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I was so happy last month when I finally got my external HD with a capacity of 320 GB. My internal HD, which was partitioned to three parts and Drive D was entitled as mine, only had 10GB left, which almost suffocated the Drive as I look at it. :S I feel kind of sorry for it because I kept downloading videos. You know, those stuffs that can keep me up all night: KDramas. 🙂

I hate streaming from websites. For one, it looks so pixellated and if I got disconnected from the net just for a fraction of a second, it will stop streaming and I have to hit refresh and start streaming from the start again. 🙁 Our internet speed isn’t fast; it’s only 50 kpbs, but I can’t complain. At least we no longer have that super laggy dial-up and have the bother of buying a new card when the hours are all consumed.

My problem now is my external HD won’t work even after I plug it in the power supply, press the switch and connect it to the USB port. :! I hope its defect is just the power supply, and not the hard drive itself, because I’d go totally insane. I put all my videos and pictures there. A part of me will die if I lose all those. >_< Anyway, my friend's sister, who's in another country, wants to send my friend a laptop, but she's scared as to how to send it so it will come by her doorsteps’ safely. She thought of mailing it but she doesn’t have much trust about it. 😐 My point is, if any of you guys would send a package or something, how do you send it? I don’t have much ideas, so I’m asking your opinions or maybe you experienced it beforehand. Thanks a lot. 😛

BTW, I have finished setting up the writing portfolio that I was talking about a little while ago. Go visit if you want. ^.^

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  1. I don’t have an idea on how to send packages either. I understand how your sister’s friend feels. A laptop, or any other thing to send as a package, should be handled well and should arrive safely to the other person. I’m going to ask other people about that and maybe I could tell you what they said.

    Oh, I’m sorry about the hard drive. Yeah, I also hope it would work sometime. I hate hate hate losing important stuff. It happened to me lots of times before. Like, every year? Good luck with that! 🙂

  2. Guuuuh, I feel so bad for slacking off. I still have so much homework to do.
    🙁 I still have lots of stuff to add onto my site, but I still haven’t put it up.

  3. I think if I were going to send something that expensive to someone so far away, I wouldn’t know what to do. If you were going to BUY them a laptop, it’d be so much easier because you could simply have it sent straight to them. But, unfortunately, if it’s a laptop you’re sending you aren’t able to do that. SO. . .in my opinion. . .you should probably just send it and take a chance, because there’s really no other way to send it 🙁 . I can’t be much help there ; I’ve never sent something that big over the sea! lol 🙂 .

  4. Oh, I know right!? I can remember the Neopets days! I’m not sure if you remember them, or were a participant, but wow! Everyone had a Neopets graphics section – & there were lots that were super popular! Phew. The new trendier thing is layouts like yours – containers, very no-celeb. . . 😛 I like them without celebrities, because you’re free to do as you please! It’s what makes them so enjoyable, lol 🙂

    Yeah – my only fandom was Twilight, &I’m over that now! Pheew.

    Haha 🙂 Yeah . I’ve never had to send a laptop over seas. . .but I would just take the chance; but that’s just me. Or, buy them one, but that’s too expensive these days :/

  5. Woow. . .that is really pink! 😉 I love the one with Ginny, or whatever her name is; lmao; the sparkles are all over her face and it makes her look very white-headed, lmao (that’s probably not even a word).

    My biggest fandom is Harry Potter, too, since I fell in love with those books/movies so quickly ! <3 I can't wait for the 6th movie to come out! 🙂 It's going to be great.

    Haha- thanks. Well, people say they're illegal to use, since they're copyrighted images. But what does it matter ? Does, for example , Selena Gomez go on the Internet and look at sites with her pictures and fine each person who uses her face ? I'm sure not.

  6. Haha – that is a very pink layout, but it’s also very nice! I can’t say anything about it, compared to some of my old ones. I remember using DIV positioning. . .containers look so much more professional, actually. Haha 🙂

    My only HUGE fandom is Harry Potter, too . 😛 It’s so great!

    Haha- I’ve heard using images of celebrities is illegal ?

  7. I remember when DIV positioning was hard for me! 😮 But then I graduated to containers, which are actually a lot easier than I thought, and so much more professional, too. lol 🙂

    Haha, I remember having a huge crush on Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter). That was back when I was like. . .8, and thought he was the hottest guy on Earth. But I think every girl who goes through a HP Fan Phase has a crush on one of the guys, lmao.

    Yeah; I think if you properly credit the photographers for each photo, it doesn’t really matter because you’re not claiming copyright to them. . .but i don’t know :/ No one every said who the photographer was, because I don’t think anyone even knew!

    Yeah; one of your comments went to spam as well. . .which is why I posted a double for one, because I didn’t know if you got it!

    6th movie. . .I can’t wait till it comes out on DVD 😉

  8. Lol, I’m probably double-commenting here, but I need some help with something on my WordPress that’s been driving me up the wall lately.

    Okay, I want to edit the way my actual posts look, but my posts look the same as my pages set -up. So, for example, if I have “Posted on Nov. 2, 2009 under ____,” then my pages are the same and I was wondering how people change that ..

    Do you know ? Becaause honestly, like I said it’s driving me crazyyy!

  9. K-dramas f’sho ! (:
    Those definitely keep my up all night, seriously. Except when my mom or dad force me to go upstairs and I can’t take my laptop up. /:
    I go on for Korean dramas. Youtube has them too, but you can’t really trust them. xD

    Ahh, sorry, I don’t know any way to get a package safely except for that person to come visit her sister herself, but yeah.

    Well, what’s up?! (:

  10. My new job is pretty much data entry/graphics design. I’m working for a company that is creating an educational product. I still have my other job though, because this one is only temporary and will finish after summer ends.

    Thank you! Yeah, it was actually for our birthdays back in May, haha.

    OH, you should have seen. I was laughing myself. I’m sure I wouldn’t have been if I hurt myself though. 😛

    Haha well I really am a geek at heart but I haven’t embraced that a lot lately. The kind of book I’m reading is geekish though; I kind of meant it that way. 😉

    LOL, thank you! :3

    I can’t see your writing portfolio. :S It comes up as “page not found”. :S

    I sure hope there’s nothing wrong with the hard drive itself. I’m sure even if part of it was damaged, someone (a professional) could at least get a few of your files back by looking at the inside of it. Fingers crossed though!

    I’m not sure how you would go about sending a laptop without paying a lot for secure delivery. And even then I’m not 100% percent sure how you go about that. :/

    50kbps sounds alright! Mine goes up to 200 on good days. But it’s better than dialup! :3

  11. Hey 🙂

    Thanks a lot for joining the campaign 🙂 Means a lot to me and all the other members :)!

    Yep.. and it’s not even like you have to add it it’s already there – most of the time. So why take the time and delete it?! It’s getting ridiculous!

    Hehe, good luck on blogging every day!

    OH wow.. you managed to use all the space on your HD? I always thought that was impossible.. though I managed that one time too xD My computer was soooooo slow after that.. I typed and the letters needed like 30 seconds to a minute to show up xD

    If I get a laptop I want an external HD too.. I have losing my files and I made many bad experiences with computers so far.. I don’t really trust them xD

  12. Actually, Senyth, your comment about changing the look of pages and posts really helped 🙂 Thank you! Lol .

    Yeah, I learned DIV positioning first. That was probably the very first one I learned, just because it’s so easy. Containers took a lot longer to learn, and if hadn’t had to learn them to make my layout look right. . .I probably wouldn’t have learned them. lol 🙂

    Oh, I know ! Right now, after seeing the 6th movie, I’m all about Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy). <3 IDK why, I just am ?

  13. Hey. Sorry I’ve been so inactive lately. Lots going on. I tried to sit down to write a blog, and ended up rushing out the door 5 minutes later. I’m really sorry. I need to be a better affiliate. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks my schedule will slow down.

  14. I always wanted to get an external hard drive. Maybe even a portable one. 😀
    I’m always downloading those japanese magazines, and looking at my computer space left kills me.

    Ooo, I don’t know about the sending mail thing.
    Maybe ask a post man or something for advice?

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