blogs seem to be 🙂

  7. Hey, I am not sure if I am following you on Twitter or not. What’s your Twitter username? Or do you not have Twitter. 😛

    Ugh. I have never had anyone steal my coding before, but it sounds like a pain. Why do people do it? It’s obvious that they’re going to get caught. Everyone always does. =/ So stupid.

    They’re pretty easy to win; enter as many as you can. :3 It took me like 15 questions before I won; I won twice. 🙂 Just keep trying, and you will at least get one!

    I didn’t really promise; I stated it. I here that a lot. It’s hard at first, but once you have practice, it’s easy as pie. 😀 I plan to achieve my goal haha. I just don’t want to give up my easy like with Fanupdate. 🙂

    You used to swim? Competitively? Cool! ^^

    LOL. I know for a fact that I am not getting a laptop, and besides I am content with my laptop, Wanda. :3 I would like an Apple laptop though… *dreams*

    LOL. It’s great to be back; I missed the site. 😀

  8. Now, you have the cutest layout I ever saw. :3

    Yeah lots of people are giving away or some sort of contest. I’m giving away 5 domains for the New Years, but its not out yet. She told people to comment her site and she would give them 2 points? That’s kind of stupid. I would visit those sites too! Wow, I seriously hate when people steal your coding. D: I don’t see what’s the problem of just giving credit to the person. Just put them in a credit page or in your footer or something.

    Yay, for the new domain your almost done setting up. (: Can’t wait to see it! I totally agree about that quote! Its a good one too. (:

  9. There are two types of blogging.. that is when you’re blogging for yourself and if you’re blogging for your readers. It’s a great feeling if it’s both (like in my case, but returning comments can take up a lot of my time, really!) but in the end, there’s this sense of fulfillment once i’m done with returning comments. Sooo i’m kinda on the fence with the last statement you said. Hehe.

    About the ripper of your codes, you should email the person right away and inform her of your discovery! Tsk. That’s just sad, alright. I hope you get to settle things soon!

  10. I’m with you dear!! And urgh, I do hate copycats!! Man I’ve been seeing this problem for years now and i don’t think it’ll stop. We just have to be vigilant!!

    Will visit your other site now!!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS DEAR!! Hope you’re feeling better! *hugz*

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