I’m Floating Down The River

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My pet cat gave birth to 5 cute kittens. Again. XD She never stops; if she were a woman, she’d be one lusty woman. :haha It’s so sad though, that 2 of them passed away. My dad said they were malnourished. It sounds funny imagining it, but we were scared all of them would die. So every night, after I feed them, I put hydrite powder in their water and made them drink with a syringe to make sure they had drank something.

The remaining three don’t know where they had to poo, and would do it anywhere. We have two kittens who look like Naruto, my favorite pet who passed away last August 🙁 And one of them runs around the house and would play with anything. XD

I feel pretty happy now that they’ve gained some strength and can walk without tumbling down. My mom told me that I should have taken Medicine, so I could be a Veterenarian. LOL.

I had always wanted to be a Pediatrician while I was a kid. Yup, that was my childhood dream. But when I got older and when I knew that it takes 10 years, my will wavered. :S And I took a course that was far far from Medicine. 😛 I enjoy it though, else I would have shifted long ago. 🙂

And I think there’s something wrong with me because I always feel sleepy, even after sleeping. 😐 I’ve been sleeping lots these days even when I have many things to do. Someone, please stop me. :O

I joined Tricia’s contest, which will end on the 21st. Can you, guys help me win by clicking this? They’d only count unique hits so that would be quite difficult. Your clicks would really mean a lot to me. ~_^ You can also tell your friends to click for me. Teehee. XD Thanks a lot, guys.

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  1. Yeah someone else said I could, watch online.. I’ll have to do a google search for that 🙂 Yeah, it’s a channel from the company Sky and it’s like the cinema’s really you search on screen the films they are showing and then order it, like at 7pm I might order Twilight for the next showing of 8:30pm :’) it’s pretty cool really, a mini cinemas. Your welcome, they are still a good choice though! Yeah your right I bet it does, as you get to the end of college it’s like really serious and more work to get everything finished on time, like the end of school. It will be worth it though when you get those results eh?

  2. Aww, the kittens must be cute! It’s so sad so many died though D; I remember when i had 3 tiny little rabbits and my mom and I would feed them with a syringe, they wee so cute but 1 of them died 🙁

    Pediatritician? That would probably be interesting >_< When I was little I would plan with my friend that her and I would work as Veterinarian's at the same store, haha.

    That's weird that you're always sleepy.. I can't seem to ever fall asleep.. always wide awake ):

  3. Aw~ Kittens! I remember when my neighbor’s dog had 7 puppies but 3 passed away since they didn’t get out fast enough. D: So saddd… but still the 7 were sooo cute. I saw them the day after they were born and they were sooo small! Once they grew they were all fluffy and you could pick them up and cuddle them. 🙂 It was so cute because there were 7! 😀

    Aw That’s sweet of your neighbor. 🙂 What a good person!

  4. Aw, you should post pictures of these kitties. I’m sure they look adorable!

    I’m sorry about the other kitties who didn’t make it. 🙁
    Welll, at least the kitties now are getting healthier by the day. 😀

    I helped you click the link for the contest.
    Good luck.

  5. haha yeah, learning a language is the hardest 🙁 I’ve learnt mandarin since I was 8, but to date I can’t speak fluent mandarin D: I only know some familiar words.

    Anyway, I’m fine, thanks for asking 🙂 My life has been so fun these days (excluding my love life), lol 😛 How about you?

  6. Im good thank you 🙂 How are you?

    :haay your smileys are the best.

    AWWW Kittens. I love kittnes. How is she? Must be tired from giving birth to five kittnes. wow

    Two of them died? Im not letting my cat read this blog haha. Not all of them make it. Its really sad, considering cats have the funniest personality and it is a waist. Hope you gave them names any way. They deserved names.

    Haha, i wanted to be a therensic scientist when i was a kid. I cant even spell it 🙁

  7. aww no that sucks you dont get friends over there! 🙁 good thing for the internet, but its hard to find a safe site, and with good quality. I was trying to watch twilight yesterday but I closed it down cos I didn’t want to harm my computer 😮 no gossip girl either!!? it does suck that! I love GG, I haven’t watched it in a while though as i forgot it was back on and just lost track of it 🙁 aww im sorry for making you jelous! :haha my box set was £50 which is $100 but it should normally be £100 which is about $200, worth it though! my advertising is free 🙂 i don’t think i should have prices until my site is popular, if it ever is.. and even then i would only put small prices! but now its all free! i just ask for my site to be advertised back, you cansee all the info here: http://www.influence.innocentsky.com/getadvertised.php

  8. Yeah, Mandarin is so confusing 🙁 they don’t use usual letters like English, they use Mandarin letters instead and those letters make my brain overload 0.o When they use basic letters like what we use in English, they put a tune on it. Yeah, the way you pronounce a word must be followed with a tune. Kinda hard to learn 🙁

    Heehee thanks Senyth! 😀 Glad you like my layout 🙂 I use the font Cafe Rojo for the “RAWR!” and I forgot what font I used for my site name 0.o I think it’s Hey Gorgeous xD

  9. ahahaha, you looked at lice!? >_< What did it look like? 😛

    MLIA – My Life Is Average. That little clipping is from the site mylifeisaverage.com, so it wasnt my teacher.. sadly. I'll state that in my next blog, so people won't get confused ^.^

    haha thanks x3, cssbake.com is an interesting one..
    I hope those rabbits are going well too, we have them to a pet store after a few months (:

  10. Kitties are cute! If only I don’t have asthma, I probably have pets, too. Give us some snapshots so we’ll SQUEEEE! over them. Heehee.

    Yeah, medical and law courses take a lot of time before you finish it.

  11. Haha WordPress marked your comment as spam for some reason.

    Sometimes you also don’t expect things to happen in your day. There are a lot of movies that follow the bad days of people.

    Blogs are like an online diary – I also blog when I need to have a rant. It helps to get things out if you don’t gave anyone to rant to.

    Haha that might have been when I was trying to fix the problem – or it might have been a glitch or something. My whole site (except a few pages) runs on WordPress so if you don’t see my site at all – maybe I broke something, haha. I guess in general you gotta be careful with ant plugin.

    If I catch the train to work, I would have to change trains twice because there isn’t a train that goes directly there. Furthermore, I would have to walk from the station to work which is pretty far. But some bus drivers drive like they’re in a heavy metal machine and it can get pretty scary.

    Haha I seem to talk avoid bubble tea a lot. I suddenly thought of adding a tag to my blog called ‘bubble tea’. I think they also call it boba somewhere. But it’s great stuff and very refreshing. 🙂

    It’s pretty expensive here though, so I don’t buy it often.

    At midnight for us, the Internet usually gets faster because there are usually less people using it, so it’s less busy.

    Aww that’s cute your cat gave birth. Sad that a few of them died, though. 🙁

    That would have been annoying having them poo everywhere. But I hope they’re learning!

    I used to want to be a vet because I really liked animals. But then I changed my mind.

    I also wanted to become an orthodontist but when I found out that it would take 12 years, I was shocked and changed my mind as well.

    Paediatricians have always scared me. I don’t know why. XD

    I clicked that link for you! 😀

    Man I’ve been feeling sleepy lately but that might be because I’m not getting enough sleep. XD

  12. Wow, sounds like your a loving pet owner Senyth! I don’t like cats or kittens much so yeah LOL.

    Oh, sorry. I was laughing cause I thought his name was Cyril like C-rel LOL. We have a funny joke about the word C-rel LMFAO. I’m so immature. 😛

  13. 5 kittens ?That’s a lot..2 died?Aww 🙁 Can you give me one? ^_^ :haha I love the smileys.So cute x3 Anyway i clicked for you on the competetion 🙂

  14. haha, yeah they are pretty nice designs!

    Well we found the rabbits in the wild with a dead mother half eaten(probably by wolf D: ) and so we took care of the little babies for a bit and we didn’t really know how to take care to well so we decided to give them to the pet store, plus they were passing away so we thought that we might as well.

  15. Sorry I’ve been so inactive 🙁 Read my blog and you’ll see why…

    Aw, kittens <3 . I've never been much for cats…but kittens are cute. A lusty cat? :haha xD That's classic.

    So how've you been lately…since i've been off the online world x(

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