Hey You!

It’s alright it’s alright
You don’t have to stop the way you’re feeling
‘Cos you’ve got time to get it right
Let your mind know where it’s leading
It’s alright, it’s alright
– Hey You by A1

When I feel down or negative, I listen to this song because I feel like the boy band is comforting me through their lyrics and upbeat tempo. During the middle of the song, I end up singing with them and imagining their handsome faces, smiling at me… And I can’t help but feel giddy and smile with myself. LOL. There are times when my dad catches me smiling, alone, facing the computer and he’ll tease me. That was kinda embarrassing, but I guess he’s used to it.

Last year, A1 — who is my favorite boy band since High School BTW — came here in Cebu and I wasn’t even able to attend their concert due to time and other personal reasons. I got so disheartened. T_T And felt even sadder when I saw some pictures of them and girl fans all over Facebook and Instagram, hugging them!! Waaah! When they come back here, I’ll be sure to attend, hug and kiss(on the cheeks) them, especially BEN! HAHA. I’m sure my special someone won’t mind. 😉 HEHE. I am now literally smiling to myself right now and my cousin here is looking at me as if she’s creeped out. 😛

That’s it! Now, I’m feeling positive and good. And I end this rambling now as I go on an A1 soundtrip.  ^_^

8 thoughts on “Hey You!”

  1. hi senyth!your blog design is super sweet 🙂
    i’m really happy for cebu since i noticed that most of the artists who visit our country also book a schedule there 🙂

    i miss that place, i hope i can visit again soon. have a nice day!

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