Happy Birthday, Dan!

I really had fun today, not because we had a very long test in our Math subject, but because we played DoTA in an internet cafe with my friends which we hadn’t done for a long time since the start of classes. Yup, we’ve been busy like that and we just got the time to play because our instructor was absent. XD I think I have improved a bit. I was able to kill one of our classmates who was really good at killing us. Yes, I spawned him!! Muahaha! We played for like three hours, got a headache and almost got late for our last subject. 😛

I wouldn’t have realized the date if it wasn’t for the test. Well, it’s the famous Harry Potter actor’s birthday today! Happy 20th birthday, Daniel Radcliffe! I used to squee when I was young everytime I see his pictures; he just looked so cute I couldn’t resist it. 😀 Speaking of Harry Potter, I had watched it last weekend along with my friends. I enjoyed the movie, but if I were to compare it to the movie, I’d feel disappointed. It feels like there were more love scenes than about Voldy’s past and the Horcruxes and I hadn’t even seen the White Tomb in the movie, which is something I really expected. *cries* But anyway, it was a good film! There are just things that weren’t stressed out when they should be. Just my two cents! 🙂

47 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dan!”

  1. Haha, yeah. I’m a soccer player. (:

    And, I’m pretty sure it won’t work.. but she could deff. try. I mean, I tried on my old freewebs account to change the .html to .php but after changing the page format, it would not allow me to go back and edit the page.

  2. Hehe DoTa I’ve never played it, just only heard of it. Also with the Harry Potter thing I’m not a big fan o.o lmao. I could never ever finish that movie. Sad I know haha. But at least you guys had fun!!! 🙂

  3. NOOO NEVERRRR hahaha Harry Potter movies makes me fall asleep 😛 lol.

    I think it’s because .. uhh .. i can’t exactly explain why they have 3 syllables XD something about surnames lol idk

    And oh your filipino I have a question … have you ever heard of the name Neth?

  4. Ohmygod! Thanks for linking me! I’m not sure if I linked you yet, I haven’t checked on all affiliate applications yet. XD I’ll check now, and by the way you have such a cute layout I love the colors! Hmm how do you draw a rainbow? I never even tried XD

  5. LMAO! I haven’t played Dota in ages! Not that I was ever good at it >_>
    And my brother prefers WoW so I have access to that XD But I suck at both.

    Radcliffe’s 20 already? O_O wow.
    I don’t think he looked cute XD Well he used to talk like a girl but his voice cracked XD That was funny to observe.

    Yeah! They should have shown more about the hocruxes because that was thing I was sort of confused about.
    I have only read the last book and I don’t really understand because I haven’t read the previous books lol.

    Have a nice day 😀

  6. I will start my apprenticeship as businesswoman for office communication and I will speak much french there.
    I couldn’t make something with coding because I can’t show some experiences.

  7. I really like guys that can sing and play guitar 😛

    Oh nothing much. I just realized that the older the image gets (on Photobucket) the fuzzier is gets. I was looking at my layout and I realized that it looked really funny. Good thing I have the layout saved.

  8. Ooh, that game sounds really interesting, how do you play it?

    Aww, I saw the movie too, and I didn’t read the book so I thought it was okay, but I have to agree with you, too many love scenes.

    In response to your comment on my blog:
    First of all thank you very much 🙂 Second, family can be such a draggg. You can’t even throw them away, because you have to keep them!

    Yeah, I always have a habit of keeping a glass of water, or milk when I’m eating so it kind of helps me to watch how much I eat.

    Ahh, I love that you love Kpop too! All my other friends, are like, whhaaa? Only Sasha and I are the ones who squeal over Kpop songs.

  9. I can’t believe Dan is 20 already. Oh my gosh, it feels like it was just yesterday when the first Harry Potter movie game out, and he was so young. Happy belated Birthday Dan! 🙂

  10. Oh, haha, anyways it still looks awesome! 😀 Hmm I think FanUpdate is easier, I don’t know or it’s maybe cause i never tried WP XD I should, but I don’t know.

  11. Thank you..
    But I wasn’t on vacation.
    It was little trip
    I’m going on vacation next friday I think 🙂
    How’s summer so far? 😀

  12. Its light? It doesn’t looks over here but okay. I’ll change it. 😀 Thanks for telling me!
    yeah! I’m awesome. 8D
    & you are awesomerr because you like harry potter too. (:

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