Jump Then Fall

I’ve been blogging at my other site more often than here lately, so I guess it’s time I should at least introduce my not so newly adopted domain. 😀 It houses my typography. Well, not the complex typography that uses letters in order to form something. The typography I’m talking about is those typical ones you see often at Tumblr.

Speaking of Tumblr, I used to reblog posts there and barely make mine. But when I do, it’s just those what they call word arts. XD So I collect them at Ginger-Skies and post a little thought about the picture. 😛 Yes, that’s the domain I’m talking about. Olivia gave me the chance to adopt it last May, though it barely has any content. :O

I haven’t listed all the sites I own, so maybe I’d do that after posting this entry. 😛

I hoe you guys know about the contest I’m holding. It would start this Tuesday, but I’ve moved it due to time constraints. I realized a little too late that this week is our Midterms week and you know what it’s like. I’ll be a student dying, bombarded with exams, with lots of chapters to read and understand. Studying is so boring.

See the contest post, guys. I’ve made some smaller banners since some of you said that it looks quite big. Haha. Don’t forget to join! You have at most three weeks from now to do it. 😀

I’m supposed to be studying, but look what I’m doing. D:TTFN! :p

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0 thoughts on “Jump Then Fall

  1. Sapphire says:

    ooo like your new domain 😀 it’s cute!

    and about the contest, good luck! what are pixels btw? i mean i know that they are like those lines..thingys. like a screen is 800×600 pixels. do you mean pixies? LOL idk XD

    studying is boring…i must admit… T_T but i try to make it excitingg by thinking about all those beautiful grades i’ll get if i just suffer a little XD