It Took Me Half A Year!

After six months of seeing the same layout worn by the site, I finally got sick of it and decided that it needed a new one. O_O I was planning on having a scrapbook-like theme, but for some reasons, I wasn’t satisfied with the PSD site build and it looks really complicated. I might finish it if procrastination don’t win. XD This took me the whole afternoon to make this. The weird thing is I was just randomly downloading patterns and trying it with Photoshop. And hola, this layout was born. LMAO!

What took me long in this one is the navigation. I sort of promised to myself that I would learn or try something new whenever I make a new layout or something. This is the first time I used jQuery and it’s the navigation that took long in making the theme. Well, I’m loving it. ^_^ BTW, I was finally able to make Coppermine Gallery themes, which I’ve been dying to do ever since I heard of it. Those two are what I’ve accomplished for 2010 in terms of Web Design, and I still wanna learn more. 🙂 I’ve been planning on learning Drupal or Joomla but I keep procrastinating. Haha.

It’ll be Monday tomorrow, we’re going to have a very long exam tomorrow and I haven’t even scanned my notebook yet. D: My mom is not yet back from Bohol, which means that my cousin and I will be having turns on the “mom” role. Brrr. Have to wake up at 5 AM so my brothers won’t be late. Good luck to me. O_O

13 thoughts on “It Took Me Half A Year!”

    The layout is so cute! I would never have done a layout like this! It’s so colourful and bubbly. It really makes me happy 🙂

    If you haven’t notice, you doubled your affies section.

    OMG. Good luck on the exam tomorrow! You’ll do fine, as long as you sleep early and eat your breakfast! You can’t think with an empty stomach, right?

  2. LOL. Don’t worry, I took a picture already. I might upload it on my next blog. HAHA.

    Somehow, I’m just not satisfied with each layout that I make, but I think this one will stay longer than the others. I THINK. LOL. There’s always the urge to change it every now and then but there’s no time. It usually starts by making a layout for the content area of my site, but I like it too much so I make it my own. HAHAHA

    At least your course sounds interesting! And you love it! I don’t really know if I will like Nursing… since Biology seem to be my worst enemy! GRRR.. I’m hoping it won’t be that hard!

  3. OMG, Senyth, this looks amazing! I’m, like, bursting with jealousy :). I wish I could do this because it really does look awesome. I think it’s safe to say, “Best layout yet.”

    Anyways, hope your exam went well and good luck <3. You'll do perfectly fine if you eat your breakfast and get a good night’s sleep. 🙂

    ♥ Katarina.

  4. Nope, we don’t use real money to bid. We are given bid points to use for bidding of our modules.

    Wow. Your navigation is so cool! How did you use jQuery to do it?

  5. I’m sorry you have to wake up so early! :/
    That would suck! IT IS THE SUMMER!

    Good job on the whole layout! I love it. The pattern is awesome, the whole layout is just awesome. Hahahaha. Idk what else to say. XD LOVE IT!

  6. Ahh, the role of being a mum. That’s me on days my mum’s at work and I’m doing… well, nothing at home. And my brother happens to be home too. D:

    I’m really loving this layout! Especially the stripes. I like how they’re vertical so they don’t have a way of “moving” around the screen in any way, and it’s just so neat. I LOVE the colours, and the navigation is amazing! I think it would look snazzy even without using jQuery, but I’m happy that you learned something. 🙂

    I always feel accomplished when I learn something. This year I made a PHP mail script which I am really glad about. :3

    Oooh I have only seen a bit of The Parent Trap! I thought it had an interesting plot, though. :3

    I like Doctor who because it’s sci-fi, sort of, and I find it quite funny. It’s definitely something I like.

    I agree, I love the quote so much because absence really does make the heart grow fonder. :B

    I guess we’re lucky and have super strong immune systems and that is why we are so healthy and rarely get sick. :3 I actually like going to the dentist. I used to want to be one.

    You’re welcome! ^_^ I hope all is well with your love life (for want of a better word xD). <3

    I just love code! 🙂 It still is possible to get angry and pissed off with code, though, so it's only normal that you only code when you feel like it.

    Ahaha we did have a blog together, but moved it. It's at, but we don't blog there much anymore. D:

    My iPhone was about $1000 in Australian dollars. Pretty expensive! In America it is only $200, apparently.

  7. Sorry for not visiting for so long .>.<
    I absolutely adore your new layout <3
    it's so warm and tropical and fruity. XD
    I love the navigation too:3
    It's simple and classy :3

    Goodluck with everything :3
    and congratulations with your accomplishments :3
    Learning can be really fun (cliche, but …).

  8. hey! i sent you an email regarding one of the premades i downloaded. problem solved so disregard the email. 🙂

    anyways, i love this layout! specially the nav on top! super jealous. wish i had the time and motivation to learn and stuff.

  9. Oh my, oh my! Your new layout looks absolutely amazing, :D. It’s adorable; I .<. Nothing too new or unique; I'm not too good when it comes to turning regular layouts into WordPress-themed layouts. It's all so new to me! xD.

    Good luck on the "mom" role, :p. If I had to take over for my mom, I'd probably pass out, 0.0. I'm not even kidding! Lmao, my brothers are insane.

    I’ve never been such a big fan of iPhones, xD. They annoyed me, 0.o. Haha, this is the third iPhone I’ve had; my daddy’s obsessed over them, =_=’.

    I really don’t want glasses; they make me look weird, Dx. Contacts are better, but my mom says they are risky and hurts really badly at first and then they’re really uncomfortable later on, o: .

    Oh, the travel time! How far do you live from your school? I used to live right across the street from my school, xD. And now I live about 3 minutes away, so I don’t have to worry TOO much about the ride, :D.

    1. @Schuylar,

      Thank you! I would have commented on your site, but it has the BRB sign right now. XD

      My mom is back now, so yeah, I’m back to normal. Haha.

      Wow. My dad isn’t fascinated over iPhones and such. I’d love to have an iTouch but that means I have to save money first. Haha.

      It takes 30 minutes for me to arrive school if I use the normal, usual route. Haha. 3 minutes? Wow. LUCKY! I’m jealous. LOL.

      1. @Senyth,
        Oh, yeah. The BRB sign. I switched hosts, and I’m still trying to get WordPress to actually work again, so that’s why I put up the BRB sign, xD.

        Wait, aren’t iPhones and iTouches almost the same? 0.o. Besides the fact that one is an actual phone & stuff . . . ;p.

        30 minutes, o: . Oh dang. That’s even farther than from where I live, to the high school I plan on going to. It’s 20 minutes on a weekend morning with no traffic, =_=’.

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