It’s Play Day Today

I initially planned to sleep all day and didn’t want to go to school since I’ve been sleep-deprived these last few days, but my mother woke me up with her shrill voice saying that I should iron my brothers’ uniforms, a task that I always have to do weekly. But I forgot to do it last Sunday. So, I got up, iron their uniforms and took a bath.

You know how I hate it when I huriedly go to school only to find out that my teachers in my 1st and 2nd period subjects are absent. -.-” I would have gotten more sleep if they’d told us earlier. I wanted to go home and come back before lunch to attend my Accounting class, but my friends tempted me in playing. XDD Yup, one of my weaknesses. So I went them and played Left 4 Dead. 😀 It was a good game. *nods* But unfortunately, we didn’t win even if it was just an easy game. *epic fail* ??

After we finished our last class, my close friend invited me to go to our classmate’s house and there we played DoTA. We almost burned our butts in sitting and trying to win. LOL! I accompanied my classmate because he went back to school to practice dancing for our Acquiantance Party presentation. But when we got there, our co-members finished practcing and we didn’t want to go home yet so we went to a near internet cafe and played again. Haha.

It seems like this day is a reward for all the hardwork we’ve done this week. Play after work, but then again, we have to work tomorrow and burn our eyebrows, so it could be play before work. XDD

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  1. LOL. Me too, I hated him in the chunin exams..he was evil to Naruto. Thinking he was so cool and stuff. LOL. Have you watched death note?

    I hate waking up early and finding out I could of slept more… I would be very pissed off. lol.

    Yeah I read wayy to much ahaha

  2. I just started laughing when she said that. I mean, this girl ACTED like the popular bunch of our school, but to be perfectly honest SHE was a bit chunk-ey. Lol XD But, yes, it was a very upsetting little outing.

    So how have you been lately ?

  3. Wow, its bad enough you might have to iron your own things. I haven’t used an iron since i was 14 and had to iron my McDonald’s work top. My mum used to iron my stupid private school uniform for me.
    My boyfriend bought us a steam iron from on the ads. Have you herd of them?

    I hated surprise releef teachers. Sometimes it was cool when i showed up to school drunk. A water bottle full of flavored vodka. It looked like i was drinking cordial lol.

  4. To get your leg cut off from diabetes, you’d have to not be taking good care of it. When your blood sugars are out of control for like years and years, you’ll eventually lose circulation in your feet, and I guess at that point they might as well be cut off or something.

    No, I’m not homeschooled.

    It’s better to know the results now than to wait. You don’t want to be in a coma, do you? 😛 Hopefully it wouldn’t cost too much to get tested! Another thing you can do besides going to the doctor is use a diabetic person (from your family)’s lancing device and check your blood sugar on their monitor. Non-diabetic blood sugars range from like 50-150 or something like that… if yours is really high (like, mine was in the 600s when I was diagnosed), there’s a problem. If it’s normal, then you might not be diabetic.

    That way is inexpensive, at least.

  5. its always good to reward yourself after the hardwork.
    thats why i sleep as much as i want after a big test. you know catch up on some sleep.
    it keeps me motivated, i guess. weird huh. haha

    yep taga mabolo ko. pero ni transfer mi sa talamban before we came here. kay naa man ako mga aunt and cousins ngadto.
    familiar man ang word, pero unsa manang tabo?

  6. Thank you! 😀 Took me a while trying to figure what you meant with the background colours, but you mean on the small images right? Yeah… it looks weird. I don’t use it on images too often so I hope it’s not too irky. XP

    I actually tried making a new email and adding people, but I was too lazy. I stick with the same email. I should just clean it a little each day. 🙂

    Ugh, I hate being woken up like that. This morning my mum woke me up to make her lunch for work and to put the clothes out on the line. All before I ate breakfast. I don’t mind doing chores sometimes, but sometimes it’s not a good time! Rawr.

    But yeah, my brother is so lazy. He’s 13 and probably can’t iron yet, but he’s lazy with everything else. He can’t get up in the mornings; he has to be dragged. He won’t come down to dinner; by the time he does, everyone else is finished, and he won’t do so much as to simply put his plate in the sink. He leaves his sauce on the table and expects someone to deal with it. -_-

    If I were you I would have found a nice chair to sit in and catch up on sleep! I’m glad you had a fun day though. I’m not really a gamer so I can’t really share your excitement too much, but it sure beats class. 😛

  7. Ugh, I hate hinata lol. She’s so snnoying, gawd. Keep away from naurto , hinata or esle I’ll eat you rawr.
    Yeah, bleach shiginimi is people and death notes is an actual shiginmi lol aka a death god. Lmfao. You should watch it, it’s awesome!

    Ily x

  8. death gods aren’t so bad…there just death gods haha

    yeah ice read the manga, evil 6th hokagae -___-
    lmfao. It’s funny when sakura does that: ‘Naruto u idiot!’ haha

  9. Lol. I know what you mean! After all the fighting and stuff I bet naruto gets what he wants: sakura. I betcha anything! Lmfao.
    Hopefully hinata becomes a loner in the end…

  10. Haha wooo. I deleted more contacts today 🙂

    Gosh, our brothers have a lot in common. Today I made my brother lunch and I was done, and halfway through the dishes, before he started. D:

    He eats fast though 😛

    Haha that is a good thing! 🙂 I find that I am more productive on the train because there’s no internet. XD

    Have a good sleep! It’s 1am here and I’m off, haha. 🙂

  11. WHAT? Dapit ka sa Mabolo na simbahan? St. Joseph man tingali ang simbahan right?
    Nag-construction paman to sila pag larga namo. Nahuman na karon? Wow. Bisita gyud ko nganha!

    HAHA. uso mana ang manghanyu nganha. OO. ok ra pud diay na kay brand new for less money 😛

    Ingna lang imo cousin na kinahanglang siya mag ask ug permission. Kay mabuang ka ug pangita sa imong mga butang!

    Well, naa man gyud 5 minutes interval kay para maka adto pa ang mga students sa lockers nila. unya traffic pirmi ang hallways.

  12. Thank you so much, Senyth! 😀
    It’s okay, I secretly don’t know what vintage ACTUALLY is. But, I read from the dictionary that it’s sort of an old/past time. Or that’s what I think it is.

    Haha you’re right! The young, happy days of our childhood! Such good times cannot be brought back, I guess. Well, speaking of Nostalgia! 😀

    Maybe, I’ll post the other half sometime! 😀 If you so badly want to read it! 🙂

    Sounds like you had fun all day! I long for such a day! 😀
    Yeah, play before work! You’ll feel refreshed! Bahaha. =)

  13. 😀 Wear something totally out of the oridnary! LoL! It’s what I would do…just because I do stuff like that. But, truly, you should wear something nice – XD.

    🙂 I finished a fully-coded weblayout…FINALLY. LOL.

  14. Haha, that’s great you’re having a good time^ 🙂
    and yes, it is very important for the surgery. I’m so happy
    you understand! You’re so great. haha.

    Well, how have you been? Enough about me!

  15. Your too kind 🙂

    I think the content is also hard to read but i have been to lazy to change it. I will do that today.

    I didn’t get drunk at uni just high school. 😛

  16. Oh, we all know that playing is a good job to do to enjoy when we have free time. I’m glad you’re having good times with your friends.
    DOTA. I never played that but my boy classmates do. They’re all addicted into it, hehe!

  17. Haha, well..
    110mb is my host. and is just a redirection to that site.
    I usually just pass out the URL. But for some reason that site’s down
    but it really shouldn’t last much longer. It only did this maybe one before.

  18. Haha! 😀 Good times.

    Yeah, I’m planning to post those in my writing archives! 🙂
    Playing is my energizer too! But, too much playing isn’t too good for me. I get an ache on the left side of my stomach, you know, like when we laugh toooo much. LOL.

    Headaches! I hate them! I rarely get a headache though, only when I’m on the computer too much.

  19. hellooo (:
    yes the writing is chinese, i downloaded especially for this layout!
    i love it!

    naah, i like keeping my site original i dont like copying!
    but its a nice thought anyway!

    from greg xxx

  20. Lol I feel you :X Back in Uni we always have lecturers not showing up for classes, especially when the class is at 8 in the morning. I wish they would have the decency to post online (we have this sorta online bulletin for announcements) if the class is canceled.
    Haha that’s a nice alternate; playing game with your friends = bonding time!

  21. Teachers should let students know if they’re not coming, I hate it when I only have like 2 periods for the entire day, I always think I should have just stayed home -_-
    Sounds like you had a lot of fun, I always like to play before work…and after xD
    But its great to have a break between all the hard work, or else you’ll go insane so I’m glad you were able to have that with your friends =)

  22. Yeah, I have to study hard right? LOL. For the iPod Touch of corse. haha. I just hate anything to do with SCIENCE. I hate it! I mean what use is science when we are older? I dont get it!?

    Haha. Stupid boys, I don’t know how to handle boys either… they are just so…oh I don’t know…DIFFICULT.

    Yeah, I just have to face him. HOPEFULLY, I wont do anything stupid.

  23. Haha, sounds hard. :p I might end up changing my major.
    I kind of want to do something computers, but I don’t really know yet.
    I’m so undecided. D; Haha.

    And that’s great that you got some free time to hang out with your friends. :p

  24. Ahah ,okay, I’ll have KimBumm (;
    Well actually I like 2PM, which is a hottt boy band if you know them. xD
    They’re the muscular guyss, [;

    Well actually, it’s like SAH-RANG-HAE but R & L sound alike in Korean so you could say SAH-LANG-HAE.
    Honestly, I think SAH-LANG-HAE works the best[;

  25. Yep, I’m working on that list! XD

    Woah. Well, at least your brother wants to put his dish in at the same time. I hate it when I’m done and someone just finishes or something like that. My brother and I used to eat really slowly; we hated eating vegetables. 😛

    Haha, it’s hard to ignore people. I find that I’m a bit more productive when I have no internet. But I need the internet sometimes so, yeah. XD

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