Galeon Andalucia and Party!

Galeon Andalucia

So last Monday, I was forced to go to school because we have to do this credit evaluation for graduating students. YAY for my Senior year! ^.^ I wasn’t really planning on going anywhere else until my classmates invited me to visit Galeon Andalucia, which is a replica of the 17th century Spanish galleon. I admit, I was expecting to see a real one but that is quite silly of me because all those woods would have been rotten by now, wouldn’t they? Hehe. It wasn’t as big as I expected but it was well worth it especially since it’s free! ~_^

Sr. Sto. Nino

It took us an hour or so to roam around the boat and took pictures of every corner and place we encounter. 😀 One of the things that I saw around was that little statue of Sr. Sto. Nino in the living room, which reminded me a bit of history of the Philippines during Spanish time since they were the ones who brought Christianity here, if my memory serves right. LOL.

This is us with one of the crews. I asked him to have a picture with us in our native language and he seemed to ignore me. It was then that I realized he’s a Spaniard. Haha.


And just for the LOL, I asked my friend to take a picture of this boat and the cannon as if we’re going to shoot the peaceful boat. Haha. They even took pictures with people’s butts on the sight. HAHAHA.

If you guys are wondering why I’m posting pictures when I usually don’t, it’s that I find it quite boring to place pure text on my blog and I’ve finally found a way to center pictures without ruining my valid XHTML coding. 😀

Crazy people here

It’s sembreak for us here and I’m quite enjoying it so far. After all those projects, exams, deadly deadlines, tired eyes and almost sleepless nights, I truly deserve a break. 😀 We even had a party in one of our subjects, which is really fun! No one got wasted because we weren’t drinking alcohol or whatnot, but they all behaved like drunkards. It was really fun getting along with everyone and just be crazy. ^_^

The whole class

I bet you can’t find me with all the mess of my classmates’ faces here. 😛 If you still can, then kudos to you. ~_^ That guy with the only beard is our awesome SRM teacher. Seeing everyone happy paints a smile on my face. What a great way to end the semester! It makes me look forward to my last semester in College. Hey, Software Engineering II, I’m coming!

This is probably one of the longest posts I’ve made. Oops. :S Hehe.

11 thoughts on “Galeon Andalucia and Party!”

  1. Wow, such a looooong time, no talk (‘: Good to hear from you. What do you mean where’s the link?

    Haha but you’re late! Hehehe I’ve had this site up for a couple of months now, along with another before that. Where have you been?

    Why thank you thank you (; Your site is amazing as per usual!

  2. Awesome pictures! (:

    Hahahahahaahaha. That is hilarious. Cannon shooting people in the butt. XD

    I can’t find the dude with the beard in the picture. Obviously it isn’t a long beard. XD

    I’m glad you are having fun! Congrats on being a senior! 😀

  3. Wow, such lovely pictures! I didn’t think this post was all that long. Maybe it’s because of the pictures.

    It would be cool if the galleon was the same. But it looks so good for a replica. I’d bet it was a lovely experience. It sounds really adventurous and something I’d like to look at myself.

    I’m glad you had a good time! I think I might be able to spot you in the big picture… but I can’t really tell. XD

    I center my images using text-align:center in CSS. It’s not so bad. I hate images in my blogs not being centered; tends to screw things up.

    A Dvorak is another keyboard you can actually use, opposed to a Qwerty. It’s not that hard to learn. I’m still slow but I’m faster than I was when I started and I haven’t been using it for more than a few days.

    Thanks! 😀 I love most Mexican foods; I think they’re really similar. XD

    WOW you’d better make you’re still updating your fanlistings, at least. 😉 I have six more to make at the moment; I shouldn’t have applied for so many. X_X I think I just need to resist!

    It is, it is! I haven’t seen the movie but the book is so good, detailed, and explains everything. I think the movie may have just been for the scare factor.

  4. 2 years ko ng balak magpunta sa sa Andalucia na yan… kaso ayon.. hanggang balak lang talaga. hahaha. mukang maganda ah… buti pwede mag-take ng pictures?

    ang cute ng mga pictures…. ang saya! ^_^

  5. ZOMG that’s so cool I wanna go there too! You’re lucky to have beautiful accessible place (..err ship?)near you T_T

    Not sure but, are you the one wearing light yellow shirt? the one above the guy wearing white in the last picture?

  6. It looks like you had fun on the ship. It looks pretty awesome!

    I’m on a break for college at the moment and it feels great. I love not having any deadlines too!

    I hope you enjoy the next semester at college 🙂

  7. Having some pictures on the blog entry makes such a difference. Makes it a little bit more interesting to read. You know that just gave me an idea for my blog. I might try and include a picture of some sort per blog entry.

    You sound like you had loads of fun on the trip with your friends. What camera do you have and how do you get that vintage style effect? I’m guessing you photoshop it afterwards.

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