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I’ve been blogging a lot these days. This is something I usually do when I’m bored so you can say I’ve got nothing to do most of the time. XD When I was in Highschool – and that’s like 3 or 4 years ago – Friendster was the trend. Yes, there’s Facebook but it didn’t get the attention of so many people, unlike today. Anyway, I joined Friendster because most of my friends have it. I remember when we can’t change the look and feel of our profiles. I just find it funny when I read people from Tumblr sort of like discriminating Frienster, when it was their “first love”. Haha! I liked Friendster, and I don’t mind using it. I still log in there from time to time. XD

It was through Friendster that I discovered blogging and I figured out it was relieving to have something where you can vent out your feelings. I guess most of the bloggers did go through Blogspot or Blogger, but believe it or not, I don’t have an account in either of the two. O_O Fairy Tales and Castles(Yup, it’s Lifehouse-inspired ^_^ ) is one of my earliest blogs. But then I got annoyed how limited their themes are, even though blog is powered by WordPress, which I didn’t know at that time. Hahaha!

After I learned how to make sites and got hosted for free, I started blogging using Cutenews, but I wasn’t that satisfied, so I switched to WordPress. ~_^ I moved all my posts here in this site and promised that I’d only blog here. Oh well, I’m really unfaithful. XD I’m blogging on three sites. LOL. Maybe because I don’t want one to have multiple posts for one day, and lately I have this crazy tendency to blog whenever I’m online. I find it fun though.

Speaking of breaking promises, I kept on saying to myself that I woulnd’t make a Formspring account because I couldn’t exactly point out its use, but just recently, I did register an account. Haha. XD You are free to ask me some questions if you want.

Blogging really makes me happy. x3 Thank goodness someone invented it. I’d love to meet him/her even just for a day! Hahaha.

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  1. I never had a Friendster account. The first social networking account I had was Myspace then moved onto facebook after a while.

    I blog way before myspace or facebook. I discovered blogging through a friend who told me about blogs. Before that I just made neopet pages lol. This was when I was about 13-14 (so almost 10 years ago :O) damn I feel old now.

    3 blogs, wow! I can barely keep up with one blog. Well I have two now, one for personal blog and one for my jewellery making blog. Doubt I’ll have more tho because I know I won’t be able to keep up.

  2. Wow it’s really neat to see your history of blogging. I had facebook 5 years ago, so maybe it’s a regional thing? And I remember livejournal way before those other blog sites… haha… wow the memories. I STILL use cutenews…. and I never had friendster. It looks like we’re official opposites! XD

  3. haha friendster was never popular where i lived. first it was xanga, then myspace, then facebook…and twitter…but not really and facebook still is the #1 here XD

    i still didnt get a formspring despite the fact everyone has one XD

    ahhaha yea blogging is fun, hehe

  4. I believe a lot of people have been abusing the power of formspring for asking anonymously that leads to verbal harassment too. However, it’s still up to the owner whether you do/don’t want to answer questions and stuff. I have my formspring account and I already answered 300+ questions in there. Others are nonsense and just bitching, but whatever, it’s kinda thrilling (:

  5. Me too. Lagi na lang kapag mag bblog ako andami dami kong gustong ikwento tapos pag magttype na nauutal nako bigla sa mga ikkwento ko, hehe ewan ko ba. Super helpful talaga ang blogging, aside sa fun at nakakaalis siya ng stress, nag ge-gain ka rin ng new friends through it. πŸ™‚ oha! ?

  6. i first blog in friendster as well. As a matter of fact, my old entries are still there up to now hehehe. Then I started blogging using wordpress, next to it, is blogger and thats it. I haven’t tried cutenews but i got hired one time to make a cutenews theme years ago. I dont have any issues against friendster. Im still using once in a awhile and i actually hate facebook now. facebook is about how popular you are and i hate the fact.

    BTW, thanks for visiting blog. Really appreciated ^_^x

  7. I’ve been blogging a little more often now that before. hihi I never tried friendster blog because I don’t want my family read my posts, and for the record, my first blog was a wordpress blog. πŸ˜€

  8. I love how blogging was invented that it became our outlet in all aspects. πŸ™‚

    By the way, thanks for the visit and comment. I’ll link you, ha?
    PS. Love the layout. <3

  9. me too, when i’m bored i blog. good for you that you still check your friendster account. mine? it’s already abandoned and also, i think i already forgot my password and email..lol. but yeah, it all started with friendster. because of friendster i got addicted using the internet XD

  10. Hi πŸ™‚
    I remenber friendster i never had one i only had one friend who have friendster but now is more famous facebook rigth? jajajaa i have one and i love use jeje.

    U learned how make sites?? aww i envy you i wanna learn that and make my own style….

    I am happy bloggin too…so good invent jaja

  11. I still log-in to my Friendster account ’cause some of my friends are stuck there. And I joined that social networking site ’cause my friend who just migrated to Canada asked me to so we could keep in touch. Hehe.

    Oh I remember my early blogging years. I’ve used blogger, xanga, livejournal, and a lot more. I was really fascinated by the idea of having your own site in the www. πŸ™‚

    Internet is so love! I can’t imagine life without it these days.

  12. Friendster is my first love, too! Actually, I love their previous layout. Unlike today, it seems that it’s loading slowly. I also love to blog not because of comments or anything but because I JUST LOVE TO DO IT. I hope to have more bloggers like you in the blogosphere. πŸ™‚

  13. I created an account in Friendster way back in December 2003, I was 13 back then. I used to accept invites from other people but after a few months, I deleted people I am not really acquainted with. Then I left Friendster because all of my friends are now in Facebook. Blogger and Blogspot are the same, if you create an account in Blogger, you will have a yourusername.blogspot.com blog. I used to blog in Friendster too, but not in English. I really didn’t like the themes for Friendstrer Blog.
    What’s Cutenews? XD

  14. I also started in friendster. but not in blogging. because of friendster I learned about CSS, JAVA and even editing photos. I hate people who’s trying friendster is now a loser or what. Haven’t they realize ? there were using friendster too before. hehe ΓΌ btw sis, care to link ex ?

  15. I used to really LOVE LOVE Friendster. I love editing the profile pages and such, and that’s where I learned some HTML codes. It was really awesome writing testimonials for my friends and reading what they wrote about me. But lately… nilaos naman sila.. One thing I don’t like about it is they keep changing their site. I don’t know where to find what now! And its just getting blahh for me. I’m using Facebook now since that is one way to contact my friends and family. They also have a chat thing, which Friendster doesn’t have.

    LOL. Sometimes, I really LOVE to blog, but then I just blank out! It’s like I have everything planned in my head of what I’m going to say, but then its just gone POOF… GRRR…

  16. i second the motion. πŸ™‚ haha. πŸ™‚ i too, have been involved in this crazy phenomena. πŸ™‚ and just like my philosophy before, once a blogger always a blogger. haha. πŸ™‚

  17. I don’t even know about Friendster o_O I find it hard to keep with all these social/blogging/networking sites…I don’t even know what to call them. I only knew about blogging from watching the movie The Perfect Man and I thought it was just the most awesome thing ever, so I created an account with blogger. Then I realized no one was reading it xD I owned doll sites at that time and cutenews was my love back then. From there I switched to FanUpdate and then to wordpress.

    Blogging is a lot of fun, but I can only remain faithful to Lollibean. I’ve tried separate blogs for subjects concerning anime/manga but it just doesn’t work πŸ˜›
    With blogging, I love that I can meet different people and share my thoughts and know that someone one there is reading it. *tears* I miss blogging….damn exams, I can’t wait to be finished with it!

  18. I’m an active member of friendster before. Yes. I is so funny to think that a lot of people are discriminating friendster were in fact, they the ones who became so addicted to it before. πŸ˜› I have my formspring account but I don’t use it that much now. πŸ™‚

  19. this post made me realize how much i’ve missed blogging. i started in the blog world way back in 2002 I think. i’ve lost and gained posts and lost again, lol. it really is a therapy for some of us.

    unfortunately, i lost time for blogging/webdesigning 2 years ago but now trying to get back again.

    reading my older posts make me smile and think to myself how much i’ve changed through out the year.

    just stopping by to leave my mark! :] come say hi.

    1. @Nina,

      I hope you don’t mind me replying here, but I can’t get to your site when I posted my comment, which is weird. @_@

      Anyway, here’s my reply:

      Aww, maybe it’s time you should try to become less-extravagant(if that’s the right word XD) as we all know how hard it is to get money, right? XD

      I’ve never actually drunk hard liquors before and I don’t plan to. LOL.

      I was a spender back then when I was in High school, but that was me being immature and childish. Haha. It was fun until it lasted. XD

      1. @Senyth,

        hey thanks for the reply. i dont know what’s wrong with my website. it’s the host i think. i get it for free so i guess i can’t really complain! – im looking for a someone new that would host my domain name for free as of right now.

        i FEEL like i AM in HS! with the way I spend money. ugh. i will learn, eventually. haha!

        1. @Nina,

          Aww, I was hosted by x10hosting a few years ago and I’m not that satisfied with their service. Even if we just hosted for free doesn’t mean that we can’t have benefits and what not. I recommend you get hosted by bubble.nu or donemyway.org or cbd-hosting.com or floriental.org. I actually know a lot of free hosting sites. You can try them. πŸ™‚ I don’t want to see your domain to go to a waste. XD

          Hahaha. We’re kids at heart, right? LOL.

          That’s why we’re here, you know. To learn and to appreciate life. πŸ™‚

  20. Aah~ Friendster. I used to spend hours in that site.Now I hardly ever log in there anymore. I think friendster has gotten cheap.It’s not friendster’s fault though.It’s the people’s.

    I used to use cutenews too…But that’s only because I thought wordpress isn’t free… I’m glad I’m using wordpress now…It’s much much better (Got me wondering why some people prefer cutenews).

    Blogging is great, yeah. I love talking to strangers in the internet and it’s great how you can just talk and rant without anyone judging you the way people around you in real life do. πŸ™‚

    Lol FB is a cute story. :3 I love kyou and his tsundere tendencies πŸ˜› I feel sorry for him being the “cat”. Tohru’s such a ditz lucky girl living with bishies. XDD

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