From Where You Are

Edit: I made my first texture. XD You can download it here. Constructive comments are always welcome. If you noticed, I also changed the navigation.

So far away from where you are
These miles have torn us worlds apart
And I miss you
Yeah, I miss you
So far away from where you are
Standing underneath the stars
And I wish you were here

I know you’re here, watching for us. I just don’t see you. I wish you’re here, Grandpa. We really miss you.

Yesterday was my Grandfather’s Death Anniversary and the song I’m listening to just fits my mood. We went to the cemetary, bought him flowers and candles and prayed for him. We stayed at our old house where I grew up, which is my grandmother and grandfather’s house and we ate with our relatives. Staying there was nostalgic, and brought me my childhood memories back. My grandfather used to piggyback me and I can still remember the time when we almost fell on the stairs because I was a hyper granddaughter. My grandfather always rambled how crazy I was about Harry Potter because I kept watching it over and over again that I would have memorized each line. Even though he’s like that, he watched those movies with me. XD

What makes me wanna cry when I remember him is the fact that I wasn’t able to visit him on the hospital during his last days. If I would have skipped school and didn’t take the exams, I would have been there on time. Just when I was about to take my cousin with me to go to the hospital, my other grandma calmly informed me about what happened. It was really hard not to cry, but I found it embarrassing to cry in front of someone so I held my tears so bad I thought my throat was going to explode. I still feel sad when I remember that incident, even until now. But I’m sure my grandfather understood me. And he forgave me for being damn late.

Anyway, we just had an exam in our Computer Organization class and I failed miserably. x( I’m really stupid not to study, and yeah it was my fault so I have no one to blame but myself. There’s still Midterms, Pre-Finals and Finals so I have to make sure I could catch up! >_< I just joined Tiff K's Designer Panda Contest! Here's how: --- The DESIGNER PANDA is the title that will go to the blogger with the MOST CREATIVE AND UNIQUE Panda character design. The concept of this contest is to create a whole new character [panda] with its own look and personality through various forms of artworks. I hope that this will generate fun and creativity within the blogging community! Mechanics: Image hosted by Designers must send their artworks to jynxedpanda @ gmail [dot] com with subject heading “DESIGNER PANDA”. Art works can be either digital art, traditional art [i.e. painting, pencil drawing, charcoal, etc], photo manipulation, photography [use a model, use yourself as a model], what have you.

  • Designers may submit more than one entry.
  • There will be no limit to the size of the banner or the artwork.
  • If the designer wishes to use traditional art, a photo of the drawing/painting will suffice and must be sent to the email mentioned above.
  • Designers must blog about the contest.
  • Designers must link the sponsors of this event and also to this post using the banner above.
  • Deadline of submission of entries is at December 12, 2009.
  • To avoid biases, i will have a panel of judges *personal friends* who are majoring in Information Design and help me in choosing the winner. Criteria of the awards will be based on cuteness, uniqueness, creativity, blogging participation.

Blognerd Shirt from Kym
Geek Shirt from Tiff K
Drawing Illustration from Dayna

For this contest to push through, I need at least 8 entries so please do join guys! 😀 Spread the word!

Deadline of entries is December 12.

Hope you guys would join too. The more, the merrier, right? XD

The verse above is called From Where You Are by Lifehouse. 🙂

On a side note, I freaked out when electricity was cut off while I was making this post. Hooray WordPress for automatically saving posts as drafts! YAY! :haha

29 thoughts on “From Where You Are”

  1. Ah grabe I kn0w u miss your grand father that much, your right he probably over there watching you and guiding you. Ang cute your watchng harry potter with him. Gudluck with jnxypanda coNtest.

    Btw added u oN twitter. Follow me bAck sis.

  2. I did report her to her host, but it’s Piczo, so I don’t know what will happen. :/ I read their ToS and tried to get her for a violation of those (stealing of intellectual property and the like), but I don’t know how long it will take for the Piczo team to reply or whether they will do anything. :/

    Heehee, cute idea for a contest. 🙂

    The two people that I’ve known of that have died, I wasn’t too close to. I can’t imagine what an anniversary of death would feel like, but it’s nice that you are having pleasant memories of him. 🙂

  3. Awe, am sorry to hear of your grandfather’s last days and how you didn’t have a chance to visit him in the hospital during his last days, that sux

    The Tiff K design contest sounds like a lot of fun – best of luck to you in it…

  4. you and your grandpa were very close, eh? I like that. I never met my grandparents, when I was born, they’re all dead already so I didn’t got the chance to call someone grandma/pa.

  5. I’m really sure that your grandpa has already forgiven you since it isn’t really your fault in the first place. 🙂

    Good luck on the contest! 😀 I’ve joined too actually but I havent finished my entry yet. Heh ^^

    The Top Commentator category is canceled because I only have 3 participants. (Tiff, Beng and Phyllz) And among those 3, it seems that Tiff is the only one who is serious about it so yeah, I had to cancel it. YAY! You’re joining my Best Theme Maker contest? Really?? 😀

    Ohh. I’d like to have an older or younger brother. We are all girls and it kinda sucks to not have a bro. That’s why I really spoil my younger cousins who are mostly boys. :))

  6. Yes. I do get excited easily. 😀 The contest currently have 2 submissions. I’m expecting 2 more from those who said they’re starting to make the theme. + 1 from you. 😀 Haha. :)) There’s no way I’ll cancel this one, I swear. 🙂

    Ohh really? 😐 My layout also looks weird on Safari. I dont really know how to fix it for it to be compatible with all browsers.:(

  7. I know… my dad made me cry and gulp and gasp almost to the point of hyperventilation, but that was what it took to make me realize that I’ve been a terrible granddaughter lately, never contacting my grandma. :/ But it’s better now.

    My grandma is in her mid-sixties, I think… I don’t know how old my grandpa is, but I’ve never been close to him. (Same with my other grandparents, on the other side.)

  8. Sorry to hear about your grandpa. I don’t really know how you feel since neither of my grandparents that I know well and am close to have died. I’ve thought about it once before and I know I would be beyond sad.

    I believe that happens for a reason and it’s was probably a good reason for why you weren’t able to make it to the hospital before he died. I remember when my uncle when my uncle was on his deathbed we weren’t able to make it there like some other family members because we didn’t hear the phone ringing all night but my grandma believed that it was best that we didn’t see him like that, it was probably the way God intended it to be.

    I agree with you. Maybe the way I feel the way about my boyfriend IS because I like someone else. I do believe that you can like more than one person but the weight is of course different.

    I still think that I’m wrong but it seems like everytime a boy likes me, and I don’t like them back I always get jealous when they start being with someone else always thinking,”hmph, they liked me first” and I have no idea why.

  9. Hi Senyth! Sorry for not talking to you for a while 🙁 Exams made me busier. I’ve passed all the exams though, so I won’t be late in returning comments anymore 😀

    Aw so sorry about your grandfather 🙁 Lucky you have an awesome memory with him though. I’ve never met my grandfathers anyway 🙁 They died before I was born. It was too bad. I don’t know what it is like having a grandfather.

    Oh I hope you will do better in the midterms, pre-finals, and finals 😀 I also failed once in this term and I studied hard for the final exams, and I succeeded 😀 Good luck! Failing isn’t a reason to not study XD

    Ooh sounds like a nice contest! I might join if I have time 😀 Good luck in the contest anyway!

  10. Cant wait to see that. I bet it’s gonna be really pretty because your current theme is LOOOVE. And also the one you used before this. 😀

    My site actually looks okay on IE, Chrome, and Mozilla’s latest version. So yeah, I think I’m okay with that since I dont know lots of people who are using Safari. 😀

  11. IE is oh so yesterday. XD That’s why I don’t bother with it.

    — True! 🙂 Hahah. Although I dont remove it on my laptop because it’s like my backup browser. Heh ^^

  12. *hugz* dear! I’m so thankful my grandpa is still alive, he had a close call this year when he fell down the bed! 🙁 He has early Alzheimer’s too and it’s saddening 🙁 I feel that way about my old dogs though, I still feel pain whenever I think of them 🙁 aww man… we cried soo much.. *hugz* !

    And WHOOT HARRY POTTER FAN!! *appear*! I’m trying to look for a Harry Potter comic like this ang cool! 🙁 and i remember that scene!

    I know your grandpa is in a good place now *hugz*

  13. Haha, the first chapters can be boring but once you get into it you need help putting the book down 😀 Yeah I do, it’s attractive! but cos Edward in the movie is like mysterious, quiet and kind whereas in the book he’s more arrogant and cocky I prefer the movie version of him so it’s spoiling it for me, he’s growing on me in the book though now so it’s all good! aww, I’m good now it was painful I could feel it coming on so I had to turn off my laptop and then 1 hour later I was laid up on the sofa, cold water on the head, the whole thing haha. It wasn’t a migraine, many people get headaches and migraines totally mixed up, my mum suffers from migraines and she cant speak, her face goes numb, she’s sick, it’s almost like a mini stroke, it’s very dibilitating, whereas a headache is headpain and maybe nausea feeling but it’s nowhere near as serious as migraine, thankfully it was just a headache from the laptop, haha oh the suffering I go through to keep up with influence, haha I’m only joking! I hope you passed too! no doubt you will have! aww, I hope your grandfather R.I.P as said above ^^ sounds like a very sad day for you all, hope you feel better soon & try to remember the good times with your grandfather and not those painful ones, lots of love x
    oh, p.s good luck in the panda contest!

  14. Hehe, don’t worry it’s only because my mum suffers from them that I know.. if she didn’t I’d be the same, calling headaches migraines 😀 I wish she didn’t though, I hate seeing her in pain with them 🙁 Noo I don’t blame you, who does want to experience pain? …maybe crazy people! OOOH, I love gossip girl 😀 I used to watch it religiously until the tv channel changed the times and didn’t tell me making me miss the whole season & now I’m behind so theres no point in continuing to watch it, damn you channel! lol, but yeah I’d recommened GG even though I haven’t read it, I didn’t actually know there was a book on it? :haha Aww thank you 😀 I know that wasn’t a compliment but it was to me, hehe, I’m glad you think of me & my site in that way! & I’m really glad your feeling better now 🙂

  15. May your grandpa rest in peace. <3

    He was a wonderful grandpa and a great figure in your life when he was alive. What you did together and what you remember are precious memories. I'm sure whatever faults you make, he will always forgive you.

    Sometimes we have to hold back tears so others will not see our pain. It is so easy to cry. 🙁

    I'm not really good at designing at all so I might not enter… the due date is so soon too!

    I hope you can make up for the bad results in your test by doing well in further ones. ;D

    LOL I actually hate WordPress autosaving sometimes; it makes the page IDs look ugly… anyway.. 😛

    I'm still sick. 🙁 I lost my voice now and it hurts to even try and talk. T_T Sore throats are the worst; I hate them so much.

    Haha I love making my bed! XD And I'm totally different; I have to have at least some light in my room. Keeps me from the monsters… 😛

    LOL I AGREE. My stomach got 'upset' with me eating so fast. I don't think it's a fail theory; my mum said something similar when I was younger and I believed her. 😛

    UGH NO. No way. She can do the researching herself. It's not right for her to make you research for her especially since that is pretty much the whole project.

    Yeah, I reckon. Some people just leave comments not related to the blog and it's obvious they didn't read a word of it.

    Blogging should definitely not be a challenge. I hate it when people make remarks on how they have 'nothing' to blog about.

  16. Aww, but your grandfather’s in a better place so don’t worry. 🙂 But it’s nice that you guy do those stuff.
    My grandfather passed away when I was about 2 so I don’t remember him. D; I wish I did though, I only have pictures. /: Hmm, he had lung cancer so yeah. But we don’t do anything on his death day, not sure why. *sigh* Guess we’re not that traditional, haha.

    Awhh, thanks for nominating me in the contest, which was a while ago. XD

    Yeah, there’s like a stereotype that Asian parents are protective of their children. Yeah, I guess I kind of like it. I know they’re caring about me and not wanting to lose me. XD Ahah, yeah, both of my parents are Korean, woohoo! (:

  17. Sorry about your grandpa. May he RIP 🙂

    Computer Organisation?! What is that? xD Sorry I’m a bit slow…

    Good luck with the designing contest ^^

    I hate it when electricity goes out unexpectedly =_= So frustrating,

  18. Yeah, she’s so annoying 🙁 I’ve ever tried to talk to her about this, and she apologized to me, but the next day she repeated the same mistakes again and again. I didn’t want to take hundreds or thousands of apology if it’s still repeated in the future 🙁 I’ve given her so many chances to change into a better person by not doing those bitchy actions, but I think she failed.

    The more annoying thing, she said I was angry because of NOTHING. Oh wow, she said to my best friend that she didn’t know what her mistake was and I got angry with her all of sudden. LOL I told her before about all her mistakes to me, she apologized and she repeated it again and again. There must be something wrong with her 😐

    Even before I was this close to her (well, not anymore), in our new term she told to all new students in our grade that I was a bitchy slut and I always flirt everyone’s boyfriend. I knew that because my best friend heard that from her and she told me about that. Oh well, I thought it was a misunderstanding that time, so I came to Dummy and APOLOGIZED to her. Yeah, apologized for nothing. I didn’t do nothing but I said sorry just to clear out the situation. LOL how nice of me 😛

  19. Haha well, it was over the course of… 4 days I think so, it evened out to 13 or so comments a day. Dx Wasn’t that bad but, you get lazy after awhile returning so many at one time. ><

    Haha thanks. XD

    Yep. Well if you think about it, if you cross your arms, you're basically making a shield for yourself.

    I never really look down; I tend to look to the side but, that's because I have a fear of looking at people directly in the eyes otherwise, I would just be staring. XD I lie sometimes (I mean, who doesn't?) but, I can't stand lying to someone's face; makes me feel so guilty.

    Awe, I'm sorry about your grandfather but, there comes a time where everyone must… "cross over"; November 2nd was my grandpa's 6th death anniversary. Kind of sad but, I no longer mourn what he could of been but, what he was; I still hold many memories that continue to be special to me.

    Ohh Panda! Haha, I might join but… dunno; I mostly “draw” or whatever for my own enjoyment. ><

  20. HA! Christmas vacation…now shortened to a week and a half. and we only get that respite after finals x(

    by the way…these smilies are adorable! x3

  21. I like the texture xD

    You have Midterms, Pre-Finals, AND Finals?! 😮 Haha, jeesh. All I have is regular old finals. 😛

    Good luck with the Designer Panda contest! 🙂 I would join, but I just don’t have time! 😡

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