For My Baby

Oh, my gosh! I have a baby! Are you guys surprised?

I’m even more surprised that she’ll turn 1 year old this August 17, 2010. O_O Time flies really fast and to think that I haven’t even taken good care of her makes me sad. Sometimes, I’m too busy to attend to her. Other times when I’m not busy, I’m being hostaged by my laziness or procrastination. I’m really sorry, my baby.

If you’re a constant reader of this blog and are wondering why I haven’t talked about her since I got her, well, you’re wrong. I talked about her here, actually and as far as I remember, it was my first post on this site. ^_^

Surprised? No, I’m not talking about a real baby, I’m talking about Rawrbie. x3 I actually had just renewed her a few minutes ago just in case I forget and it might expire. I don’t want to lose this domain! Somehow, I’ve held on to this one like a precious child. ~_^

I don’t have ideas on how to celebrate it turning one though. I was thinking of a contest and giving a WordPress theme to the winner, but that seems I have to dedicate my time and stop being a lazy ass. Do you guys think I can do it? Or do you have other brilliant ideas to run a contest? Suggestions are indeed more than welcome. x3