An Island Away From You

I never thought the day would come when I would go to Bohol without a plan of doing so!

Just yesterday, I was muttering to myself and making a face to my Dad when I found out that our plan to go to the mall to look for computer parts was cancelled because he was going to Bohol together with his friends on the same day. I have no plans of going there with him when I knew that it is only for a day, because my target whenever I go there is to drown myself in the ecstasy of the soft waves of the sea. 😛

I woke upearlier than usual this morning, about 5: 30 am. And my father was still in the house when supposedly his flight is 5: 00 am. I watched him walk around in circles, doing this, getting that and turning this, eating that. XD And then we bid him goodbye.

Because I couldn’t go back to sleep, I turned on the computer and browsed the net for while when my dad called up and asked me if I want to go. Their flight was moved to 8: 00 am, so I could catch up and go to the Pier, where he would meet me. So I hurriedly took a bath, dressed myself up, snatched my bag and put my necessary things. My mom accompanied me to the Pier.

I had so much fun while riding on the boat. I love taking pictures of the sky and the sea. The scene looks refreshing and peaceful to me that I want to capture in so I can watch it again whenever I want to have peace of mind LOL, though I’m not that good in Photography.

After arriving at the Pier in Bohol, in Tubigon, we went to Tagbilarin to claim our tickets going to Cebu to ensure that we can still go back here on the same day. God forbid, if we were stuck there overnight; my mom would surely freak out. I was glad to see that there’s a mall in Tagbilaran, Island City. Suits the name really well, what do you think? 😛 We had our lunch and went then to Corella to go see some tarsiers. 😛 They were really small; the smallest monkey in the world and I’m happy I have finally seen them. ^o^

Our trip was quite short but it was fun. After seeing the tarsiers, we went to Panglao. I really wanted to stop and jump in there and swim but we don’t have the luxury of time. So we just took pictures and off we went back to Tagbilaran and back to Cebu.

I never expected this to happen. 😀 It was really fun, especially when my companions are all boys. It’s so different when your companions are girls. Because they’re so mahinhin. Well, that’s the usual thing.

My dad said that we would go tour Bohol on May hopefully. But I won’t expect just in case my expectation will be postponed and makes my heart sick. LOL.

I had taken so much pictures and I’m really satisfied, except that I don’t have a good scenery for the sunset. >.>

But anyway, fun day! Fun day! ^o^ Great time for me! 😀

Well, I’m off now. Gotta hit the sacks and snore!

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