It’s weird while I was writing this, the song Fifteen by Taylor Swift played, and when I looked the date up, it’s also Feb. 15. Haha. I’m easily amused.

I almost forgot yesterday was February 14. 😛 Belated Happy Valentines Day! How was yesterday? 😀 Mine wasn’t a usual one since I’ve gone to a date with my family LOL. Yeah, I feel better now and we’re okay. Thank you, guys! *hugs*

I did have a good one. And I was eating a lot yesterday and felt full and didn’t eat dinner. One of the places we went to was Sbarro, which is of course one of my favorite restaurants. *drools* I absolutely love their pizza! And it even surprised me how I can finish that one big slice with no difficulty at all. ^_^

I just got back from school and I’m really tired. I want to sleep but I know I shouldn’t since I still have lots of things to do and they keep piling up every day. Our teacers keep giving us projects now that end of the semester is near. @_@ End of the semester means end of all projects, stress and hardships. I could do anything I want, learn new things and drown myself in movies and TV series. ~_^

March, come here fast!

A nameless razor fusses.

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  1. No, Cruel Temptation is the same as Temptation of the Wife, but not Cruel/Bad Love.

    I also got a lot of projects coming up. Sigh. No more celebration for New Year.

  2. Lol, Valentines Day has always been a normal day for me. I guess I’m just not a holiday person. I did have fun, though. We had a family dinner too, but it’s in Red Kimono. Haha! It’s good that you also enjoyed hanging out with your family. 🙂

  3. My school is wack and retarded. They are soo stupid sometimes. My mom and sis went up there and they told her i was late to class and the teacher forgot to change it.
    Hahaha thanks. 😀 Happy Valentine to you too. 😀 Even though i am soo late.
    Oh i meant like first love not first like lol.

    I used to love that song but now i just do not like it anymore lol. I guess it’s because i listening to it too much lol.

    I ate wayyy too much at breakfast because i didn’t much for the rest of the day lol.

  4. Oh my gosh! We have this whole week off–I’m guessing where you live you don’t? Well, yeah since you just said “just got back home from school.”

    Good luck with all the gay projects. YUMMMMMM, pizza sounds excellent right now. My mom made her homemade pizza a couple days ago and it came out amazing. ;D

    And I like that song Fifteen 🙂

    Thanks for your support Senyth!! 😀

  5. Do you like that song from TS – “Fifteen”? I think it’s cute. Happy Belated Vday Senyth!! My day was good. Spent it like we normally did. hehe. I <3 Sbarro's pizza!! It's been forever since I had a Sbarro Pizza 🙂 It's ok. Damn teachers & their stupid projects. It's like they have nothing better to do then TORTURE the students. bwahahaha jk. Good luck sweetie. Yes, that's true towards the end of each semester comes more and more projects. Just think, it's almost done! lol. March is coming fast. (=

  6. Happy single’s awareness day to you too! 😉

    Pizza is yummy! I’ve never been to sbarro though. I had pizza the other day and it was delicious.

    I wish that I could add 5 extra hours to the day so that I might be able to get some real sleep (or you know I could spend less time on the web lol)

    I am super behind in my movie-and-TV-show-watching. I really need to catch up but, alas, not time 🙁

  7. yes yes happy belated valentines day! aww that’s cute, date with the fam ^_^ Well, Vday is the same day as Lunar New Year this year, so I basically spent my 3day weekend with my family celebrated it, haha


    aww, i hope your workload gets lighter. work hard since the end of the semester is the last chance to pull up your final grades for the semester! take a break from the website if you have to~~you must do well~!!!

    tehehe yes march plz, comeee spring break for me. wahoo!

    oh he moved? ahhh your love for him is so beautiful TwT~ it reminds me of those really cute mangas, tehehehe. do you still talk to him?

    yeah when I first got my domain i was freaking out about it b/c i was really into my fanlistings at that time and a couple of them had over 100 members, but *now*, i am not into those things anymore. it says you like kpop (i used to, not anymore) but i used to own the fanlistings for Super Junior members Kibum, Donghae, Hangeng and Ryeowook, lulz and 2 FT Island members (the bassist & vocalist) so if you want them, i think they’re avaliable soon (when they remove my dead links)~

  8. I luh that song by Taylor Swift! One of my favourites from her album. 🙂 Bwhaha.

    I was depressed on Valentines Day. V-Day is basically a reminder for the single people that they are single. UGH. :’@

    PIZZA! Yum! That resturant sounds awesome, lmao! 🙂

    Awe, hopefully, school won’t stress you out too much! 😀

    I’ve missed you m’dear! I luh you! <3

  9. Yes I know! It’s sad how it seems good then everything turns around. I’ve been okay. Just have a lot to do AND NO TIME WHATSOEVER. I’m sure you feel the same way too, based on your blog and all. :/

  10. My Valentine’s Day was could have been better. I didn’t even do anything but stay in the house. I got a view calls and such but no one even said Happy Valentine’s Day to me /: I just felt so lonely, at least last year I got some chocolate. I would have killed to have some this year!

    I love that song Fifteen. It’s was soo true for me. What a coinky dink..yesterday I took a nap afterschool because I was so tired and slept the whole day away. That isn’t ever good for me because I always have tons to do but that’s my procrastination that kicks in.

    Yes your Simone does indeed have a lot of admirers 😀
    I want some new ones though, these I have are getting old.
    Your probably right but I know fashoo there’s nothing more a girl wants that she can’t have and that’s exactly what I want.

    hmph, Sounds like my mom and sister. Well, since it’s your computer can’t you just kick them off seeing that there is ANOTHER one?

  11. Omg you only have one month til summer right? Lucky you… I still have 4 months to endure before I’ll say bye bye to high school ? but time goes by pretty fast though so I guess it’s ok.

    Mmm I only ate at Sbarro twice. Well it’s because it’s in a mall that’s so far away! I wouldn’t go downtown just to eat in a restaurant. I guess I’ll stick with pizza hut.

  12. I would be easily amused too. I didn’t do anything on Valentine’s day though. My mum wanted me to clean the house. -_- I was supposed to go out too.

    But happy belated Valentine’s day. 😀

    I don’t like pizza, sorry. 😛

    Oh, good luck on those assignments and projects. Your semesters are funny; I haven’t even started uni for the semester. So odd. But the end of semester is always a stressful time because there is so much more work.

    Maybe the boy did get it from his parents but all the same, he needs some help, fast. He’s going to live with this forever and now his parents should be helping him out! :O

    I don’t think there are keyboard protectors here. If there were, I think I would have gotten one a long time ago. O_o

    Haha when I took the keys out, I had my laptop ON. So if I forgot where a key went, I would press the stub so that I would be able to tell which key it was. Nasty trick you played on your classmate, lol. ;D

    That’s really strange. But death is the end of life. Some people don’t believe in reincarnation and a new life. 😛 I like both sunrise and sunset but it’s true that sunset could mean death if you’re pessimistic. O_o

  13. OOhh, lucky!! School is almost over for you, but I still have a few months. :/ Eh.. But don’t you just love the feeling that its over!

    Its good that you had a nice date with your family. ^_^ Haha! Sbarro pizza is always sooo good. It’s actually making me hungry right now.

  14. Semester systems = <3 I'm on quarter system for uni; it's quite depressingly fast ;-; Hopefully you do well in classes, you're lucky to have so much time to finish off projects and learn the material. I feel that it's upsetting I decided to go to a uni on a quarter system =-=;;
    Sbarro is that one Italian food place huh? I normally get the lasagna, it's quite delicious hahaa.
    Happy Belated Valentine's Day as well ^^

  15. Divine Chaos is closed. A new site is in the making. For more info please go to Thanks for your support through it all ;] If you would like to continue affiliating just let me know.

    In addition to my copying and pasting.. tehee, will you still be my affiliate? 🙂

  16. I haven’t eaten pizza for (counts) so long, I’m craving now. HUHU 🙁

    Oh belated happy valentine’s and chinese new year! 🙂

    Ugh, deadlines. I hate! 🙂 Good luck with school stuff! <3

  17. Hey, thanks Senyth. You’re amazing. I just needed a fresh new start, and I do not like the site name Divine Chaos.. but I am using It’s okay, less convenient than PHP but it’s good enough.. I just need to reorganize and start fresh.

    Thanks though! ;] How are you?

  18. Nope, none of my admirers gave me a thing. At least one called and told me. The others, I texted and stuff to see if they would think of it but they didn’t. My friends told me Happy Valentine’s Day but it didn’t have much of an effect on me.

    New ones need to come soon!

    That sucks, it’s YOUR computer but oh well.

  19. Yesh. Yesh we do have the same emoticons! 🙂 WOOOOOOOO!

    I’m glad you like my stories, they took me ages to figure out the plot and all. NO, Senyth, NO. Iris is never gonna be raped… Trust me.

    And yes, it is. Sorry, I will quickly edit that! Bwhaa. Pretend you never saw it now k? LOL.

    Oh and you have to see this It’s Dara and G-Dragon… performing Hello last year. They are so cute right? *random*

  20. Yeah, it’s not exactly my favorite.. I miss my blogging system. But I don’t really know anymore.

    And what time is it there? Ugh, good luck getting back to sleep. Hate that.. xP :]

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