It’s The Season To Be Jolly

For vengeful spirits, ghosts and souls, I guess. 8D Haha.

I’ve never really felt the spirit of Halloween until now. Bwahaha. Hover over the image if you want to know what I mean. ~_^

Trick or treat? I hope that was scary because the more I look at my pictures, the more I realize I’m getting creeped over myself. Haha. I guess I was really bored this afternoon and decided to dress up stupid. LOL. I watched some videos, not to mention some scary horror movies. Maybe you could say I’m inspired? LOL. If this is how I behave when I’m inspired, then I’d rather not be inspired at all.

My boyfriend freaked out when he saw this. Hahaha. He said I could give someone a heart attack. XD One of my classmates said that I look very pretty, which sounds really sarcastic, of course. Maybe I should look like this more often then. I know I just contradicted myself. XD

I’ll be busy for the next two days because we have to go the cemetery and to my father’s province for the same reason since my grandfather and my great grandfather were buried there.

Sadako or Kayako?

I really don’t know who I’m imitating here, whether it’s Sadako of The Ring or Kayako of The Grudge. LOL A mixture of both would suffice but I look more of a goth ghost than that of the usual ghosts seen in movies and stuff, IMO. Haha.

Happy Halloween, guys!

17 thoughts on “It’s The Season To Be Jolly”

  1. Oh, those are good pictures! Haha. You’re really good at that. Aw, I’m sorry. I wish I could send them to you. LOL. And yes, it sounds fun… without all that other stuff. (:

  2. Omg. Wow..Hahahahahahaha. That is freakyyyy!

    You look scary! OMG! This person came up to my house with the Saw mask on. I was like “Wow…That’s scaryy!” I almost freaked out!!! Lmfao.

    Wow….Yeah, that is some kinda inspiration!
    Hahahah. No problem. (:
    I hope you can sell your layouts services. I’ll be happy to get your services for a whole website. I’ll pay you around $30 if you wish. 🙂 I need a website for Non-Depression just like Jessica has (anorexia can kiss my a$$) I love her website and I wanna create one just for depression. I want people to be able to post on it, like a forum, and everything. So, if you can help me with that I will pay you around $30 maybe even more if you can make a forum layout and get the forum up and running for me. (:
    I don’t care when you do this, I just want it open. 🙂 I don’t care how long it takes either. 🙂 I’ve got the time and the money. 😛

    Oh! That is smart. Very smart.

    Literally, electronic baby. Like it’s a baby that is programmed to cry for food, a diaper change, rocking, and burping and everything. It’ll cry randomly for 72 hours.

    Thanks! He is actually coming home this coming weekend. My sister told me the wrong date… :/

    Hahahaha. Yeah. My sister’s nail polish comes off in the shower, so all I have to do is put it on before a shower then take one and then scrap all of the extra stuff off and I’m good! I love it. Idk what brand it is though.

    Lol. Really? Why does the thought of being a mother freak you out? I’ve never heard that before..

    Lol. No problem! (:

    Awh. I’m sorry. I wish you could mess around with stuff online. I can’t believe you have stuff to do on Christmas break. That is just cruel.

  3. walangya… when i first hovered at your first picture… blank lang siya na white… tas nung tinry ko ulet… ADIK! napamura ako ng di oras eh. hahaha. astig!!! :))

  4. SHEESH. That honestly was kind of damn creepy. 🙁 Oh well, you gave me a good scare… remind me not to read blogs at night anymore.. JK.

    You are pretty with your hair out like that! Obviously scary at the same time with the look and the costume. I think you did a good job with it though. But you know I haven’t seen the Ring, and I haven’t seen the Grudge either, so that leaves a fair bit to my imagination.

    We don’t celebrate Halloween here, but I love reading about other people’s costumes and seeing a lot of pictures!

    I don’t like people watching me either, I guess that thought makes me nervous but I just think that I know what I’m saying and I’m just talking to a crowd, so I’ll get it over and done with.

    I’m bad at writing guides though – when I have a presentation I have to write out the whole thing. If I have a guide I will confuse myself and forget all the words. I can’t go off just points and notes, I do badly. I need the whole thing written out.

    I don’t think I would be changed by someone showering me with presents. It is a nice gesture but it will not make me fall in love with someone, that’s for sure.

    I’m not so bad with time management but I need to improve, that’s for sure. 😛

  5. hi thx for visiting my site. you really look freaky in that photo well done now i wont sleep tonight (jokes).. i never do anything on halloween its not that popular where i live, unfortunately.

    1. @Sharla,

      I can’t find the ‘Submit Comment’ button on your site. :S

      Here’s my reply:

      I’ll be watching HP7 this saturday. YAY! I can’t wait.

      I have a site that’s hosted by Rewindhost as well. And their downtimes take days. -.-

  6. Oh wow, you looked really creepy lol! I love it so much, I wish people around here dressed up more. I had a little hat, that was it. I also had to work that day, so… it’s alright.

  7. Before I read the whole thing, I looked at the photos, when I saw your last pic, I was like, “Is this Senyth?” Hahaha. And so yes, that’s you. The photo would really creep me out if I didn’t know it was you :))

    Looks like you had fun last halloween. I didn’t. I just did my “everyday” stuff a.k.a tumblr. LOL

    I smiled when I read “my boyfriend” (hello Senyth’s boyfriend! You better take care of this bitch or else… or else :D)

    I MISS YOU! 🙂

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