Finally! A Camera I Can Call My Own

You guys know that I don’t have my own camera. I’m just using our family camera which we got since I was in High School. It’s pretty old, right? It takes great photos but I feel it that it lacks features that I badly need. *cough* macro shots *cough* We still use it though, but I use my new camera more often now. What bugs me with our old camera is that it needs 2 AA batteries, which is really inconvenient for me.

I waited for a month for me to get a hold of this since it is always out of stock. It’s definitely worth the wait though. 😀 I bought this from a local online seller and it saved me a lot of money! If I bought this in the mall, it would have cost me 14,000 – 16, 000 Php (about $325 – $372 USD), but I only bought this for 9,700 Php (about $225 USD). It’s a pretty good deal, right? ^_^

It doesn’t include a memory card and a case, but it’s no big deal. I can just buy those. 😀 There is also a user manual which I forgot to include in the photo. :S

It’s smaller than my hand and it just fits in my pocket. I won’t put it in there though because I tend to be careless. I initially wanted the Powershot A3200, which costs less, but I realized I loved the features of the IXUS 220 HS more, as well as its image quality.

It’s even smaller than my phone, though it’s slightly thicker. Here are some sample shots I took:

I wouldn’t be able to achieve this with our old camera. :stars

I am really happy with my new camera. 🙂 I can now take HQ photos and even videos, and some creative filters, and other effects. YAY!! ^_^

9 thoughts on “Finally! A Camera I Can Call My Own”

  1. Yay for the new camera sis! 🙂 I’m saving up for a point-and-shoot cam since my 5 year-old one already died.. >.< I'm still undecided on what unit though.

    PS: Visiting from GT. Hope you can also drop by on my blog.

  2. WOW SISTUURRR! I’m jealous! I want a Canon camera, too. Mine is Nikon (remember?). I initially liked it but I’ve realized that the quality of the photos are not really great. I WANT A NIKON POINT AND SHOOT CAMERA. My goodness! o.O

  3. Extremely good deal sis!! OMG CONGRATS ON YOUR OWN CAMERA!! hahahah! I don’t really have my own camera now because my iPhone substitutes as my camera now and my mom has her Lumix camera that was given to her (people seem to give her some really cool stuffs!) and my brother just took the Canon camera that we’ve had for 4 years now or so. And yey for the bargain! Which online store was that?

  4. Yay for a new camera! I also got my own camera recently too. It’s Canon A3200. Haha. I got it from my friends as birthday present. Ever since then, I have been spamming photos using the camera. 😀

  5. Long time…I am glad I decided to check and see if there were any updates on here :D.

    That’s a pretty sweet deal! You have a Nokia! That’s awesome…I haven’t really seen them a lot here in the US XD. I am really happy for you…hope to see some more pictures soon!

  6. Congratulations on the new camera. I recently got a new/used one myself, and I cannot wait to take pictures with it. I am anxious to see all of the pictures that you take as well. 🙂

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