Fly Me To The Moon

Guess what surprised me when I arrived home today: my mom and dad were packing up my grandma’s things and all the stuffs she needed because she’s being admitted to the hospital. Lately, she’s been really weak and not feeling well. T_T She’s quite the opposite of my late grandfather, who kept on fighting even if his sickness is weighing him down. I remember when I was young and my grandparents would treat me to Sunburst every after we went to Church every Sunday.

When we still had our car, my grandfather would drive us anywhere when we’re on vacation at Bohol. Our car is just a second-hand car and it’s not the best that you can find at stores, but I loved that car since it was a pick-up car and my father designed the back for us to sit comfortably. Every now and then our car would be repaired and it was really costly. They were saying that check engine light is on or something but I’m not sure if I understood anything, but I think it means different things, like a loose gas cap, which happens to our car frequently. :S I’m happy though that we didn’t experience any car accident.

I came across this auto repair site would help us maintain our car, but I’m not sure how they would do it since we’re in another country. It would probably be worth a try but seeing as our car can’t be redeemed, I can’t do anything but sit back and watch.

Anyway, this is the car that I’ve been talking about, only that its color is white. We used to ride at the back and pretend we’re playing Quidditch, trying to catch the Snitch while my grandfather was driving us. It was fun! XD Toyota Camry isn’t my dream car, but it’s my favorite Camry car. You see, I really like white cars. 😛

And this is my dream car: a Volkswagen pink beetle convertible. I would love a lighter shade of pink, but it’s the best that I can find. *drools* XD If I win the lottery and get filthy rich I wouldn’t think twice of buying it, which is highly impossible since I don’t enter the lottery. If I do end up buying it, I probably wouldn’t use it. LOL! I’ll just depend on my grandmother because she plays it everyday. XD I really wish her case isn’t as serious as I think and that she won’t stay at the hospital for long. T_T *crosses fingers*

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  1. I usually hate making buttons, too. XP They’re very hard to do for some reason. I’ve added you to the affiliates, finally, though. 🙂

    I wish your grandmother the best. 🙁

    The VW looks red to me rather than pink. Hrm.

  2. The car that you’re pertaining to must be very memorable.
    Hopefully, your grandmother would get better soon.
    About the car, yeah, the color is good, and the feel and look of the car is nice — and yes, it’s pink. Thank you for posting it.

  3. I want to make affiliate gifts soon (I say that, but it will probably take a long time for me to get around to it), but when I do, they will be link buttons. ^_^

  4. Ah, I agree! Life’s pretty dull though. And I understand, it’s been quite busy! But I’m really getting out of touch so it’s not only your fault.. well it’s nobody’s fault since we all have lives ;D

    I had my first regents test today. I’m only in 8th grade so the math teacher said it was okay that there was some stuff we wouldn’t understand, thank God!

    Summer needs to come FASTER! Ha.

  5. Heyoo! Is this a paid post? Just guessing, lol. ^^;

    I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother. I really hope they treat her well in the hospital.

    We only have one family car (recently broke again because my mum was in an accident). It’s okay, as we bought it second hand too. But it doesn’t sound as terrible and old as yours. 🙁

    I think you should buy a new car! I’ve personally always wanted a buggy or beetle – too, I guess! – never really minded about the colour… :3 Not really pink though – purple, black or red maybe.

    *hugs* Thanks so much for your comment. 🙂 Thankfully my mum finally gave my laptop back; hence why I’m a little late with the comments. ;3

    The malls here aren’t very far but they aren’t a very close walk. 😛

    Oh, I know, you adopted from Missy as well. I wanted the fudge one, lol! But I already got other ones from her as well, so yeah. About five! No biggie. ^^ I know she did them manually but Enthusiast has the addon to add members manually (but still easilyish). I was happy. 😀

    Oh right right… you don’t know about the addon? I tried mySQL but it’s a nutter.

    Get the add members addon. 😀 You can input names and emails and sites into the database without sending out forms. I hope it helps. It’s genius!

    You’re welcome!

    And yes, there’s a point where books get a little tooooo corny.

  6. Aw thanks for voting for me =D Voted back for ya 😛

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother being in the hospital, I’ll pray that she gets better soon.
    My grandfather is really active; he’s can’t stand doing nothing and is always moving about, my grandmother was the opposite though as she was always in and out of the hospital.

    Sounds like you have so much fun memories in you car, no one in my house has a car so I can’t say I relate and whenever I’m in someone’s car I’m usually very quiet, so if anything my memories mostly feel stifled -_-
    Quidditch in the car sounds like awesome fun, I would definitely have to let my friends know about that one 😛
    Your dream car is really cute and girly, I haven’t even begun to think about the car I would want. But my dream transportation would probably be a Harley-Davidson motorbike though I’m not sure which model I want!

    Anyhow I really do hope your grandmother comes back home to you soon 🙂

  7. God bless your grandma. I hope she gets better. 🙂

    Reminiscing, eh? I love my grandparents (mother side), too, since they love us unconditionally. 😀

  8. I’m sorry about your grandma. I hope she recovers soon. You’re lucky because you got to be with your grandparents for quite a long time. I don’t even remember mine. 🙁

  9. SENYTH!
    I’m sorry for the late reply, I kinda had a ‘study and revise your brain out till erm, it explodes’ week. 🙂 Buh, I’m back now. I bet you missed me. -pokes-

    OH MY! I’m so sorry about your grandma, I hope she’s as strong as you… keep on FIGHTING! I’m sure she will get better. 😀

    I love the car you want Senyth! It’s uber, uber, UBER cool! I want it too! 🙂 Can you buy it fer me m’dear? haha. Jokes, jokes. No worries Senyth, when I’m rich, I will buy you that. PROMISE. 😀

    AWE. Your comment is as sweet and thoughtful as always. Thanks a lot. 🙂 It really did make me feel better, your a really awesome person 😀 Yeah, my teacher was one of those people that ‘CANT HAVE A MISTAKE MADE’ cause it pisses them off. 😐 HMPH. EVIL >.<

    Luh you <3

  10. Thank you sooo much. 😀 your site is amazing!!!
    You might think I’m just saying but I’m not. Your resources are awesome. 😀 I added you to my bookmarks lol.
    It doesn’t take me much to make layout for secretnotes because i always have something planned lol.
    Thank you. 😀

    Aww i hope your grandmother gets better. I never knew mine so i can’t say i know how you feel.
    That is the cutest car ever!!!!!!!!!!!!1 It’s soo small and cute. 😀

  11. sorry about what happened to your grandma, aww i remembered my grandma again :[ I love my grandfather (father’s side) kasi he used to pasyal pasyal me when I was 4-5 years old, sweet nga ni lolo eh, kaso wala na sya :[ I hope your lola will recover soon
    -new entry 😀 hope u can comment if you find time 😀

  12. I have a hard time making whole sets of them (ex. for an affiliate gift), because there’s so much copying and pasting and slight editing. Then after I save the .bmp, I change it to .gif and delete all the .bmps. lol.

  13. I hope your grandma gets well. Will include her in my prayers.

    TOYOTA CAMRY – PEARL WHITE, that’s my SECOND DREAM CAR! 😀 My REAL dream car is a silver STRADA. 😀

  14. I hope your grandma gets well soon! My aunt had surgery yesterday and is now recovering. She had her uterus removed because of her myoma 🙁 It’s really sad.

    Wow your grandpa was awesome! Hehe. I would have wanted a pickup truck!

    Aww your dream car is soo cuute! Haha mine is a Monster truck, something really biig and fierce! 😀 I want something cute like the mini cooper too though 😀

  15. The Find Narnia things was an idea from someone I randomly texted at night. I told him about my list and he said I forgot to put “Find Narnia”. I thought it was funny xD

    Yeah… Usually it stops snowing by January but it’s really weird this year. I want summer already!!!

  16. The Volkswagen pink beetle is so cute x-D My dream car would probably be something spacey and comfy. 😛

    I hope that your grandmother will be fine soon!

  17. I hope everything is ok with your grandma and she gets better soon. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I came home to a surprise like that. Seeing how my grandma is that really would be a surprise…

    Umm you know I have no idea what we were talking about but if your asking if me and Jamal broke up..he was NEVER my boyfriend.

    The situation with me and my mom is EXTREMELY bad, you honestly don’t know the half of it :/ NOO my mom wasn’t like this when I was little, I think she really wasn’t like this until my little sister came along. She treats her so much better than me 🙁

    I’m sure more exposure will come for me. I have to get through this first!

  18. Wow you’ll definitely never look at sunburst the same way ever again. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother. I hope all is well with her. PRayers for you and your family for the strength. Sometimes people especially as in a couple when one has to fight in your situation your grandfather when he was ill but had to fight hard is because the men in the relationship would fight for their wives you know how when they are the provider. NOBODY wants to leave one behind so he fought hard to keep that promise up. You know? I’m sure your grandma would do the same if the situation was vice versa. You know? I’ll definitely pray for your grandmother that everything goes well (= Aww a pink beetle convertible? That’s cutey!! I want a camry too! I couldn’t view the Camry link you had on because the site is under repair but i’m sure it’s gorgeous. All Toyotas are!! My dream car has to be a blacked out Range Rover Sport (= yummy!!!

  19. Haha yes I did get my laptop back. 🙂

    Thank you! <3

    Oh that's a shame. James's dad went to HK to look for work too. 🙁

    I'm glad my mum's alright too. She was in shock and is really tired now but I think she's going to be okay. I hope the car doesn't take too long to get fixed either.

    Ah, you feel my pain! They're always out for something a little more advanced. *sigh* I thought of starting my own little thing online and making custom things for people – but I know I won't be able to handle it at the moment.

    I feel very sorry for the victims of rape, too. I heard about a girl who did not want to get raped when she noticed the taxi driver was driving somewhere else. She opened the door and jumped out as the taxi was moving. She was left with injuries but made the sacrifice so that nothing would happen to her like that.

    Aww well, if it's too much for you, you should let it expire!

    It's hard to tell how much I'm paying but at 20 domains that's probably a good $200 a year! :O Some of them were gifts though, and some have already been renewed for some time. I am planning to drop a few.

    Ooo. Well good luck with that approval! I applied for quite a few, lol.

    Ahhh eep. I hope she didn't delete the members either. Otherwise I hope that the members will jump back up as soon as people notice the new FL. 😉 I think she might have been in a rush! I only told her when I was done with everything then she put the moved forms in. ;3

  20. I will make your wish come true by wishing it to snow there in the Philippines m’dear! Haha. 🙂

    Yeah, I drew it and you don’t suck hun. Your awesomeee.

    I did 4 exams last week and this week I have about 7… 🙁 EPIC FAIL.

    Luh you Senyth! 😀

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