How To Define The Eyebrows

Eyebrows play an important part in a makeup look since they frame your face. They can either make or break the look that you’re going for. Having shaped, trimmed and defined eyebrows makes a big difference. Aren’t you wondering why girls with makeup on don’t have messy eyebrows? In my opinion, you’d look like a clown if you have messy brows, not to mention weird if you have defined eyes but barely visible eyebrows. I’m sure you wouldn’t want your brows to look like this:

In order to achieve those perfect looking brows, you just need to do two steps: shape and fill them in. Don’t freak out if you don’t look exactly the same. You just need them to look similar. 🙂

You can shape your brows by following its natural shape. If you’re too scared to do it yourself, you can have it trimmed by a professional or in a salon. 🙂 Once they’re nicely shaped, you need to groom them at least once a week just so to get rid of the stray hairs that are sprouting up.

Now, you’re going to need some tools to do that. I suggest you have a pair of tiny scissors(your regular scissors won’t work because you need to cut tiny hairs), razors for shaving the stray ones, tweezers for yanking the hairs that are too tiny to get shaved off, and a brow comb and brush, which you’re gonna need in order to hold the hairs up while you’re cutting them. Trimming and shaping your eyebrows doesn’t really mean you’re making your brows thinner, unless you shaved or plucked way too much.

This is how my brows look like after trimming and shaping them. They look a lot better, right? After all that shaping and grooming, you need to fill your brows in especially if you have sparse brows, like I do, just so to enhance them more. 🙂

I either use a pencil or a brow powder and an angled brush for a more precise application or a thicker angled brush and apply it on my brows for a subtle color. Using a thicker brush is my go to application since I’m always running late in the morning. Right now, I’m using Etude House Drawing Eye Pencil in #2 Gray Brown because I find it quick to apply and doesn’t have any red undertones. Then I set my brows with MAC Browset in Girl Boy because I have light-colored hair, so my eyebrows match my hair color and so they stay in place.

If I were to wear only one makeup product on my face, I’d totally go with brow powders! Even with little to no makeup, it can give you that made up look.

Hope this post helps! 🙂

2 thoughts on “How To Define The Eyebrows”

  1. My eyebrows looks kinda weird. That’s why I try to cover it with bangs because it’s easier than fixing it. I tried using tweezer and it hurts like hell. =.=

    Thanks for the tip though. Once I got the courage to *fix* my eyebrow maybe I’ll try the products you mentioned. 🙂

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