It’s Christmas Eve Here!

Or rather, it was since it’s 2: 12 AM here as I type this entry. XD

It was rather fun, even though I didn’t feel full at all, since I barely ate anything. I don’t know why I didn’t feel like eating when usually I eat like a pig when it’s Christmas. u.u We haven’t opened our gifts yet so I don’t know what I would get. 😛 Our house is a big mess right now and full of people. 🙂 It really felt like we’re celbrating someone’s birthday, which is true, as it is Jesus Christ’s birthday today! <3 My mother is lurking outside and talking to our neighbors, while my father and my uncle are on the terrace playing with my father's new speakers that he had made. My grandma is in her room, probably trying to sleep as it's very noisy here; fireworks bursting here and there and my cousins singing at the same time, while both my younger brothers are on the other computer, playing DoTA. ^_^ I should be sleeping right now, but I still feel like staying up. I'm really happy today and I attended the Mass with my cousin and grandmother. Oh, and I learned how to cook spaghetti. Haha. I thought it would be difficult to make, but I found it quite easy. :O I barely cook and know any food to make so it's a new entry to my list of know-how’s. XD

One weird thing about today: I overslept so much that a classmate of mine said that I was hibernating. :O I slept last night at 10: 30 PM and woke up at around 4 in the afternoon. It was the first time I had 16 or so hours of sleep. O_O

Anyway, Happy Christmas, everyone! For those who finished celebrating it, I hope you did have a very happy and memorable one! For those who will still celebrate it, make it a fulfilling one as Christmas would only come once every year. There’s no other holiday like Christmas, and I love how this one occasion brings people and families together. ^_^

Happy Birthday, Jesus! We love you. 🙂

31 thoughts on “It’s Christmas Eve Here!”

  1. I hate chocolate that have fruits or nuts. It just ruins the chocolate-ness of it. O_O

    I make pizza at home, I hate the takeaway stuff because you don’t know what’s in it and sometimes people in Pizza Hut don’t follow the hygiene rules. EG: Wiping the pizza cutter on the bin then cut up your pizza with it. Gross.

    Oh!! The ribbon pasta?

    I don’t know what Leche flan or siomai or adobo is… ^_^

    I’m going to attempt to tackle making lasanga. It seems hard, but hey, it’s worth a shot!

    Patterns, eh? I’ll try…

    I wish I could buy their stuff too. *sigh* I guess Cotton On, Supre and Just Jeans will do for now xD

    LOL! I love that song Lollipop…so addictive!

    I’ll upload a screenshot soon…but I don’t mind using PHP includes for now.

    OMG, gee. I can’t believe she can’t accept her mistakes! If people tell her, they want her to improve. Gosh. Slap her next time! ~_^

    2:12AM?! How can you stay up so early/late?!

    We don’t celebrate Christmas so there isn’t much going on today. Haha.

    Wow your household sounds really busy! Your poor grandma – trying to sleep. Haha. Fireworks?! We usually get them on NYE/New Years, not Christmas. Haha.

    I know people who used to play DoTA.

    Wait, you know how to make spaghetti?!?!

    16 hours?!?! I can barely make it past 12 hours. :O

  2. Oh my, do are you on break? Haha aw, sucks that you don’t have Winter. ): Haha yeah I did. Pooey, I barely get lucky in these things. ;D

    You have flim-showing in your school? That’s so cool! Aw, movies that are boring makes me not watch it or anything. Aw, I hate when teachers yell at you. Its embarrassing when everyone looks at you. My face turns red. :3

    Oh, my teacher doesn’t do that. xD He makes up stupid jokes that are very embarrassing. D: I be careful what I do and wear. ;D

    Yeah it is! We mostly don’t get that much snow in like the whole Winter. Oh I didn’t go out on the day it snowed cause my throat was feeling funny and I rested because I didn’t want to get sick on Christmas. (: But I went out today! I wore 3 layers if clothes with UGG’s on!

    Haha thanks. (: Yeah its not bad for my age. I’ve seen more people type faster than me. Oh how many words you think or know you type? (:

    Haha your welcome. 😀 Its a very pretty layout and its so cute!

    Yeah 5 domains. I feel nice this year. 😀 Aw, thanks!

    Oh I’ll go visit it now well, after I type this comment up.

    Thanks! You have a good holiday too. (:


    Yay for Christmas Eve! Well, in 4 minutes it will be Christmas. :3 Haha I eat like a pig on Christmas and Thanksgiving. 😀 Yay for learning how to make spaghetti. I want some now. 8D

    Dang, I never woke up at 4 in the afternoon. o: You must be really sleeping. I usually wake up at 11, 12, or 1 during weekends and breaks. xD

    I hope you have a good Christmas! 😀

  3. Ooohh, Merry Christmas dear (: I totally agree with you, Christmas really brings the family together :D. Uhmm bout our Christmas eve, well we’re done celebrating it :D. Well It’s my first time to celebrate Christmas without my lovely LOLA :((( .She has passed away last November 🙁 .I just miss her recipes especially suman and pancit aww.
    (sorry for being dramatic here 😐 )

    Anyways, as I can read in yoru post, seems like each one of you has their own world hehe

    I wish I could learn how to cook Spaghetti :)))) Until now, I didnt know how to cook it =)))

    You are studying java script pala 😀 No wonder, your layout is so fabulous (: 😀

  4. WOw , i wish I had a house full of people ! That seems like it would be exciting ! <3 Haha your friend is funny saying that you were hibernating ! Its true though u slept for 16 hoursss . . WTH ! I never did that before ! Anyways , Merry Christmas to you dear ! ~_^

  5. WOW 16 HRS!! How’d you do that? I do hope you’re feeling better though, Christmas is a season of eating too! hehee 😀 Merry Christmas dear! Glad you had a fun day, I also enjoyed it with family 😀 hehee God bless!

  6. Merry Christmas to you!! Hope you’re having a wonderful time with your family =D

    They sound like so much fun to be around, it sounds so lively, I love it when my house is like that for Christmas. I love the laughter that fills the house. I stay up till 12:05 a.m so technically its Christmas and I open my gifts! I went to bed around 3:00 a.m, playing with all my new toys XD
    And congrats on learning how to make spaghetti, it’ll come in handy when there’s no one to cook for you, its quick and delicious. I can’t comment on the hours you slept because there were times I would go to sleep 6:00 a.m and wake up 2:00 p.m, once I went to bed 11:00 a.m and woke up 7:00 p.m o_O
    Christmas always gives you this happy and great feeling!

  7. Your house seems bursting with energy! 16 hours of sleep that’s…unbelievable. I don’t think I have ever once gotten that much sleep. I know for the past two days , Christmas and Christmas Eve I didn’t go to sleep until 6AM…two very interesting nights, well mornings rather (:

    I hope you have a Merry Christmas! I know I did XD

    Yeah, I’m almost positive girls mature faster than boys. Ooooh, I understand why you feel sorry for her now. Just the other day she updated her facebook status to “I’m second best compared to her.” I just know she was talking about me but oh well, I still find it all very amusing (:

  8. Merry Christmas! It’s boxing day now but I hope you had a good Christmas.

    I agree. I doubt they won anything. It’s just such an immature thing to do, calling me names and whatnot, when they’re the one clearly being a douche. It’s a contest for a reason. You compete with others to win. It’s not my fault that I happened to be better than them. 😐

    OH I remember getting a virus on my flash drive from my school computer. It wasn’t a serious one but it was annoying because it affected the autoplay of the drive. :/

    Well I guess so, they have to make viruses to test the antiviruses anyway! 😛

    Ugh geez. My brother knows where the plates are but he’s a lazy ass. He can’t even bother getting his own utensils. My brother is crazy about these shooting games and whatnot. He can’t even stop a game to answer a question. 😐

    Aww I’m sure your hair will grow out alright. Sometimes haricuts turn out dodgy and weird and you just have that phase where you wait for it to grow out. And thanks!

    I didn’t eat much actually – our family didn’t really celebrate and it felt like any ordinary day! :O

    I’m glad you had a good Christmas with food and a party though! Getting into the spirit is good. 🙂

    My friends in high school played DoTA. I found it weird because they always talked about it but I was unfamiliar with it.

    Good luck cleaning the house after all that!

    I can’t really cook very well. I love spaghetti though; my mum makes it often. 😀 Congratulations on learning how to cook spaghetti!

    I have never slept that long. :O The latest I’ve woken up is probably 1pm. But that’s after a pretty late night. I really like my mornings and I get annoyed if I wake up late because it means I’ve “wasted” my morning.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas and I hope you have a good one!

  9. I really miss the fireworks! No one uses them here coz it’s illegal I think. Well unless you have a license or something. AHHHH it’s so quiet here during Christmas. No loud music and all. Well I guess it’s because not everyone doesn’t have the same religion.

    The grad pics are more than $50. That’s probably the cheapest. GRRR it’s so expensive but I want to get a copy because it’s a reminder of a highschool life. Well we do have elementary and highschool here but instead of grade ten it’s until grade twelve here. It takes so long and hard! That’s what’s driving me crazy!

  10. I feel a bit disappointed when I receive money as well, I like not knowing what my gift is 😀
    I get all excited and bubbly xD
    I’ll be 17, I just say I’m 17 now cause its only a few days away. I should enjoy my last days of sweet 16 D:
    I get scolded to, my mom thinks I’ll collapse one day >_<

  11. Yup age is only a number, people think I’m now starting high school! No one believes my age. I’ve found that a lot of girls skip breakfast, I do too. My mom thinks I’ll get an ulcer from eating too much pepper -_-
    I wouldn’t want to experience collapsing! It would give my mom more reason to shove me in my bed earlier xD

  12. Yess the ‘her’ in my blog is me ^_^
    He didn’t exactly annoy me at first that’s just how we play but yes he did make me smile at the end. Just know, that wasn’t the WHOLE conversation.

    That conversation took place at 6AM so that’s what I was doing. Then we did it again today except we were on the phone this time.

    Hehehe, no she can’t do a thing about being second best. It’s not my fault..maybe she should control what’s hers before it ends up being mine..we talked about her at 6AM too. I guess I am a sadist, gosh I feel so evil.

  13. Yeah haha. I think some people are just gonked in the head. Letting their emotions get the better of them and making them say something totally stupid. XD

    Oh haha! I see what you mean though; the autoplay is pretty annoying sometimes.

    YES, that was the one. SHOCK. We had that virus on our school computer too – the autorun.inf. It made things go weird. And I ended up giving it to my friend and brother without knowing. D;

    HAHA. My brother is like that with his iPod too – turns it up so loud that he can’t hear anything and then it’s all like *HUH?* when he realises someone was talking to him. XD

    But I have played games before and been too engrossed in something to reply to someone. ^_^

    Yeah, that’s true. And Jewish people don’t celebrate Christmas either. I think we all celebrate new Year! Chinese people are probably excited about Chinese new year too.

    Ah, I went to girls/boys school my whole life. My parents wanted me to go to a girls school but I begged them not to, because I did not want to move after making all these friends. D;

    Same here! I love doing things in the mornings. I can take my time and relax and I have better concentration. 🙂

  14. I don’t actually mean control but I’d rather say get on her job maybe? She’s always saying how she knows her role and plays it well but obviously she doesn’t…in my opinion anyway.

    LOL! I’ve never thought about creating a Fanlisting…really never understood them.

    Hehe, that serves that girl right. I get a kick out of other people getting hurt..especially when they deserve it XD

  15. I avoid fruit-nut chocolate 🙂

    I avoid Pizza seems so gross. My friend said that after they cut up meat on a board, they starting cutting vegetables with the same knife and board. Poor vegetarians.

    Oh! I should said it out loud. Sao mai..I think it’s to do with rice xD (before picture has loaded) Oh!!! Those Dim Sum things ;D Sometimes I have it at Yum Cha.

    Leche flan looks really nice. Is it like a pudding?

    Just ignore and avoid her 😛 Our world is better off without her.

    WHAT?!??! YOU SLEPT AT 5AM ON SCHOOL DAYS?! Aren’t you permanently sleep deprived? When did school start?!?!? o: 😮

    I love NYE fireworks, they are so pretty. But apparently when I was little, I used to cry when they popped so er. xD

    Happy holidays to you as well 😛

  16. Well, telling you off is still bad. T.T Wow, threw a eraser? That sounds like a bad teacher. Once, my friend told me that this guy threw a pencil on the wall and push a students books on the floor. :/

    My teacher makes like dating and love-y jokes. :[ We are too young to date and stuff. We had a jamboree and boys and girls could “ask out” them. Nobody asked me so I’m good. 😀

    Oh yeah I play that game on Facebook to see how many times I could type the alphabetic. 50 words is good. 😀

    Aw, thanks. (: I did actaully!

  17. I don’t really know. I guess they think that its really “dangerous” or something. HAHAHA. Maw na mingaw kaayo nganhi. Especially sa New Year 🙁

    Yeah, I start college at 18 which really sucks kay ang mga classmates nako in elementary kay 2nd year college and I still haven’t graduated highschool T_T

    1. @kissliin,
      I couldn’t post a comment on your site. I don’t know why, but FanUpdate must hate me. T_T Hope you don’t mind me replying to you here.

      Haha, that’s true. Ana cla lisud daw Highschool diha because that’s where you take lots of subjects para inig College sayon nalang. Dinhi kae bug-bug sarado man ka sa College. I don’t know why but I don’t feel that pressured or stressed in my course compared to Nursing, Accountancy and other courses.

      Do you start Grade 1 at 7 there? We do start here at 7 man.

      I’m still confused though. LOL. You call students at grade 7 Freshies/Freshmen?

  18. I didn’t get it until my friends explained to me either xD I haven’t seen the video clip and I hope not to either o_o Britney’s video clips are often very…sexual. Haha.

    I am sometimes scared of the meanings in a song because sometimes they are about sex. *sigh*

    I clean my room when I’m bothered. When I’m angry, I’ll probably end up breaking stuff in my room rather than cleaning it. Heh.

    Oh…wait, view the source code on the site index page, past the header part and up until the footer/table bit. That’s the code I used.

    Penshoppe…I’m guessing its to do with stationery? ;D

    The Face Shop? Is that for like face creams and make up and stuff?

    Aw. That’s so sweet. 😛

    Woah you use heaps of plugins! Which one is the plugin you use for the headers? I must use it! ~_^

    OH!! I thought you slept at 5AM on school days! You scared me for a bit there xD

  19. Ha, ha, ha, very funny, Ms. Snarkypants. XP

    Aww thanks! I’ll see if they’re videotaping the performance, and maybe I’ll put it up. 🙂

    I’ll keep that in mind when I’m onstage! This will be, like, my first real performance. I just don’t want to screw up XD

    How was your christmas? 🙂

  20. Yeah its not very good either. D: If I was a parent I would complain. Gosh it makes me mad.

    Its a party. 😛 Only for the 5th graders. Yus.

    I only play Farm-ville on Facebook! Yeah lots of people use Facebook. I think Twitter is just like it, but Facebook has games and stuff. I like Twitter better for some reason.

    So how was your Christmas? 🙂

  21. It’s good to know that you spent Christmas with your family. We also spent Christmas eve here at home. It was alright, just had the usual noche buena.

    Never tried cooking spaghetti before but it does seem pretty easy hehe. I just don’t have the time to experiment on it or something 😛

  22. Hi Senyth, I’m no longer on hiatus 😀 Oh Merry Christmas to you too! Tell me what you got for Christmas 🙂

    Haha honestly I always eat like a pig, not only during Christmas 😛 LOL but sadly I have to wear braces now so it kinda hurts to eat with it. I will be skinnier then! Oh no I’m way too skinny now and I don’t want to be thinner 🙁

    16 hours of sleep? Wow. My record is 14 hours, so I lose 😛 Haha.

  23. Thank you! I made a few more icon tutorials since then. I love that photo though; I took it when I went to my boyfriend’s house hehe.

    I have a lot of boxes and piles of junk in my room because the stuff – I just can’t bear to throw away. I think I might need it later on or something or that I will like it later on.

    Haha that’s so true. I know some people might think my collection of spoons is weird, but likewise, I probably think something they have is a little strange because I don’t know and understand how much it means to them.

    Aww yeah. That’s really sweet! I have a little bag that’s just full of Christmas cards from this one year. I think it’s 2007. I just got so many that year; I kept them all.

    I still remember a lot of bad things from the past but someone told me to think of it positively. To think of it as something like an obstacle I’ve passed. I’ve overcome it and survived it – the past and what we experience makes us who we are.

    It’s hard not to dwell on what might have been, but sometimes something makes you happy enough to forget those bad times.

    Gonked indeed! 😛

    All viruses are terrible; I agree. They’re so annoying. D;

    I usually just see fireworks on television. I would be really tired if I went out to see the fireworks. We don’t really celebrate new year in a big way. 😛

    Aww poor thing! I hate being stared at sometimes, especially by creepy guys or whatever. D: that’s really nice of you to accompany your friend. 🙂

  24. Haha. Yes! The song is too catchy. Gosh, what is with Britney and her dirty but catchy songs? Give me a break! xD

    Oh. Sometimes when I’m uber pissed, I slam the door and just vent through MSN. And then everyone starts getting pissed at me for making such a loud noise. D:

    Oh! I thought it was for stationery because it had pen in its name. I’m so sad. XD But their clothes are really pretty! <3

    & The face shop looks really good and natural and fruity. Yum. ^^;

    You know your blog titles? That's what I meant (plugin). It looks awesome!!!

    5AM on school days?!?!? What?! School shouldn't start that early so you wake up at five!

    BTW – I downloaded some of the plugins you recommended me. They seem pretty useful. ;D

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