For My Baby

Oh, my gosh! I have a baby! Are you guys surprised?

I’m even more surprised that she’ll turn 1 year old this August 17, 2010. O_O Time flies really fast and to think that I haven’t even taken good care of her makes me sad. Sometimes, I’m too busy to attend to her. Other times when I’m not busy, I’m being hostaged by my laziness or procrastination. I’m really sorry, my baby.

If you’re a constant reader of this blog and are wondering why I haven’t talked about her since I got her, well, you’re wrong. I talked about her here, actually and as far as I remember, it was my first post on this site. ^_^

Surprised? No, I’m not talking about a real baby, I’m talking about Rawrbie. x3 I actually had just renewed her a few minutes ago just in case I forget and it might expire. I don’t want to lose this domain! Somehow, I’ve held on to this one like a precious child. ~_^

I don’t have ideas on how to celebrate it turning one though. I was thinking of a contest and giving a WordPress theme to the winner, but that seems I have to dedicate my time and stop being a lazy ass. Do you guys think I can do it? Or do you have other brilliant ideas to run a contest? Suggestions are indeed more than welcome. x3

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  1. Heeeey! Advanced happy birthday to Rawrbie! 😀

    About the contest, well, if the prize is a WP theme, COUNT ME IN!!! :)) But yeah, you really need to spend lots of time doing that so if you don’t want to, give them something else. A domain? Or… IDK :)) HAHA.

  2. In NUS, we need to bid for every module if it is not preallocated by our course department. We use our points from Programme and General account to bid for various modules, including our core modules.
    Where did you get the code?


    i was like you have a baby?! then i continued reading ahahaha.

    i’m gunna renew my current domain soon. this will be the domain i held on the longest period of time haha.

  4. Congrats on renewing the domain!

    I have to figure out when mine expires. I think mine is about to hit the 1 year mark in October. Not sure what day though. I was stupid and renewed it like a month ago. :/

    I really think you should have a contest. Contests draw people into your website. 🙂
    Yeah, it sucked. <3 🙂 He is home now though. 🙂

    Hahahahaha. I wont. 🙂 & We did. 😛

  5. Hey! 🙂

    Wow, a year, huh? That’s not bad. 😛 Hope you stay around. Hrm, you don’t have to do a contest if you don’t want too! I do enjoy when people involve their readers in their blogs etc though, although I never take part as I have work. 🙁

    Loving the layout. 😛 It’s awesome.

  6. Haha, I’m glad you like it. (: Actually, I can’t tell who wrote it because the person won’t let me. D: Lets just it its someone I know. XD

    Aw, thanks. (: Aw, why didn’t you enjoy it?

    Thanks for answering the question!

    OMG! I thought you had an actual baby. I was about to comment “Woah, you have a baby?! I thought you were like 17!” LOL, but then again, I saw that you were talking about your website. XD Congrats, still!

    Hmm, I think you should give a domain away. XD But a WordPress theme is good. I love this layout, by the way.

  7. Congrats on your baby being one! I’m so glad the only labor pains that come from making such babies is creating a good layout and coding! Lol :). Sometimes, so codes hurt my head. I love my domain, mostly becausd I’ve never had an extension domain before like “.info,” so I love looking at the URL :). Or maybe I’ll make a present for your baby that saws HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAWRBIE :D! YOU’RE ONE! 🙂

    And yes :). is the same Katarina, who adopted the lovely domain ♥. Jeez, I’m so happy. Lol. Like I said, I’ve never owned a “for real” domain before. isn’t really a domain that does it for me. Lol.

    I found the vector art, actually, but I don’t think I could use any in a layout :/. Lol, oh well. But thanks! 🙂

    And also: you’re welcome :). I love playing with the navigation, and how the bar thing moves slow or fast…how humiliating! Someday I’ll learn how to do that!

  8. Rarely, very very rarely, does anyone have me under any false allusions. but after a while when you reffered to a baby, I thought you had had a child. Well done.

    Congrats on renwing, always a momentus event in any calender. Here is to anoter year!

  9. I actually thought you were talking about a real baby hehe.

    Congrats on having your domain for a year 😀 don’t have any idea what you can do. A contest would be nice tho ^^

  10. Awww happy anniversary to Rawbie <3
    Congratulations with your one year of blogging.
    Welcome to your second year in blogging 🙂

    Lol I passed my site birthday without any site celebration hah so I can pretty relate with you being a lazy ass in making a wordpress theme as a prize, I think you can do it though. *u*

  11. He is very cute. And very cheeky sneaking in!

    Aww happy birthday to your website! At my old site I forgot when it was its first birthday. A few weeks later I remember and I posted a blog about it.

    Well shortly after I had owned my site for a year it got shut down because my host couldn’t afford to keep their site going. Oh well, it’s a good job I had a back up plan 😀

  12. Haha, yep a different person who wrote the last blog.

    No-no, the person who the blog isn’t a hacker. I was to lazy to write a blog so I told him/she to write it. XD No need to worry, aha.

    You’re very welcome. (: Oh, .info domain works. 😀

  13. Your site name is adorable, haha.

    That’s crazy. My resource site’s “birthday” is August 17th too. I knew you had to be talking about something other than a real baby. If you weren’t I would have been a little taken aback. O.O

    Congrats on keeping the blog up for a year!

  14. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!! aahhahahahaa i was like “wah? baby? XD”
    congrats on your domain being 1yr old 😀 it’s cool isn’t it~ hehehehe

    about the contest thing, idk ;o; contests are too much work for mee and i suck at running them (cause i’m a lazy fart lol)

    btw i love this layout it’s cute! ;]

  15. I get the feeling that I misunderstood the new domain rentals. XD I like being able to host. 😀


    Oh my god. Don’t ever phrase a blog like that again! I seriously thought that you had a child and I was like, “wtf, how could it be a year old and she not know?” D: I’m glad you’ve had Rawrbie for a year now. 😀 I have no ideas for a celebration, though… I didn’t do anything when I had Lovesnuggles for a year… oh wait… I think that’s because I had it for only 50 weeks before Olivia’s rules took place and I was moved out. :/ Bah.

    Are you using a favicon that I offered before? I can’t tell if it is or not. 😛

    1. @Carissa,

      Yay! You’re using WordPress now. 🙂 *dances* I hope you can fix whatever bug it is. 🙂 Your new layout looks fine so far. A colorful, fun header would do justice to it. 😀

      I’m glad you nejoy the summer. 🙂 Sounds like you really had fun! I haven’t been on a beach for so long now and I wish I could go there again. It’s so peaceful and can calm me. Like you, I could sit there and do nothing but enjoy the breeze and nature. 🙂

      Haha. Sorry for that. I didn’t know that many people would react to the blog. XD

      I think I got the favicon from you. Haha. Thanks for reminding me. I just updated the credits page with your new URL. 😀

  16. OMG you scared the sh** out of me! I seriously thought you were serious about having a baby. Because I never heard you talking about a baby before. LOL. Whew.

    Anyways, congratulations for your one year anniversary 🙂
    Wishing you many more years of blogging and talking with me. LOL

  17. OMG. I call all my domains my babies too, and I love the hell out of them. Heartdrops’ birthday is in October, though. :3 And Heartdrops turns two this year. 🙂

    I really do treasure my domains so I know the feeling and I know what it’s like when it’s that special day and another year has passed.

    I had a giveaway last year and gave away several domains and advertising. It seems to be what many people like to have these days. Domains. :O

    You could make a custom WordPress theme or layout or something, or give advertising, or a gift voucher to buy something online. 🙂

    Yeah, my iPhone is so important to me, I don’t know what I’d do if I left it at home or something!

    Savoury muffins are just … the opposite of sweet muffins. You should try them! 😀 I had a really great time with James haha. James is a really good cook, though the eggs failed because he didn’t use enough oil.

    Thank you! I am definitely proud of my Honours mark. 😀

    You’re welcome! No way, the background is fine for me. 🙂

    I think we are on a healthcare fund here so our dentist appointments don’t cost all that much, if anything. 🙂

  18. Congrats to you and Rawrbie! I have not ever had a chance to keep a domain that long. I end up growing tired over it or I just didn’t care about it anymore. I’m glad you stuck with it!

    Oohs, a contest? It sounds great. You should do that contest! Good luck!

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