Drag Me Down

I thought I’m over it. A friend of mind told me to get over it. Another told me that it was okay. But I don’t feel like it is.

Last week, I was contacted by some company telling me that I’m scheduled for an interview for the next day because one of my teachers actually recommended me there for an OJT. It was quite flattering seeing as I don’t do really good at school. At first, I agreed just to see what the interview was like. Some of my classmates where there too, and one of my Programming teachers was one of the panelists for the second interview.

I wasn’t expecting they were going to include concepts and such, and one of my weaknesses when it comes to interview is I lose my guts real quick and would stammer when I speak in English as I’m not used to speaking it, just writing. Yes, lame, I know. And I flunked the damn interview.

I don’t expect myself to feel this way when I found out some of my classmates were already contacted because they were accepted. I guess I just don’t want to be left behind or something and that’s why I feel down right now.

If I didn’t get it, then it’s not meant to be, I know, but it’s hard not to feel bad about yourself.

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  1. It’s okay, I know you’re good in many things especially web designing. I believe you’re going to have a wonderful future with your talents. Don’t be down just because of what you experienced. Rather, be strong and continue to improve yourself to eradicate your weaknesses. You still have a lot of time to show everyone what you’ve got besides what you currently have now. You’re a handful of good things. I believe in that.

  2. sorry to hear about the interview πŸ™ don’t worry, if it isn’t meant to be, i’m sure there is some other interview waiting for you to do well in~

    to improve in English, I recommend reading newspapers, watching news (in English) and conversing in English every chance you get. good luck ^_^

    1. Aww. Thanks a lot for the concern. πŸ™‚ I didn’t get it anyway, but I’m ver it. Haha. XD

      I recently checked your blog and you’re on hiatus. Let me know when you’re back. *hugs*

  3. Hello! Do you remember me? πŸ™‚

    Congrats for getting recommended to the OJT (what is that? Haha). I’m better at writing then speaking because when someone asks me a question, I usually pause or I just don’t know what to say, but in writing for me, its just easier. Aw, sorry that you flunked the interview. ): Don’t worry, there will be other chances. πŸ˜€

    Yep, if you didn’t get in, its not meant to be. Soon enough, you’ll find the right one for you. ;D

  4. I stutter during interviews. Idk why. Pero kapag usap lang sa friends kahit in english pa, parang easy easy lang. We’re so the same. πŸ™

    Oh well, you’ll get over with it in time. We have to practice talking to people in english. I realized that after my first real job interview. Buti na lang I don’t need the job that much pa. Paano kapag real world na talaga diba. πŸ™‚

  5. replying to your comment, i dont eat cheese because i dont like the ‘cheesy’ taste haha. its so weird. if theres too much cheese on my pizza, i cant eat it… bleh!

    ohnooo.. interview drama. i know how you feel ! ive been through it SO MANY TIMES! so many let downs, so many ‘i wish i could have done better’… but really, things will turn for the better. one of my best friends got turned down for a job that he REALLY wanted. when i turned down my job offer at a different location, i told him to re-apply and he got the job πŸ™‚ sometimes, it really is a matter of luck. its okay to be sad about it, but dont lose confidence!

  6. I am so sorry to hear that you did not get the OJT. It may be a good idea to speak with your Programming teacher to find out what you need to work on for next time. I am sure that you will do better next time.

  7. Awww.

    Maybe you didn’t have any expectation for the interview but you have a lot of expectation in yourself? Not sure if that even makes sense

    Why don’t you try practicing talking in english, so if there’s going to be another interview next time, you won’t feel that awkward anymore πŸ™‚

    That’s one of the reason I talk to cute english guys in msn

    Have a happy Sunday :3
    I’ll start reading fb later today :3


  8. Hi Senyth. I’m sorry for what happened but yes, maybe it’s really not meant to be. You’ll find the job for you soon. Cheer up! *Cyber hug*

  9. “If I didn’t get it, then it’s not meant to be, I know, but it’s hard not to feel bad about yourself.”

    I understand how you feel. For the past year I had been searching for a job that would be more ‘computer science’ related. Because I do need the work experience. But it felt like every place searched for people with minimum 2 years of experience and so on and so on. Then out of nowhere, I happened to get my current job as a test engineer.

    Basically, if you didn’t get it now. It’s because there is something better in the future for you. So, actually, if you didn’t get it. It might even be for the better.

  10. I felt like that when I didn’t get the job I wanted. With practice you will get better, especially when it comes to speaking. It’s one of those things that just need to practice often. The more interviews you take the better you’ll get at it. I hate job interview, I always get super nervous that I can’t speak properly.

    Don’t feel bad about yourself. You’ll do fine next time.

  11. Life is full of opportunies. You may have messed up a little this time, but you’re going to take away the experience and be better off in the future because of it. I hope you feel better!

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