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Whoops! I finally changed the layout. Yay! This took me half a day to finish and I was lucky for my siblings are out playing Computer games at some internet cafe. Haha. Thankfully, I have WordPress installed on my localhost so it made my work faster. I hope the color combination isn’t too mismatched as I really suck at coming up with a good combination. T_T I’d probably have this layout up for a month, which is quite short for me, because the site would look crazy if I still have a Christmas layout even if it’s already February. XD How do you find the layout? Please comment and critique. πŸ™‚

Coding the structure of the layout was pretty easy, but changing the styles for the heading, comments and other tags is difficult for me. :S I know the content is quite small, but I made it so that people with a 800 x 600 resolution could see the whole layout and I don’t like seeing the scrollbars when viewing a site. I have been doing div container layouts for a while and I feel the want to try something new. Do you guys can suggest something aside from using containers?

Anyway, the hearing we went to was pretty boring and disappointing. I was expecting that there’d be a debate between the two parties, but there wasn’t any. 😐 And some important persons were absent so there was only one witness who testified. It was only yesterday that I knew that in one hearing, there could be more than one criminal cases to be held. Quite surprising, really. And what annoyed me is that there is this one woman who kept roaming around with a cheesy smile on her face. She was really distracting us and we were already straining our ears because the Judge’s and the lawyers’ voices were so little that only their butts can hear them. >_< All of the cases we attended were about possession of drugs, and robbery, which is not a surprise. One of my classmates was really afraid when she saw that there were prisoners in the room. I wasn't afraid though because I know that they wouldn't do a stupid thing that would make their sentence even worse. I was appalled and felt pity at the same time at the only aged-woman there. I wasn't able to make what her case was about, though because I got tired of trying to hear what they were saying, and they were saying things so fast. Brrr. We didn't have classes yesterday and I thought today is Sunday, when it's not. Haha. I can watch Anime and Kdramas today and tomorrow. ^_^

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  1. I love your new layout Senyth! It’s so pretty, I’m jealous. ~_^ At least you can make a christmas layout.. I JUST CANT because..well I CANT LOL. :stars

    DestroyTwitter? I’ve never heard of that. LOL. I don’t even use TweetDeck when I’m on the computer, I just use the site. LOL. I use TweetDeck on my dad’s iphone that about it. ^_^

    I guess I don’t mind horror things, LOL. Okay, I admit I’m scared of clowns and stuff but yeah…erm I do read alot of horror books. LOL. Beautiful dead isn’t a horror book anyways… It’s MYSTERY TRUST ME. πŸ™‚

  2. Awwwwww I’m in love with your new layout, little gingy bread man, awww how cute!! I love it Senyth! Great work! I think the mixture of colours is great, festive season is so colourful after all and it’s better than the boring traditional red, green scenerio. πŸ˜€ I love Alicia Keys, she’s brilliant is’nt she? I love rock songs too, I love all sorts really apart from rap music and dance with those awful heavy, repetitive beats, urgggh. I love lady gaga’s songs too but she’s crazy! lol. Haha, I hate car heating systems they always make me sick, luckily I’ve never come across strong air freshner sickness πŸ˜€ Your classmates think your girly because you like gossip girl? awww.. I just keep falling in love with this layout, look at the little ribbon down there vv hehe.

  3. I always buy albums haha. ~_^ I’m a music-geek.

    What are you on about? LOL. Your layouts are amazing, I don’t like mine, the one I have now. It’s too..DULL. u.u

    I find clowns scary, with there white faces and red all over there mouths and stuff. D:

  4. LOL. Really? I never have downloaded illgeally. . . . YEP. I know. LOL. It’s the same with I’ve never cheated in my whole life. O_O

    Awe. Thanks,! x3

    THAT MCDONALDS GUY IS THE GUY WHO STARTED IT. That clown scared me so much, that’s the reason i hate clowns cause of that mcdonald guy. . . . . . .

  5. Haha thats the same with me πŸ™‚ you don’t want to get out of your nice warm bed into the freezing cold weather haha. Yeah it’s just handy to store your work and others so its easy to access resources to use πŸ™‚ yeah I’m glad you did, this looks great! Because she just acts really, really wierd have you ever seen an interview with her? if not check one out on youtube, you’ll see haha!

  6. Yeah it’s great deviantART there is all sorts on there to use! πŸ˜€ Haha that was nicely put about the genitals..lol, yeah that is the rumour, that she is supposed to really be a man who has had a sex change to a women, I don’t believe it either to be honest.. but she is quite wierd! her outfits are really unusual and funky though, she’s confident and not afraid to try new things, I’ll give her that! πŸ˜€

  7. LOL. I’m extremely talkative ^_^ If you had a sleepover with me, I would be chattering away…unless I get too tired.

    Our school isn’t like as bad as Mean Girls, it’s more of a behind the scenes sort of thing, like other groups bitch about each other behind their backs kinda. @_@

    I know, teachers can be extremely slack.

    My room is a complete mess at the moment, there’s magazine scraps, newspaper scraps, scraps of everything on the desks and floors. :S

    Woah, that scrapbook is similar to our visual arts project. We had to make a picture book instead and our teachers made it sound like a life-or-death issue D:

    Ugh, I hate people who are extremely stuck up when it comes to favourites and teachers. So hellish.

    :O I thought I almost lost my phone once when it fell on the bus. Thank goodness the bus driver found it ^^

    I love love love your new layout! It’s adorable x3 But the background doesn’t repeat properly because it’s a bit mismatched? Like it doesn’t line up properly but other than that, I love! The ribbon at the bottom is just adorable πŸ˜€

    Aw that sucks about the court hearing D:

    There isn’t a lot of drug possession or robbery cases here.. I think there’s more like murder and violence kinda stuff. But it isn’t often thank god xD

    You watch Korean dramas?! My friends are obsessed with them xD The only one I remember hearing about is Boys With Flowers or something.

  8. I’ve finally gotten around to adding you, and I’m wondering if you have a link button, because I can’t seem to find one.

    This background looks like scrapbook paper that I’ve seen. It doesn’t tile at the far right in my resolution… then again, mine’s wider than normal (1280). Actually, the whole thing looks like a scrapbook. It’s very nice and actually reminds me of my aunt. πŸ™‚

    Oh wait, I just read about the reason why the background is like that. Ah, well. I think the color scheme looks okay… it doesn’t horribly clash, at least, you know? πŸ™‚

    …Hearings? Were you doing jury duty? (Sorry if I missed something. I’ve been so annoyed with the stealer that I’ve rather dropped off the site for the past week or more. -_-)

  9. I dropped by earlier but I hadn’t read your blog. I didn’t have time earlier! But your layout is gorgeous! It’s amazing. I love the colours and the design.

    I have been using containers for about a year now. All I do it edit it around to make it look a bit different and such. I just like having containers and they make things a lot more flexible. πŸ™‚

    Even though it took you a while to do the CSS – it’s wonderful! All your work paid off, believe me.

    I’m sorry to hear that the hearings weren’t very good, especially with people missing. :S

    I wouldn’t have been afraid of the criminals either. I would have liked the experience regardless. But you are right; they wouldn’t dare do something terrible in there and make their sentence worse.

    That’s a little shocking that there was an aged woman there. O_o I would have been appalled too.

    A lot of cases seem to be for the same old same old thing. Robbery and drugs!

    You’re welcome! I love my containers though, as I’ve said – so I never change from them. I just like having the layout centered. πŸ™‚

    That’s true! Sometimes I swear that time (according to the clock) stops for a bit when I watch it. When I don’t, it flies!

    I love Twitter! I used to tweet all the time but I’ve cut down on it. I know people can get annoyed. I follow this stupid annoying person who tweets nearly every minute. It is really annoying because usually it’s about crap I don’t understand. ._.

    Law doesn’t seem so bad to me, but it sounds like a serious thing to study – just not my thing, personally!

    Haha I fear getting lost, actually. And I also fear what will happen when I get lost. :O

    What a stupid seminar. I can’t believe they would sort of con you into converting like that. I understand about learning about it in school sometimes but for people to try and convert others is wrong.

    I think I went alright! My knees tend to shake a lot. But I didn’t shake when performing. I’m worried I didn’t smile enough; they tell you to smile haha!

    OHH you won’t regret it, if you ever open a fanlisting. Approving members – you can get an email notification and I promise you, all you have to click is one button. πŸ˜€

  10. Firstly, OMG what an awesome new layout you got here! :O Awww I’m in love with it. I saw some of my friends have changed their layouts and all of them amaze me :O I’m jealous!

    Hey did you change your smilies as well? I love these new ones ^_^ They’re as cute as the previous ones!

    Aw those people in the court sound pretty weird to me, eh. The woman with her cheesy smile, the lawyer with his small voice, etc. Haha.

  11. I soo love your layout! It’s very nice and Christmas-y. I dont see any problem with the color scheme because I think they match. πŸ˜€ I love yellow and purple together. πŸ˜€

    Sad to know that the hearing was boring. And whaat? You cant hear their voices? I thought that in courts, everyone speaks loudly. 😐 I, too, was surprised when you said that multiple cases are being held in one hearing. Ohh. :))

  12. Hmm, yeah Ive heard that rumour about her too, do you believe it? I don’t think I do. Thanks for following me on DA! I’m following you too, I think ~_^

  13. LOVE THE LAYOUT!! on the contrary the colors are very easy to the eyes and they mesh well! Yellow and purple, nice! πŸ˜€ hehee

    Aww man, sad to hear that the hearing wasn’t nice πŸ™ I was able to go to Bilibid once, some inmates there actually are falsely accused and you can really see some changes in them.

  14. Yes, I’m a biggg procrastinator. I still haven’t study for any finals. D; One of my finals is tomorrow, too. Haha, so I’ll be spending my evening studying. My excuse is that I have to study the night before, otherwise I forget everything! πŸ˜› Aha.

    I like the new layout. Like a lot. xD I’m in need of a Christmas layout, but every time I make one I hate it haha.

    That sucks that the court hearings were boring. D;

  15. Yeah, it wouldn’t be much of a contest if I let everyone else do the contest for me. Dx Well… for the things I’m having you do, you have a week to do them so they’re the best you can make them; don’t worry about the time, I’ll make sure you’ll have so much that you’ll get sick of it. XD Hopefully you don’t get bombarded with too many projects though.

    I know… I’m pretty much obsessed with the internet; how could one survive without it? Though, not having it these past few days made me a little more… “sane”. I actually had time to breath for a change so in the end, it works out for the better. My laptop is still broken though. T.T

    Yeah, I was freaking out too because I haven’t bothered backing up my site yet; imagine if I had lost everything!

    Yep… I have a lot of comments to return now; as you can see, I’m taking my time.

    Striking eyes, eh? One of my friend’s nose flairs. XD It’s kind of funny though because you can never take her seriously, even when she is mad (which, is kind of sad).

    WHOO! Nice to see the new layout. πŸ™‚ It’s very lovely; I also love how all the colors clash together. I’m jealous. πŸ™

    I think it looks perfect! Of course, not many things irk me anyways.

    Oh wow, you went to hearing? I’d like to go to one but sheesh, is it me or do they just sound so boring? I suppose going to one would probably make me think twice before ever committing a crime (I would never do it anyways but still).

  16. Heck no, the colors are absolutely perfect! I was surprised and excited to see the new christmas layout when I got here πŸ˜€ Made my day, and you did such an awesome job even if it was a pain in the butt for you to configure properly. Anyway, what are your plans for the holidays?

  17. That’s always great to hear! Where have you been?! Well, I’m okay. My site has opened again. The move wasn’t too long πŸ™‚ Which I’m glad for.

    My host 110mb just was not reliable =p

  18. When you mentioned internet cafe, I had a feeling you were a Filipino so when I checked your sidebar, lo and behold, PINOY KA NGA! πŸ™‚ Hahaha.

    I like the design of your layout and the background’s nice, too! πŸ™‚ I love the little stars. For color combinations, sometimes I check out colourlovers.com for the nice combinations other people came up with.

    I hate going to boring hearings -_- Meh.

  19. I like the colors you chose for the layout!

    Are you studying to be a lawyer or something? I tried finding it, but couldn’t. Sounds so interesting though. My husband is going to apply to law school soon so maybe I’ll hear more stories like yours!

  20. I used to dislike raw food as well, but my brother and my dad keep on eating it in front of me and they tempted me successfully. Now I can eat all raw food basically, haha.

    LOL everyone in my family loves spicy food πŸ™‚ I do love spicy food but I just can’t stand it if it’s too spicy.

    Yup luckily I don’t have any allergy too XD seafood is surely my favorite! πŸ˜€

    Yup Italian and Korean food are nice πŸ˜€ I love bulgogi rice, kimchi, lasagna, and fettucine XD Pizza is okay for me though, because the pizza in my country is served with thick bread, not with thin bread like the one in Italy XD

  21. OMFG. I forgot what we were talking about..
    . . .
    . . .
    LOL. 2ne1 tv is just basically 2ne1 talking about there music and about there life, it sounds boring but it’s hell funny!! O_O

  22. Ugh, it was difficult and it was just embarrassing. *hugs* I’m glad it’s over though. Totally glad. πŸ˜€

    I have done a lot of music performances but in a lot of them, my leg just shakes uncontrollably. I just get really, really shaky in the legs. :O

    My friend got really sweaty palms. I’m glad I didn’t have that. In music you use your hands a lot so it’s not really to your advantage at all.

    Ah, we had to clean up at the end as a group anyway; didn’t really have a choice.

    LOL, this was ages ago that I was in a band though. It was terrible.

    You’re welcome! I love the colours; they’re gorgeous! Sure there’s a lot of patterns going on but the colours are really nice!

    Very, very true. XD I didn’t know it was that easy to have a centered layout! Though, I’ll admit, I was proud of my first non-iframe layout, which was over to the left. XD

    Yeah, and that person is online now, tweeting away. They just talk nonsense a lot. It’s crazy.

    Aw, that’s okay. I know some people rant in their Twitter box and get angry and tweet angry tweets. πŸ˜›

    OH of course not! I was in a play as the wicked witch when I was younger. I had to be very evil. XD

    Yes, it’s true. Once you get the hang of the script, like Enthusiast or Bellabuffs (you don’t even have to use a script if you don’t want), you just make layouts and link buttons and smile proudly at your work. The members part is seriously the easiest. If you like to spend a lot of time on a fanlisting layout, that’s cool, but trust me, the members will be the least of your worries, especially if you use a script. ;D

    I’m like that too! You know me and my many domains. I always seem to have trouble thinking of what to use them for. XD

  23. Wow feels weird typing in the name Isa O_O

    I love the layout and its colour combination, looks wonderful! I like the textured backgrounds.
    I’ve never been to a case hearing before, I only watched them on t.v. and those were pretty boring. I would have been afraid if I went to a case hearing in my country, the criminals do try to escape and a couple times people were killed during their escapes. Its terrible and these were cases of drug possessions and robbery, I probably would’ve felt pity if I saw an aged women there as well.

  24. Personally – I LUV THIS NEW LAYOUT!!! And it can go for anytime of the year with a bit of Chrimassy taste…which is really cool..

    I do believe you made Christmas look really festive…I use 1024×768 and your new theme looks awesome!!! I LUV IT!!!

    And sorry to hear your court cases were boring and not exciting…that sux…

    Have A Good One Hun!

  25. I love your layout πŸ™‚ It’s really nice. The colors are okay for me πŸ˜€

    Well, I hope that the next hearing you go to, if there would be more, would not be as boring as the ones you attended this time. Lol. I hate boring stuff too.

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