I SEA You! πŸŒŠπŸ’¦

The Philippines is an archipelago — this country took it seriously that no man is an island. When we want to visit a diferrent province, most often than not we would have to travel by boat or by plane. One can only expect that this country has a lot of beaches.

Last month, I visited Bantayan Island, which is known for its pristine white beaches along with its long and wide sandbars. I haven’t been to Boracay, but this has been coined as better than the latter. Going to Bantayan is a tiring trip, but once you’ve stepped out of the ferry, your fatigue will be replaced with excitement and glee.

This was what greeted us when we arrived in Sta. Fe — that long strip of the beach with its waves folding on to the sand. It was a gloomy day, but that didn’t deter us from roaming around happily.

Bantayan is a small town, give it one day and you’ll be able to visit all of its nook and cranny. We rented a motorcycle and drove around town disregarding the rain! It was a fun experience. Details on our road trip will be on a separate post.

The best thing about this trip is that the beach isn’t crowded at all. In fact, I felt like I owned the place. I was swimming happily and no one could photo bomb on my photos. Come summer time, this place is surely crowded, so do visit this place during off-peak season like on the last quarter of the year to avoid inconvenience.

Swimming is my therapy — I could relax and let the waves and my thoughts carry me where the city life couldn’t. Suddenly, I felt a pang of nostalgia — actually, this isn’t my first time to visit Bantayan. I vaguely remember when I was a child, my family and I visited here. We have always been fond of beaches and I grew up swimming with my grandparents and siblings every summer in Bohol.

When I remember Bantayan, I also remember my grandmother. It was low tide when we went to the beach, so we walked further to the sea where there were lots of seaweed. I didn’t want to step on them because I was afraid that a merman would grab me so I frantically asked her to carry me. She was still strong back then. I remember her smiling while carrying me in her hip.

Whenever I think of the beach, I think of her — it is my fondest memory of her.

I miss you, Mama Omang.

11 thoughts on “I SEA You! πŸŒŠπŸ’¦”

  1. Aww that’s such a sweet memory about your grandmother! It made me smile! =3

    And that beach looks beautiful! I haven’t gone to the beach since I was a kid. I remember always bringing my big giraffe float! That thing was awesome. I never did learn to swim, but I always liked going in the shallow parts of water. One reason I really miss our pool.

    Looked like you had a lovely time, so jealous!

  2. I’ve never been a huge fan of the beach, but I’ve never been to a beautiful beach like this. California and New Jersey beaches aren’t that great — the water is usually pretty dirty and the sand is full of trash. I’d love to go to a beach that looks like this and isn’t insanely crowded. I think being able to look out and see blue water touching blue sky would be absolutely amazing.

    These photos look great! I’m glad you could reminisce on great memories while playing in the sea.

  3. I love how there are so many beaches around the Philippines. Bantayan Island looks beautiful! Definitely a relaxing environment away from typical civilization XD.

    It’s always good to remember your loved ones. That’s a sweet memory you shared with your grandmother. I’m glad you got to experience that memory when you visited Bantayan :).

  4. I’ve never heard of Bantayan, so thank you for introducing this to me. Your photos are lovely, and the beach looks so peaceful without the crowds! I am not much about swimming, but I do like walking along the coasts because the ocean sounds are just so relaxing.

    And thanks for sharing your memory of your grandmother. This reminds me of my own grandmother whom I miss dearly. I really enjoyed this post!

  5. reading this post and looking at all the photos make me miss going to the beach though only for the sake of the sea. i can’t stand heat and the sun which is why i always avoid beaches. i live in indonesia and we’re often dubbed as the world’s largest archipelago but i haven’t been to a lot of beaches except for in bali. there’s this one place, called raja ampat island which is located in west papua province – this place is perfect for people like me, people who want to stay under the water and dive or snorkel but i’ve never been there so i wouldn’t know. just speaking from assumptions haha

  6. Oh man! I’ve been to Bantayan Island too and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! It’s so clean and the sand is so fine and white! <3 I also love how cheap seafood is over there, and huuuuge ones too! I totally agree with you about feeling like you own the place – I definitely felt like that when I came to visit even though it was summertime!

    I wish I could go back to Bantayan soon <3

  7. Thanks for sharing your experience on Bantayan! I’ve embarrassingly not heard of it before I need to explore the Philippines more in the future, I’ve been in the UK too long. XD It looks like such a beautiful place and was sound to my ears (or to my eyes? lol) when I read that there was hardly anyone there. Now that’s my type of beach! πŸ˜›

    I love the little story about your grandmother, I think it’s adorable that she would protect you from a merman. <3

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